Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Work Is Great - March 29, 2010

So this week has been great as always because we are sharing the gospel with the people her in Pakil. So I feel like a lot of our investigators aren’t progressing and it makes me so sad. We just dropped one of our investigators who I thought was ready for the gospel but she said, "God is first.....but right now I need to finish my house so that is first." We offered to give her help and she said she didn’t need it so I don’t know. She said she knows that our message is true but I just think that she is not ready to change. She said that she doesn’t think that going to church should be mandatory and that people should be able to go whenever they wanted to. Then I thought about all the Ten Commandments what if they were all like that thou shalt not kill only applies whenever you want it to, yeah that wouldn’t be good! Then the Liahona article that I was reading had one of those pictures with the quote that said, “they are Ten Commandments not ten suggestions”. Wow I loved it. But there is no telling that to our investigator every time anyone testifies and you can feel the spirit you can tell she doesn’t want to hear it and I know it is because she can feel the power that comes from pure testimony. So I think some other missionaries will just have to come back and try again. It makes me so sad. However we are teaching Jovelyn again and I’m so happy because she is back! She was so excited about the church before and she would go to all the activities and she was just amazing! Then all of the sudden she stopped coming to church and readying and we weren’t able to teach her for a while. but we started teaching her again and then a couple weeks ago she came to us and pulled each of us aside and she started to cry and told us she was so sorry because she was at her house when we came to teach her and she had her grandpa say that no one was home :( she started crying and said I need to repent I’m so sorry!!! She is so cute and so sweet we talked about it and she felt much better and I know that it was simple for us but I know that for her it was a step closer to our Savior and making the right choices to prepare her for baptism which I love! By the way her baptism is this Saturday! We are also teaching a young woman named Maricar and she is the daughter of one of the families that is on the list of families to focus on for reactivation! They have been to church three times now and she is really excited about the lessons, we just taught about Joseph Smith and she committed to be baptized! Yeah! then we are teaching this boy named Robby, well his real name is Roberto but I call him Robby :) he is supper cute he is 12 years old and he is the cousin of Andrew the brother of Maryann the cute little girl that I have a picture with. They were supposed to have their baptism a couple weeks ago but they missed church and they have to come 4 times in a row for baptism. But now Maryann is in Manila until May :( so I don’t think I will see her again, I was so sad I love her so much! But I’m still excited because I know that as we continue teaching her brother and cousin when she comes back she will get baptized because she has a desire! Yeah! So Robby and Andrew. Andrew told us after a lesson that his cousin wanted to listen and so we planed to meet with him the next time. Then he came up as we were leaving so they both walked us to the place were we waited for a jeep. As we were walking Andrew was telling Robby the church is so cool, he is 10, he said primary is awesome and he said you can go there with me but then I explained that he would go to young men and Andrew said that’s cool too because the church is great. So cute then he started telling him about Joseph Smith and was so excited! Robby really understands the lessons and he reads the Book of Mormon all the time. The first time we gave him a reading assignment it was one chapter but he said can I keep reading if I finish this chapter! Awesome! Of course we told him yes. We are going to go to his house next visit so that we can teach his whole family :) last week we taught up to the restoration how the true church was taken from the earth and that is the reason we have so many churches but how do we know what one is true and were the authority is. So sister Macabenta asked "what church is the true church of Jesus Christ" usually people say I don’t know. Robby said "Mormons!" ha-ha. It was so cute and so innocent! He is ready and I’m excited. The last lesson we taught was the restoration and he was so excited! After the lesson we were talking with the Adovas family and the kids were there and they were all reading from and talking about the Book of Mormon! They were all boys and I could just see them all preparing for missions! Ahhhh! I love it. We have a lot of work to do with our investigators. We commit them for baptism and they say oh I don’t want to be a member but you can still teach me. So we need to help them understand it isn’t just a nice story it is the truth and help them gain a testimony of it. Work work work that is the secret :).
So experiences on the mission, we went to an investigators house to teach them and they weren’t home but he husband was and he told us that he wants to listen to our message too which was really exciting! Then the investigators who don’t want to commit just listened but when he said that he wanted to listen to our message I felt that he was the way to get the whole family to commit and to progress to developing a testimony! I was so excited. Oh I almost forgot! Annabel, I forgot her last name but she is the mom of Aerol. One of the baptisms we had before. She would never listen to us. But lately she has been excited to listen and reads every assignment that we give to her even though it is hard because she has a lot of little kids and she is not very educated yet she does so well and she really has a desire. I think she is shy about church because they are poor and she always wants to look good for church but it is hard with so many kids. So we just tell her that she doesn’t have to look amazing just have a desire to come closer to Jesus Christ. She has been to church three times now and she just committed to baptism. The only hard part is her husband is a member. Why is that hard you might ask? He doesn’t go to church and he smokes and drinks. We are trying to help him understand and teach him the lessons again with his wife but he just says he will try. So I am hoping he will understand the atonement So we just have to work with him and over come the obstacles! But I love the quote in preach my gospel that all that is unfair about life will be made right through the atonement. I really feel like one day they can be a forever family even if they can’t obtain the covenants in this life because of the laws of the land. So I love teaching the gospel and the hope that it brings to people. I love the kids here and sometimes it makes me miss the kids and I can’t believe that Abby is baptized and that Lizzy is 2! Tell her happy birthday! And give her a kiss. Sorry that I didn’t say happy birthday Heather! I love you and hope that you had a great birthday. Back to missing the family even though I think of you and miss you it just gives me extra drive to share the gospel. In the MTC a worker had a quote at her desk that said, “Missionary: someone who leaves their family for two years (a year and a half) so that others can be with theirs for eternity”! I'm so glad I can help people experience the joy that comes from having an eternal family! I love you all so so much!!!!! I did get your package thank you so so much! It was a great Easter present. I'm so excited for conference and even though it isn’t on Easter Sunday here I will still be happy to watch it and I’m sure a lot of the talks will be about the Savior and the resurrection! I'm so excited! You’re always in my heart! I love you all so much! Thank you for being my inspiration and my example to be the missionary I am :) I love you so much!!!!!!
Love, Sister Andreasen

P.S. the earthquake, Elder French said he felt it but I actually had no idea. We could have been walking or in a jeep or tric.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Love This Work - March 22, 2010

So I feel the same way the weeks go by so fast I don’t really think about it until Sunday night and then I think wow tomorrow is pday.  I love 3 Nephi we give reading assignments to our investigators and one Jovelyn Jayme read from 3 Nephi and then we were able to show her the Testaments and the spirit was really strong I always cry. I was also thinking about how our time is like theirs, we are waiting for our Savior too. And I know that he will come and that is the reason I am here right now because I want everyone to be prepared to see his face again. I think of what a great experience that will be, I'm so excited to look into the eyes of my Savior again because he loves me and he is my best friend! I want to share that with everyone! How grateful I am for it and it gives me strength to keep going even when it gets hard. 

Your right sometimes I do have hard times and I struggle but I know that I’m not here to be sad or to be upset I will have hard times but they always help me learn and grow and I am just blessed after the struggle! I always think of the song roses and thorns grow together, like a rainbow follows bad weather! It is so true! I love how I always get to see rainbows here! Because I remember that song and remember that no matter what my struggle is someone doesn’t have the hope that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ so I need to get over myself and work hard to help them! Yay! I love this work!
My Tagalog isn’t great but it is getting better which I love because I am developing strong relationships with people through being able to say more. I just have to keep working on it! I love the people they are amazing. So Elder French and Brother Cagayat came to our area for an interview and we were walking and a bunch of the kids that our in our area came up to me and my "boyfriend" Jonbest came up and held my hand as we were walking and Elder French said to Brother Cagayat, Nanay Andreasen, which means mom. And I love it then Elder French was telling Brother Cagayat about the other little kids that like to play with me by the church and I realized I love little kids so much! 
And they are so cute here! I have little groups of kids everywhere we go here in the area and I love it! It is also a great teaching opportunity because we talk to them about the Savior and then ask them where they live.  I think we are going to one of their houses to see if we can teach them, we talked to their mom the other day I love it!!!!!
So we had two baptisms this week! Sister Olivia Suarez and her daughter Bernadette! yay!!!!!  The time was so right for them and she is so ready the spirit was strong at her baptism and I know that she is so grateful to be a member of the church! 
I love seeing people come to the fold of Christ. She bore her testimony after her baptism and she said how thankful she was for the missionaries who kept teaching her because it has been a while now. I know that it is just the Lords timing and I know when we truly desire to do His will and show it through our actions he will bless us!
We also we able to have a Relief Society activity where the missionaries gave the lesson about women in the Book of Mormon! It was awesome and we had two less active sisters come and one of them has a daughter that we are teaching and she came and then they came to church the next day! Yes! I think the daughter really likes the lessons and so I'm really excited for her progression! her name is Maricar. :)
So all in all it has been a good week of course! Always! I never want to leave Pakil love it here!!!!!!! This will always be my home in the Philippines!!!! I love it! 
You are so right mom that we try to serve the Lord by blessing others with the gospel yet the Lord just gives us so many blessings for our service I could never repay him! I love this work because I have the opportunity to come closer to my Savior and see others come closer to him too! Some of them are just realizing that they have a Savior and it is amazing to see His influence in their lives! 
So I haven’t really eaten anything weird we eat unripe mangos all the time. They are green and called Indian mangos and are sour. They are really good!!!! hehe I love them! And so do the youth, one of our investigators has a tree and always gives us green mangos I love it! yum yum! Besides that we just have rice a lot and ulam it is whatever you put on your rice. There isn’t really an English word for it. But it can be anything that goes on rice and so we have ulam and rice. I’m also learning how to cook some things here so that I can share it with you when I get back. By the way sometimes we don’t eat with silverware so if I make something I might have you eat without silverware hehe :) 
We still get fed a lot because people here are just way to nice. haha. As I said before I love them! We teach commandments all the time and we teach the Ten Commandments too and I just like realizing that we really only have two commandments one is to love the Lord and the other is to love our neighbor. If we do this we will have a desire to serve him always and do his will and we will always make the right choices. I love it! Well until next week. I love you all so much and you’re always in my prayers! I love this work and know that it is what life is all about! 
love, Sister Andreasen

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Love The Work - March 15, 2010

Hello again :)
  I always forget that it is time to email until Sunday night when we are planning and then I get excited for your email! It is great! This week has gone by so fast and it is supper crazy! I'm so glad that I wasn’t transferred! I love Pakil and never want to leave although I am friends with one of the AP’s and he made it sound like I will be leaving soon :/ so I need to enjoy enjoy and work work work while I am here! The youth thought I was going to be transferred and when I told them that I wasn’t they were so excited it really made me feel loved and needed! I love this area.
I think I love it even more now because I think my Tagalog is improving! I still have a long way to go but I know that it is improving because I am developing better relationships with the people and I can more freely talk to them! I love it! However, I still have so much that I want to improve on when it comes to Tagalog. The more I speak and understand it the more I love it! Sometimes I will think something in English and Tagalog will come out. Hehe. That is only in simple things that I say all the time. President and Sister Anderson came to our apt. for house-to-house interviews with our zone and Sister Anderson asked me a question and I thought yes but answered oo, which is yes in Tagalog.  
Thank you so much for another package! They are great and mean a lot to me I always get so excited! Not just because of the goodies but because I know it is coming from you and that you send all your love! I love you so much!
We see president two times every transfer; we have zone interviews and zone conference.  Zone interviews are really just our zone but at zone conference I get to see people from other zones and Sister Smith got transferred so I will be able to see her next zone conference.  They are always at different times but we always have them once every transfer.
So we were suppose to have two people in our district transfer but ended up having more because we had emergency transfers. It is so sad! But it just made me realize how short and important our time is on the mission! Satan wants to stop the work from going forward, even though he can’t. But he is happy when he stops one from serving. And then I thought he is happy when he stops one from working even if it is just an hour that we take away from the Lord's time. I know that this time is so important and I am so grateful to be here!
We had so many great experiences this week. We had a service for Sister Olivia and she was so excited we helped her to clear their land so they could plant a garden! She was so grateful and I really just love her and her family and her baptism is on Saturday! Yay! I’m so excited! The Elders had a baptism and it was a really neat experiences because he was baptized about five years ago and never confirmed because he couldn’t come to church because he had no one to take him and he is blind! 
So now he has someone to take him and was re-taught and re-baptized and confirmed! Yay! He is way sweet and his testimony is so strong.
So I don’t know if I have talked about the Adovas family but they are awesome! They were less active but now they come to church. They always give us referrals so we go over there to teach a lot. Their daughter and her husband live with them and she was pregnant and just had a baby so there are some pictures of that. 
We watched the testaments at their house last night and I was crying and the spirit was really strong! I’m so grateful for the spirit that can touch the hearts of all people members, nonmembers, less active members! The spirit was so strong and I know that Jesus is the Christ I am so grateful for Him and his sacrifice for me and for everyone! It is so much easier to teach the atonement when we understand it. I hope that one day I might fully understand how much love my Savior has for me! I love him so much and am grateful for all he has given me! The atonement is for everyone yet it is so personal! I love it! I’m so grateful for the wonderful experiences I have, the gospel is truly spreading forth to everyone on the face of the earth! I love it!
The Hunts, the senior couple, are going home and so they came and gave us a workshop before they left and it was amazing! I love them so much! The have been to Jerusalem and to Mexico and Guatemala! 
They showed us stuff about the life of the Savior and about what might be the places in the book of Mormon! It is so amazing that once you have a testimony of truth even when you see things it doesn’t change your testimony it can strengthen it but I know that we gain a testimony through faith and that after we see things the blessings it just strengthens our testimony! How I love the gospel! I love the opportunity to share it with everyone here! Yay!
So need less to say I love the work, things are going well and we have a baptism coming up life is great! The gospel is true!
Oh I forgot to tell you, so we had an activity at the church building this morning just our zone playing volleyball. It was fun but then some cute little kids came up and they started calling me and wanted me to chase them so I did. It was so much fun the kids here are so cute I will have to get a picture next time :)
I love you all! You always say how thankful you are for my service but I’m thankful for your example! If I didn’t have the example of my family I would not be here. Thank you for showing me love and kindness you truly are my greatest blessing! I love you all!
Love, Sister Andreasen

Monday, March 8, 2010

I Love Baptisms! - March 8, 2010

So we only had two baptisms not 5 but it is okay! It is actually a good thing. So I loved the pictures! They were amazing! They made me cry I miss you all! Don’t worry though I'm doing great :) tell Abby congrats and that I love her and I know that this Church is true.
We had 4 people baptized on Saturday. One was a little eight-year-old boy so cute and his baptism reminded me of Abby because his family is members and he just turned eight so it was cute! Then the Elders had a baptism her name is Tina and she is so sweet just like all the youth in our branch! She is the cousin of one of my favorite youth Harris. I have a picture with him and Laiza he is super super skinny! Haha. Then we had two! One was Sister Corazon Revadulla and it took three times because the water here is always very cold and she was scared of going under but it finally worked haha. 
Then we had Julie Fe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!! Haha I am so excited because it finally went through and her dad said that he wants them to go to church as a family. I cried I know it is so surprising haha. But the spirit was so strong. After they all bore their testimonies and they all cried and Julie Fe got really emotional and she just cried and said I know its true! The spirit was really strong and then we sang Lord I Would Follow Thee and I was leading but I couldn’t sing because I was crying it was amazing! Then after Sister Revadulla said I have such a great feeling! And Julie Fe said thank you so much I told her we didn’t do anything. 
I know that the spirit truly does testify! And that the lord has a plan for his children. Julie Fe has been taught for a long time before her baptism and Sister Revadulla’s husband is a member and she always said she wouldn’t listen to the missionaries until now. She said thank you to us because it was us that she finally wanted to hear the message from but I know it is just the work of the Lord. His hand is in the lives of all his children and he is ready to guide us when we are willing to listen. It is all in the timing of the Lord. Speaking of the timing of the lord I think that is why three of our baptisms didn’t go through.
One of them is Reymart. The son of Sister Revadulla and he is awesome however we went to go teach them the last lesson before the pre-interview and Sister and Brother Revadulla said he didn’t want to be baptized anymore. So he came in and we talked with him. Sister Macabenta asked him if he had read and prayed and he said he had and she asked if he had a desire to be baptized and he said yes. Then she said between one and ten where is your desire and he said 9 and she talked about how we can grow closer to the Lord through faith. And bore her testimony. Then she turned it to me and I was going to bear my testimony but I asked him if he wanted to say something or had a question and then he opened up and asked if after he was a member if he had to obey the Word of Wisdom and we said yes then he said that he had alcohol at his cousins wedding. So then we talked about the atonement and being prepared for baptism and it was so great! The spirit was so strong. I know that he still has a desire to drink sometimes so we postponed his baptism and told him that we will work with him and that through the atonement all things are possible! So he went to the baptism of his mom and I think he really does want to change it is just harder for him so we will work with him more to get him ready in the Lords time.
Then we have the Suarez family. So I just want to say I love them so so much!!!!!!! Sister Olivia is so sweet! We went for the pre-interview and she told us that she and her family didn’t have anything to put on their rice for dinner and so the put coffee on the rice because they didn’t have any food because they don’t have a lot of money. We talked to her about the Word of Wisdom too and set a new goal date and she was really sad. She asked if she could just be baptized anyway and she wouldn’t do it again. Of course I wanted to say yes because I'm so excited but I know that our Heavenly Father loves us more than that and I need to love her the same. It is about being prepared and worthy and doing what the Lord wants. We also talked to her about the atonement and about being prepared and she was sad but she understood and I know that she needed to understand more that no matter what the situation we need to always seek first the kingdom of the Lord. That is one of the scriptures I was able to share with her. When we left she was very happy and she is still excited. And even though no one was being baptized from her family she still went and watched the others. Oh! And her oldest son Bernard never talks and I always have to hold his hand to shake it. Then the other day I held my hand out for him to shake it and he did!!!!!! Wow! I was so shocked! Progression!!! Yay! Then I saw him at church on Sunday and I asked him where his mom was and he answered me!!!!!!!!! It is so amazing for 4 months he has never said a word!!!! Yay! He told me she was on her way. Then I saw her coming towards the church and I looked again and realized there wasn’t just a guy behind her but her husband finally came to church too!!! 

It was his first time and during sacrament I started to cry I know that the Lord loves them so much and is blessing Sister Suarez for her faith and helping her become an eternal family. After church she came up to talk to me and told me that her husband was talking about baptism so now we are going to put even greater focus on him to make sure we teach when we his home even though it will be hard! It will be great so I think they will be baptized in April. We might baptize Sister Suarez first because we have to wait 30 days because Brother Suarez has a drinking and smoking habit. But with the Lord I know that they will be an eternal family one-day! I am so happy for them. Even though they have to wait she received blessing for being honest and coming closer to the Lord! I love this work! So speaking of baptisms in April I will be here for them because I'm not transferred!!!! Yay. I love this area! No one in our district is transferred. So we will just keep the work moving forward. Me, Sister Macabenta, Elder French, and Elder Dela Pina here in the Pakil branch! Yay!
We have so many people that are coming unto Christ here and I know that the Lord is so proud of the people here in this area! I love them all so much! We had baptisms for this week but they missed church so it will be the following week if they come to church on the 14th.
So the pictures were amazing and I am sending pictures too. The baptism and some of the youth that like when I take pictures of them. In the blues that is Jen Basuel she was baptized right before I got her she is the sister of Ronnie. 
The face we are making in the last pictures I downloaded is from a show here called Boys Over Flowers. I'm not really sure I've just seen the face and she likes to make it haha. With the finger on our chins. There are two pictures with Bajeck and me, her family is so sweet! They always want to cook for us! 
She is in yellow and she works with us on Sundays because she is putting in her mission papers next month! I also have two pictures with a little boy who has cute chubby cheeks that is Dexter one of Sister Olivia’s sons. 
And then Sister Olivia’s baby in another picture.  There is one with a young girl in read we are teaching her and her sibling she is Margarita. I'm so happy to be serving it is sad that I didn’t get to see Abby's baptism but I know that it was wonderful and I get to see many people come unto the fold of Christ and for little sacrifices the Lord is blessing me! I am so blessed to be here and to be serving I know that my Savior loves me and I am grateful for his love and I hope that I am being a good example of his love because he has given it so freely to all and to me especially! I love the work! I know that this is the true church and I know that by putting the Lord first in our lives he will always provide a way for us to accomplish all the things we desire to do! I know that he loves us and that he wants us to grow and that the simple things are what allow us to do that!
The scriptures are so amazing as I read them each day I realize how much the savior has a plan and if we will heed the promptings of the spirit we will be guided and be happy! I love the gospel. I am so happy to know that I can be with you my family forever and that that is possible through the temple! I love the temple I miss being able to go I know that that is the goal for us to receive the covenants of the temple and then endure to the end. The youth here always want you to tell them what is you "quote" and I always say endure JOYFULLY to the end! It is about finding happiness. 
Elder French gave a district workshop about blessing and counting our blessings it is great to think of even the little blessing we receive. Right before that meeting Sister Macabenta and I received a simple yet great blessing.
Random story: so we have to take a jeepney to the Siniloan church building which is far from us so we ride the jeep as far as we can but they have a stop before the church so we walk the rest of the way. Sometimes we go a little further because they stop at a gas station. Anywoo, this time we stopped at the gas station. So we got off and started our walk towards the church then a couple minutes later the jeepney driver pasted us and said get in and he took us the rest of the way to the church without payment! So nice! I know that little blessings like that a truly tender mercies of the Lord and I'm so grateful for them! I love this work and know that I am in the right place! I love you all! Stay strong and remember the Lord is always here for us we just have to reach up and take his hand!
I love you!
Love, sister Andreasen

Monday, March 1, 2010

What a Great Blessing - March 1, 2010

Hello all,
I am glad you liked the pictures. Lets see in some of the pictures where there are more missionaries we are at some falls in Santa Maria one of the areas in our zone. 
The other one where it is just me and the Elders and members is falls on the way to Three Cross. They are so pretty! I love it! 
I am cutting banana leaves. It is for these broom type things that people make and sell here. Sister Olivia was making them to sell and so I helped it was fun! She is so awesome!
I'm so excited for Saturday I was hoping that Abby would be baptized this week! So that means 7 baptisms! We have 5 and the elders have one and Abby! I'm so excited for her! I can’t wait to see pictures! She will look so beautiful! Her pretty face combined with the light of baptism! Wow! Everyone sees the calendar and says how pretty she is! The whole family!
I love you and I love the strong testimony you have! I was reading my patriarchal blessing again the other day and it just talks about how much my family is a great blessing in my life and it is so true I love you and you are all so wonderful and truly a great gift from my Father in Heaven! 

That is why I love sharing the gospel because when we have the gospel in our lives we appreciate things more and we understand that everything we have is a blessing from the Lord and the most important things are the things that will last forever! ! I’m so thankful for the gospel in my life. Speaking of the work...
we have 5 baptisms this week and I’m so excited for it! We have Sister Olivia Suarez and her daughter and her husband wants to go to church but he is embarrassed to come in sandals and he doesn’t have anything else. So we are working on that plus he is always at work because they are struggling so we haven’t been able to teach him for a while. We were able to teach the parents of Julie Fe and that is exciting because her dad was against it for a while. We were able to teach him and then we saw Sister Olila and one of her sons, who is so cute! Haha I think he is 9 and he is so nice! He was talking to me and he said the whole family is coming to church next week dow. Dow means that is what someone said. Then I said, who said that? and he told me his dad! I was so happy! he has a desire to go to church!!!!! The lord does provide a way, he provided a way for Julie Fe to be baptized and it was in His time so that we could also start teaching the whole family! I’m so happy! Then we have the Revadulla family. The dad is a member and his wife and son will be baptized! So in the future they can be sealed in the temple! Amazing! ! A family!
We also talked with one of the new member families. The Madrona family. Maryann and Laiza, they said that they are trying to get prepared so that they can go to the temple as a family! !!! I’m so excited for them.
We have so many people here in this area that we want to teach each day we go out and the Lord opens new doors for us to teach people. 

We got a referral from another zone,a father gave us the name of all his children, we were able to teach one and then when we went back we taught his wife and she started crying. She has a lot of questions and I think she will progress really well which is good because her husband is a member. He is in a different area of the Philippines and so the only contact they have is if one of them goes to him or he comes home. I guess the last time one of the kids went to see him he came back and told his wife that he was Mormon now. That would be crazy not to know and your husband just changes his life style. I know that it will be great for her to understand! I’m excited!
We have also been working with the ward, we have a branch mission plan, it is for 10 less active families. We have made contact with all of them but one. And at least on member from 6 of the 10 have come to church and one said that this coming Sunday they will come! The work here is amazing! I love Pakil!!! so so much!!!
This is truly where the Lord wants me to be and I’m so happy to be serving him. He has changed my life just in the short time that I have been on my mission and I know that as these people except the lessons taught by the spirit they will come to know their Savior and will except the gospel and will be happy not only for this life but for all eternity! I’m so happy to share that! It’s the best!!!!
I’m so thankful and I love you!!!!
Well I love you all! thank you for all you do for me!!!!!
love, Sister Andreasen