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I Love This Work - March 22, 2010

So I feel the same way the weeks go by so fast I don’t really think about it until Sunday night and then I think wow tomorrow is pday.  I love 3 Nephi we give reading assignments to our investigators and one Jovelyn Jayme read from 3 Nephi and then we were able to show her the Testaments and the spirit was really strong I always cry. I was also thinking about how our time is like theirs, we are waiting for our Savior too. And I know that he will come and that is the reason I am here right now because I want everyone to be prepared to see his face again. I think of what a great experience that will be, I'm so excited to look into the eyes of my Savior again because he loves me and he is my best friend! I want to share that with everyone! How grateful I am for it and it gives me strength to keep going even when it gets hard. 

Your right sometimes I do have hard times and I struggle but I know that I’m not here to be sad or to be upset I will have hard times but they always help me learn and grow and I am just blessed after the struggle! I always think of the song roses and thorns grow together, like a rainbow follows bad weather! It is so true! I love how I always get to see rainbows here! Because I remember that song and remember that no matter what my struggle is someone doesn’t have the hope that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ so I need to get over myself and work hard to help them! Yay! I love this work!
My Tagalog isn’t great but it is getting better which I love because I am developing strong relationships with people through being able to say more. I just have to keep working on it! I love the people they are amazing. So Elder French and Brother Cagayat came to our area for an interview and we were walking and a bunch of the kids that our in our area came up to me and my "boyfriend" Jonbest came up and held my hand as we were walking and Elder French said to Brother Cagayat, Nanay Andreasen, which means mom. And I love it then Elder French was telling Brother Cagayat about the other little kids that like to play with me by the church and I realized I love little kids so much! 
And they are so cute here! I have little groups of kids everywhere we go here in the area and I love it! It is also a great teaching opportunity because we talk to them about the Savior and then ask them where they live.  I think we are going to one of their houses to see if we can teach them, we talked to their mom the other day I love it!!!!!
So we had two baptisms this week! Sister Olivia Suarez and her daughter Bernadette! yay!!!!!  The time was so right for them and she is so ready the spirit was strong at her baptism and I know that she is so grateful to be a member of the church! 
I love seeing people come to the fold of Christ. She bore her testimony after her baptism and she said how thankful she was for the missionaries who kept teaching her because it has been a while now. I know that it is just the Lords timing and I know when we truly desire to do His will and show it through our actions he will bless us!
We also we able to have a Relief Society activity where the missionaries gave the lesson about women in the Book of Mormon! It was awesome and we had two less active sisters come and one of them has a daughter that we are teaching and she came and then they came to church the next day! Yes! I think the daughter really likes the lessons and so I'm really excited for her progression! her name is Maricar. :)
So all in all it has been a good week of course! Always! I never want to leave Pakil love it here!!!!!!! This will always be my home in the Philippines!!!! I love it! 
You are so right mom that we try to serve the Lord by blessing others with the gospel yet the Lord just gives us so many blessings for our service I could never repay him! I love this work because I have the opportunity to come closer to my Savior and see others come closer to him too! Some of them are just realizing that they have a Savior and it is amazing to see His influence in their lives! 
So I haven’t really eaten anything weird we eat unripe mangos all the time. They are green and called Indian mangos and are sour. They are really good!!!! hehe I love them! And so do the youth, one of our investigators has a tree and always gives us green mangos I love it! yum yum! Besides that we just have rice a lot and ulam it is whatever you put on your rice. There isn’t really an English word for it. But it can be anything that goes on rice and so we have ulam and rice. I’m also learning how to cook some things here so that I can share it with you when I get back. By the way sometimes we don’t eat with silverware so if I make something I might have you eat without silverware hehe :) 
We still get fed a lot because people here are just way to nice. haha. As I said before I love them! We teach commandments all the time and we teach the Ten Commandments too and I just like realizing that we really only have two commandments one is to love the Lord and the other is to love our neighbor. If we do this we will have a desire to serve him always and do his will and we will always make the right choices. I love it! Well until next week. I love you all so much and you’re always in my prayers! I love this work and know that it is what life is all about! 
love, Sister Andreasen

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