Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Last Letter From The MTC - November 2, 2009

Hey Family! Last letter in the MTC I am freaking out a little bit but it is a good freaking out. I love you and I will call you from the airport. I think I will most likely call from LAX so it will be later in the evening, I will call home and then your cell if that doesn’t work. I was hoping Kristy and the kids could come by I understand if it is too late a notice. I might call Heather too but I will have to get her number from you. I love you and have a lot to tell you. This week has been crazy just trying to get everything done and get prepared. I don’t feel nearly as prepared as I should be but I know the lord will help me because I am doing His work! I am so excited to get out in the field but I will truly miss the MTC! It has been such an amazing experience! I will miss my companions and I will miss my district this is the last time I will see a lot of them for at least two years maybe longer! Probably longer.
So do you have any tips for me? You can think about that for when I call. I really can’t believe I’m leaving it is going to be so strange. We had a class on Saturday were we said good-bye to our teachers and I cried so surprising. I know. But they showed us pictures and it was really neat! But Bro Itri showed us spiders! ahhh! Oh well I will get used to it and the Lord will help me!
So I think it is funny that the Redmond boys didn’t like the MTC though I can see why but I have heard that just within the last two years it has changed a lot! You learn a lot more and you do a lot more! Plus all the guys are excited to go and can’t wait, and I feel the same it’s just that girls get more attached than boys. I will miss my nice showers, I take a nice one after this email and I can’t wait it will be the last in a year and a half. But I heard they have some toilets and some toilet paper so that is cool I think I will have to use my hand sometimes but not all the time which I'm happy to hear!
The food seems interesting. Haha. But Bro Itri showed us some of his apartments and they look pretty nice plus I'm a sister so I think I will be okay. I think I was thinking worse then it really is. There is a cool water bottle here that I might buy at the bookstore it comes with enough filters for two years and you can’t drink from it when the filter is done. It is expensive though but I think it will be a good investment. I know I have the other one but I hope I will be drinking a lot more water than that.
How is everything at home? How are the kids with school? How is the school? How is work? How is Michael’s house? I figure that you can just be prepared to tell me all this stuff when we talk.
So I don’t know what else to say except I love you. Think of stories you want to know for when I call sorry I don’t have the time I think I gave it to you in the last email I was going to bring my flight plans but we didn’t go by the room before we came to write. So I hope I put the times down. We leave here at 4:30 I think we actually get to lax around 9 so maybe I will call if I have time in salt lake and then see what is best for you. I love you! I will be sending a package today some clothes and some other stuff you can just put it in my room it is not important because I don’t need it in the Philippines. I might but some stuff on the top for you but then you will just have to open it and get that, maybe some pics and stuff.
Well I will be talking to you later on today maybe tomorrow if that works out better I will see in Salt Lake! I love you all I'm excited! I can’t believe it! Well if you see or talk to anyone tell them to now send anything to the field. I am not sure if you can still use dear elder when i'm in the Philippines I hope so but I don’t know email to you I’m sure is fine we will see about others.
Well family I know this letter wasn’t much I am sure they will get better as I actually talk to people and experience new things in the field! Philippines here I come! Yay! Mom don’t worry the Lord will help me and provide a way just always remember that! I love you all!
Mahal kita!
Sister Andreasen

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  1. Bethany, You will do great! You have such a super attitude. It will probably be hard for a little while, but hang in there. We love you and know the people of the Philippines will adore you! Love Sister Roberts
    PS. CJ Porter got called to the Philippines too! He leaves in January. A mission south of Naga where Seth served. It encompasses a few islands I guess.