Monday, March 14, 2011

Last Letter From The Philippines - March 14, 2011

This is the way we wash our clothes.
Sweet Nanay!
Do we have enough seat belts?
Yummy Coconut
Good Times!

I love you all!

First off I just want to let you know that the tsunami had no effect on us here. I am perfectly fine. I don’t know a lot about what happened but yes we did hear about it.  From the things that they said it just sounds so sad! It just made me think that these really are the last days and we need to be prepared! How grateful I am to have the gospel and the opportunity to share it with others. The gospel is a way to gain eternal life, happiness in the life to come, so it means that this life won’t always be happy.  I know that it is going to get hard and it is going to get scary but even in uncertain times we have the peace that comes from the loving comfort of our Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ! 
I am so glad that you got my package and yes I did get pearls, one of each color hehe. But if you just want to wait we can organize it when I get home. The animals I'm not sure what I will do with them. They were given to me so yeah I don’t know yet but I love them.  Is there enough Liahonas for me to have one too? If not its okay. 
So I am loving the work and just trying to do my best up to the very last. It is hard to think that it is only one more week!!! I am going crazy. I feel like my mind knows but my heart hasn’t caught up yet. I think it will break when I leave! But I have been thinking that it is like a transfer. Every transfer has been hard, some more than others, but I have always seen why the Lord needs me to transfer and I have met new people that I love. So I know that this will be the hardest "transfer" but I also know that it too is the plan of the Lord and I just need to follow the spirit and trust in his guiding hand! I know that this is a good thing. I just need to be ready to listen to His will for me. 
I love you!!! That is one thing I am truly excited for to see all your loving faces once again!!! This email is so weird because I know it is the last.
I just want you to know that the work is still moving forward! I love the work. We have been working so hard to get Sister Tess to come to church! And this week she came!!!! I am so happy!!!! She is so amazing! I gave her some church clothes and I was so happy when she wore them to church this Sunday!!! I love the gospel andI know that it blesses the lives of the people who truly try to apply what they learn from it! 
I know that is also what I need to do, apply all that I learned from the mission. I know that this is one of the biggest blessings in my life! I am excited to see all your shinning faces at the airport!! :) I will continue to work hard until that time! 
I love you all so much!!! See you soon!
Love, Sister Andreasen!
P.S. I tried to send pictures but I don’t think they will all go through. When I come home na lang. :)  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Love The Work! - March 7, 2011

Wearing out my shoes in His service.
The Abuyabor Family "I Love Them"
It is so good to hear from you!!!!
I love you all so much! We have met so many new people! We met 34 new people this week! Wow! And we had 4 investigators come to church on Sunday!!!! Yes!!!! Many of our investigators have baptismal goal dates and I just know it is because of the spirit and use of the new curriculum that we have been able to help our investigators to progress! It has been a great week! We taught Sister Evelyn and she said that she wasn’t suppose to be home but she believes it was God who made it so she was home to listen to our message and what lesson where we going to teach her? The restoration! She was so right!!! I love the spirit!!!
Then we committed Brother Joseph and Sister Tess to be baptized and they are really excited! Brother said he never listens to other religions that come to their home but he just felt something different with us!!!! Again, I love the spirit and Brother Joseph is amazing!!!!
The senior sisters worked with us this week and so we got to go to a lot of people and it was amazing! They are so awesome! We also started teaching this family that has 15 kids!!! I'm so excited! One of the oldest has a baptismal goal date! So I hope we can teach him more often!!!!
Nanay Juliana is so cute and she said that she doesn’t want to continue because she is not going to get baptized but she loves us and we can come teach her. Haha. So we just told her that we just want her to understand our message so we will come back and teach her a little and help her understand.  So I think no matter how long it takes one day she will fill the need to change!!! She is so excited though that we let her keep the Book of Mormon and said she is going to read it! Hehe
We had a Family Home Evening at a sister’s home so that we could teach the girl who is staying with them. She is 17 and she is their house help. Her name is Sara Jane and she is so shy but I think she is really open to the message! She even came to church on Sunday!!! I'm excited for her!!! She came from Bicol so I think it will be a hard adjustment but I know this will really help her to feel joy!
We taught three people who are less active this week and they all came to church on Sunday! I was so happy when I saw them all!!! We are going back this Saturday and I think we will get some good referrals!!! :)
This Sunday we got a lot of lessons taught because we were able to split and I met a guy who was taught before and he wants to be baptized! So that is going to be great!!! I love it when people know they felt something and want it back, it is really the spirit working in their lives! He was a referral so it just goes to show the great help that members are in this great work!!!
We were also able to teach Brother Randolph Abuyabor, the father of Joseph and Aldrin!! He was taught before but offended so I am really hoping that now is the time for him to feel the spirit again and come back to church! He is so nice and I just pray that he will be home each Sunday, not at work so we can teach him!
Then we met a new couple! And they are great! We went to teach some new members and they had people there so we taught them instead. We didn’t have a lot of time because we needed to get home before curfew so I thought oh just an introduction. But then the spirit said "use the Book of Mormon!" so I felt inspired to share a verse and when I did brother read it and right after Sister took the book from him and just started looking and search, I just felt that this helped bring in the spirit. Brother said that he has tried a lot of religions and I know that the Book of Mormon is the way for him to feel the difference here! That this truly is the church of Jesus Christ! The lesson was short but I think they felt the spirit and they said they want to listen again! We left them a Book of Mormon! I am really excited to go back to teach them!
Then we had a great experience last night!  I have an ear infection and I could feel it Saturday morning and so Saturday night I didn’t know what to do because it was late and the next day was Sunday and I knew it would get worse but my mission presidents wife just asked me to wait till Monday. So Sunday night I tried to text a member who is a nurse and ask where I should go, but they didn’t text back so I thought oh I will just ask our next-door neighbor. Which was good because I felt like before I leave I need to talk to her about the church! She has lived next to sisters for a while but doesn’t know about the church! So I asked her and she said, “Actually I have an ear infection”! She gave me some antibiotic, which is the same thing I took last time! And she helped me know where I should go to get the medicine I need! She then started to ask questions and by the time I left she gave us crackers, medicine, and invited us to have dinner before I leave. We in-turn left her with a pamphlet and a Book of Mormon and we are going to go back to her later tonight! She doesn’t live in our area because we don’t live in our area but we are going to prepare her so she can listen to the sisters! I'm so excited!!!! It worked out so well! The Lord helped me with my ear problem and provided away for me to talk to this sister about the gospel! I am so grateful for the Lord and his answers to prayers! I am so glad that for whatever reason that nurse - member didn’t answer his text!!! I love the gospel! I love this work it is so amazing! I know that the Lord is blessing me to have these sweet experiences before I leave! I just need to keep doing my part and work as hard as I can to the very end!!! It doesn’t seem real that I will be leaving even though I already have my flight plans!!! :/ But it just doesn’t feel like it there is so much work to do!!! I love this work!!! I am grateful for the love and support that you all have given me and the help that you send in times of need! I know that Lord is always here for us and I am so thankful to have the truth in my life! I know the Lord has given me the best gifts ever! A loving eternal family and a testimony of my Savior!!!!! I love it! I love you all!!!!!
Sister Andreasen!