Thursday, April 8, 2010

Better Late Than Never - April 8, 2010

So I loved your email so much mom! The strength of the testimony of others is wonderful! I grow so much and I am so thankful that the Lord gives us other people to help us to learn and grow. I think that is one of the things I want to work on; humility, we can always learn something new from everyone we talk to and I just need to look for the things that we can learn from and take every situation as an opportunity to learn.
I love the gospel and I have been strengthened so much by the scriptures and the words of God! I am so excited for conference! We haven’t seen it yet, we will see it this Saturday and Sunday and I'm so excited.  It will be good because in the Philippines they do have traditions for the week of Easter but they are nothing that invites the spirit. They have parade type things and praise the saints and Jesus Christ and then the reenact his death on the cross. They also have people who walk around with their faces covered and dead banana leaves around their waste and hit their backs so that they bleed. It was really disturbing! I hated the feeling I had when we had to go by them! And then it was fast Sunday and we didn’t really have any lessons about the resurrection of Jesus Christ so I was a little sad so I am really looking forward to conference! I love knowing we have a living prophet and the correct authority in the Church!
We did have a baptism and I am so happy we did it was Jovelyn! she is so sweet! She is super shy but she is very concerned with being clean and worthy, the smallest sin she feels bad for! She is so strong already and I know she will just continue to grow! She is a great example for her family. Her grandmother past away while we were teaching her so we have talked about that a lot. she knows the Church is true but I'm not sure that she understands completely about after this life even though we have taught it. It is just like me I don’t think I really understood the plan of salvation until I studied it for myself and gained a testimony of truth. I talked to her today about the fact that we can do baptisms for the dead, it was only short and I told her we would have a full lesson about the temple and she was excited! She started to cry and I know that she loves the gospel she is so teachable and is open to the spirit; she feels it when it testifies of truth! I have learned so much from her!
Sorry I didn’t write to you on Monday we had our zone conference on Monday because President Anderson’s family is coming today because his granddaughter is going to be baptized in an ocean here! Awesome! So we are having p-day on Thursday it is so weird! So we have wanted to work on asking investigators for referrals because that is the mission goal and the workshop of our AP's. we planed to ask our investigators all this week and everyday we have been introduced to a new investigator by our investigators! It is so amazing such a blessing that when you do what you are asked to do and prepare the Lord just blesses you! We have truly been blessed in this area! I love it here! Then today we walked by a guy and he called out to me like a lot of guys do (because I'm American) and I just said hi like I usually do or good morning or whatever. Then he said you don’t have something for me to read? So we stopped and started talking to him and he said that he sees us all the time going to one of our investigators and so we said that we would come back and teach him if he wanted and he said yes. We gave him a pamphlet and said that we would go see him tomorrow. I hope that goes well and it isn’t just the fact that I am American. I'm excited because I think he is really interested in our message! He lives over by Andrew and Robby so I'm super excited for our appointments over there tomorrow and then conference! Then p-day again, it will be so weird!!! I feel like we will miss a lot of work time because of conference but I'm super excited for it. I guess some of the missionaries don’t go; they schedule appointments and just work. I can’t imagine I'm so excited for it. We have invited so many of our investigators and I really think that some of them will come even though it is far away.
I love this work and I know that the Lord is guiding it! It is so amazing to me to see the Lord’s hand in this work and to know that I am the one that is blessed! The Lord has allowed me to come and serve the people here and I just want to be worthy everyday to be called his servant and wear the name of Christ! I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life! I know it is true with all my heart!
Work work work that is the secret and I am so happy to know the secret! I love the work, at times it is hard but I know that as I keep going the Lord is helping me. We went to teach the Rodriguez family again and their older sister was their and so we taught lesson one to her and I think that she is really ready for our message! I love it! She has a desire to be with her family forever and wanted to know more about baptism so we taught a little bit so we could answer her question then asked if we could come back and teach her. She is about to have a baby so it might be a crazy time in her life but I think it is the perfect time too! The Lord truly does prepare people for the gospel!
I love you all so much and I am so glad that we can be together forever!
Oh, a little more about food. We eat all the time at the Cadapan families’ home.  I don’t know if I sent the picture and I think I may have already talked about them but I love them so much and Sister Cadapan is so sweet! Sister Macabenta likes fish so we eat a lot of it. It is actually really good. You can tell uncle Fred I said that too! I have even eaten the head and eyes! Don’t worry it isn’t as gross as it sounds its just food and it taste good. Oh and if you by a drink like a soft drink or something they have glass bottles and they pour it into a plastic bag with a straw. :) then we saw ice cream sandwiches, they are really an ice cream SANDWICH! They cut a roll down the middle and then fill it with ice cream.  Yeah, I can tell you that that is not on any type of diet but they are the two best comfort foods ever ha-ha. So that is a little food update.
I hope I answered your questions. Oh p-day it is always different a lot of times we have zone activities or at least district activities but I think most of the time when we are with other missionaries it is zone conference or a service project I will have to look at the pictures again to let you know. I think that is it.
Thank you so much for everything! I love you all! Stay strong always and just remember the simple things are the things that matter most! Prayer, Church, Scripture Study! I love you!
Love, Sister Andreasen

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