Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lots of Growth - December 14, 2009

Hey mom! I am glad that your week was so good and that you received the call from Elder Hunt, yes you were right. I haven’t gotten the Christmas package yet but I think that I will probably get it on the 18 because that is transfer day which I am happy because I will get the package but sad because we are losing so many missionaries. Sister Clave and I are the only ones not transferring and I'm so sad because they are pulling out the missionaries in Sister Smiths area! So that means that she will be leaving even though she should still be here for two more transfers! Ahh. It is okay though because it is the work of the Lord and we will get the Elders in the Paete area which is exciting and the ward will not split so that is good! I will get to go to every baptism that the Elders have too and they will have some because we have already prepared some people for them! yay! Our baptism didn’t go through. Jonabeth is the girl but she is getting baptized in two weeks she had to go to Manila because of a death in the family but she is so excited. The work is progressing. We met a family who are members of the Church but haven’t been in years! We were not where we had planned for that day and we actually didn’t know where we were going. But I know that the Lord knew where we needed to go and he lead us to that family, the young adult girl and her brother both cried when we shared a lesson with them and then the boy was able to come to Church on Sunday! I'm excited for them to come back to the Church! We also had two really good appointments but I couldn’t really understand or express myself the way I wanted and I knew that they were asking really good questions and the spirit was so strong I know that they felt the truthfulness of our message. We also had a really good experience at Sis. Susa's house! We shared about the law of chastity and she agreed with it. Then we asked about her reading and she said that she hadn’t read from the Book of Mormon but she was reading the pamphlets we gave to her and she read about the plan of salvation and that after this life we can live with are Father in Heaven and Savior in a state of happiness and rest, she started to cry and I know she knows that the Church is true she is just having a hard time because her husband won't listen to the missionaries and she wants to change her life but he doesn’t and she is so great and so sweet. She wants to be baptized but is scared because her husband isn’t changing with her but I know that the Lord will give her help! She is so awesome. I shared my testimony about the plan of salvation and about finding happiness in this life too and she cried more and of course I cried! And then I hugged her after and told her I love her! She is awesome please pray for her! She is in Paete so we might ask the president if we can finish teaching her because I don’t think she would feel comfortable with the Elders but if it has to be the Elders I know that all will work out how the lord wants it!
The Church is so true, the Lord is guiding this work and helping  me to say things! I know that I had the spirit with me and I am glad that I was able to share that with her and to bring that spirit even if I can't always understand. The work is going great! I'm struggling everyday in Tagalog but I think it is because the Lord wants to give me so many blessings and wants me to show my faith first!
Thank you for all your support tell everyone I love them! I can’t wait to talk to everyone! I will have sis. Agras phone on the 26th so that you can call me. I'm so excited! That will work just fine :)
Well we are at a slow internet place so next week I will download more pictures and will write about what some of them are. There is a picture with me and a senior couple and those are the Hunts! They are awesome! The one with president is of the Santa Cruz zone but there are three zones at the conference. Well I hope you have another good week thank you for everything! Tell Danielle I love her and am so happy for the two of them, they are so cute together! Tell her she needs to send me pictures after things slow down! Give her a hug for me. Thank you! I love you all so much and hope that life just keeps getting better everyday. I hope everyone that is sick will get better soon!
Oh and I was looking at an old Ensign in our apartment and it was talking about the Church in Nicaragua! It made me think of Michael please just tell him that I love him and am so grateful for his example of a great missionary and I know he worked hard and I just love him!
Well I love you all! until next week!
mahal kita!
Sister Andreasen

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