Monday, November 23, 2009

An Amazing Week - November 23, 2009

It is so great to hear from you each week! I don’t think about it till pday and then I get way excited that I will be hearing from you!
I love the story you used in seminary that was great! This week was such an amazing week for numbers! I couldn’t believe it we had more service for relief goods and people came to the church and we also had many members give us referrals! So this week we had 40 referrals and contacted 20 of them it was amazing! We have so many new investigators we can hardly keep track! We were worried about the investigators because they weren’t coming to church and so Sis. Clave and I had a fast and it was amazing to see what happened! We had 25 investigators at church on Sunday!!!!!!! Wow! The members didn’t know what to do because there weren’t enough seats and we had to change the gospel principles room because we had too many people there! The Lord truly does bless His missionaries! I am feeling it everyday!
We are also getting in to homes we haven’t gotten in before! When the sister before me was in this area one lady wouldn’t let us teach her. It is one of our member’s moms. John Mark is his name, but she wants us to teach her family and even had us over for lunch! It was so sweet! We contacted a man named Rebert and he said we could come back and teach him but then he had to take care of his brother’s children and so he and his wife set another appointment with us and they asked if they could feed us too! We hadn’t even taught them yet!
Then another member of the church Clement we went to see him and his mom also had us eat with them and wants to be taught! It is amazing the doors that are opening! The Lord is really leading our work and providing away for us to find so many people!
The members are a big part of that! Help the missionaries! It is so important we have so many member referrals! Then they come with us to teach them too! They are so awesome! We almost always have youth and young adults that want to help us! They come with us when we teach and bear strong testimonies and a lot of them are resent converts and or preparing for a mission!
The lord is truly helping us!
Sis. Gaseja the women I was talking about before was able to come to church and she stayed for all three hours it was great! We are hoping that she will be baptized with her son on the 19 of Dec. she knows its true and I know that being a member of the church will just bless her and help her to grow. It will also help her with her temporal needs I know it!
The people here are so humble yet so ready to give! They love so willingly and they are so kind to the missionaries! All the little kids always say hi to us and run up to shake our hands and bless us! They are so cute!
I still am not very good at Tagalog but I can feel the Lord giving me so much help during our lessons I know that he loves me and he loves those we teach he wants them to hear the truth and when I rely on him and don’t worry about the fact that I am not the best in Tagalog he always gives me help and I can feel the spirit and I know he is working through me to help these people here in the Philippines! The work is amazing and the Church is true! We have a Savior who lives and loves us and I know he knows each person personally! He knows every struggle and every worry and is just waiting for us to act in faith so that he can help us! As we trust in him and do what we should he will lead and guide us every step of the way. That is still something I need to work on because I know I am weak and I know I can’t do it alone, sometimes I worry because I am weak but that is when I struggle the most so I just put my trust in the Lord and work! Then He leads me and helps me.
I am still working on getting used to the food and I am trying to help my companion with cooking, but she is just so much better than me. Haha. I am also trying to get used to all the bugs and it is all right. Lamen and Lemuel are still in our apartment (those are the mice, yes two! they have new names because they are not good!) The jeepneys are getting more normal for me and I don’t really mind riding them. I don’t like the tricycles! But it’s okay. My clothes are fine I sweat a lot but I think I might get a couple cool dresses made for me sometime. I don’t know how to do that though. Haha. I am fine though it is funny some days are worse than others which I knew would happen but I seem to be more hot inside then out. If they don’t have a fan it is way hot in the houses.
The Philippines is an amazing place I love it here! I don’t even know how to explain how much I love the people. The Lord is allowing me to feel endless love for these people and it is great! I will always love the Philippines! They are all so sweet! I struggle with Tagalog but I am getting a lot of help from my companion and the girls that going teaching with us a lot!
It is so great to hear from you all I love you so much! I am glad everything is going well it is good to hear about what Kristy, Heather, Michael and their families are doing. I love to hear about the kids too! I'm so excited Elaina had her baby! Tell them I say congrats and I can’t wait for pics!!!! Thank you so much! Give him a kiss for me. I see a lot of pregnant ladies here and they are all so cute! The kids are so cute and I just want to hug them and hold them so bad! Everyone’s eyes here are brown, so they think my eyes are so beautiful! But the little kids eyes always remind me of my nieces and nephews and all their brown eyes! I love it!
I hope grandma is doing well! I am eating more seafood here so when I come home I will want to be more adventurous at Red Lobster haha. Tell grandma and grandpa thank you for all their help and support! I love them so much!
Thank you for supporting me in every way! My companion hasn’t received a letter from home except one telling her about the bad things her mom is doing! I know she worries about her family and I know that they aren’t very supportive and it makes me sad. But it also gives me an even greater sense of appreciation for all that you have done for me and continue to do for me thank you for all your support financially and spiritually!!!!! You have given me so much strength in my life and everyday I thank my Father in Heaven for giving me parents that support and love me and that have lead they way for me to follow and that have made correct choices so that we can be together forever! Thank you I love you and am so excited that I can say we are a forever family!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!
Love, sister Andreasen

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