Monday, March 15, 2010

I Love The Work - March 15, 2010

Hello again :)
  I always forget that it is time to email until Sunday night when we are planning and then I get excited for your email! It is great! This week has gone by so fast and it is supper crazy! I'm so glad that I wasn’t transferred! I love Pakil and never want to leave although I am friends with one of the AP’s and he made it sound like I will be leaving soon :/ so I need to enjoy enjoy and work work work while I am here! The youth thought I was going to be transferred and when I told them that I wasn’t they were so excited it really made me feel loved and needed! I love this area.
I think I love it even more now because I think my Tagalog is improving! I still have a long way to go but I know that it is improving because I am developing better relationships with the people and I can more freely talk to them! I love it! However, I still have so much that I want to improve on when it comes to Tagalog. The more I speak and understand it the more I love it! Sometimes I will think something in English and Tagalog will come out. Hehe. That is only in simple things that I say all the time. President and Sister Anderson came to our apt. for house-to-house interviews with our zone and Sister Anderson asked me a question and I thought yes but answered oo, which is yes in Tagalog.  
Thank you so much for another package! They are great and mean a lot to me I always get so excited! Not just because of the goodies but because I know it is coming from you and that you send all your love! I love you so much!
We see president two times every transfer; we have zone interviews and zone conference.  Zone interviews are really just our zone but at zone conference I get to see people from other zones and Sister Smith got transferred so I will be able to see her next zone conference.  They are always at different times but we always have them once every transfer.
So we were suppose to have two people in our district transfer but ended up having more because we had emergency transfers. It is so sad! But it just made me realize how short and important our time is on the mission! Satan wants to stop the work from going forward, even though he can’t. But he is happy when he stops one from serving. And then I thought he is happy when he stops one from working even if it is just an hour that we take away from the Lord's time. I know that this time is so important and I am so grateful to be here!
We had so many great experiences this week. We had a service for Sister Olivia and she was so excited we helped her to clear their land so they could plant a garden! She was so grateful and I really just love her and her family and her baptism is on Saturday! Yay! I’m so excited! The Elders had a baptism and it was a really neat experiences because he was baptized about five years ago and never confirmed because he couldn’t come to church because he had no one to take him and he is blind! 
So now he has someone to take him and was re-taught and re-baptized and confirmed! Yay! He is way sweet and his testimony is so strong.
So I don’t know if I have talked about the Adovas family but they are awesome! They were less active but now they come to church. They always give us referrals so we go over there to teach a lot. Their daughter and her husband live with them and she was pregnant and just had a baby so there are some pictures of that. 
We watched the testaments at their house last night and I was crying and the spirit was really strong! I’m so grateful for the spirit that can touch the hearts of all people members, nonmembers, less active members! The spirit was so strong and I know that Jesus is the Christ I am so grateful for Him and his sacrifice for me and for everyone! It is so much easier to teach the atonement when we understand it. I hope that one day I might fully understand how much love my Savior has for me! I love him so much and am grateful for all he has given me! The atonement is for everyone yet it is so personal! I love it! I’m so grateful for the wonderful experiences I have, the gospel is truly spreading forth to everyone on the face of the earth! I love it!
The Hunts, the senior couple, are going home and so they came and gave us a workshop before they left and it was amazing! I love them so much! The have been to Jerusalem and to Mexico and Guatemala! 
They showed us stuff about the life of the Savior and about what might be the places in the book of Mormon! It is so amazing that once you have a testimony of truth even when you see things it doesn’t change your testimony it can strengthen it but I know that we gain a testimony through faith and that after we see things the blessings it just strengthens our testimony! How I love the gospel! I love the opportunity to share it with everyone here! Yay!
So need less to say I love the work, things are going well and we have a baptism coming up life is great! The gospel is true!
Oh I forgot to tell you, so we had an activity at the church building this morning just our zone playing volleyball. It was fun but then some cute little kids came up and they started calling me and wanted me to chase them so I did. It was so much fun the kids here are so cute I will have to get a picture next time :)
I love you all! You always say how thankful you are for my service but I’m thankful for your example! If I didn’t have the example of my family I would not be here. Thank you for showing me love and kindness you truly are my greatest blessing! I love you all!
Love, Sister Andreasen

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