Monday, April 12, 2010

This Is A Long One - April 12, 2010

I love you all! I loved the story about Wyatt it made me so happy to know that he still remembers and loves me!  I love hearing about your lives and the new things that you are all doing. I really can’t believe Savannah is going to be in kindergarten!
I loved conference! I also was surprised that missionaries worked through conference. I understand that the work is so important but hearing the words of the prophet was amazing! I love conference! I think I had a lot of favorite talks. So I won’t lie conference made me want to be a mom even more! I love kids I am excited for the time when I will be able to raise a family of my own, however, I love being here because conference also scared me and I realized how much I need to prepare before the Lord will let me have my own family. I know that that is part of my purpose here on the mission, to prepare me to be a mother just like the quote from President Hinckley. I also liked the talk of Elder Holland, of course. He is just so bold and you can feel the love that he has for everyone! I also liked that he was so funny and made everyone laugh and then could change the spirit in an instant and touch our hearts with sweet words. It is like the picture of Christ in red that is everywhere. He isn’t smiling and people say that one side of his face was drawn to be kind and loving and the other stern so that we will be humbled and have a desire to be better and at the same time feel the love of our Savior. I think that is really what the savior does; and will do, he will tell us we are wrong and we need to repent and change yet he does it so perfectly with love and care so that we know that even though he is disappointed he loves us and just wants us to do better to be happier and to return to Him. That I think was the purpose of a lot of the talks to help others know how to do that and especially parents.  How grateful I am for this great message and the opportunity I have right now to share it with my brothers and sisters it brings so much joy to their lives and I know that they are thankful for it and I am just thankful the Lord has chosen me to be a part of it. I also liked the talks that you told me about the mother daughter one and the one about how we are the hands of the Savior.  It made me think of the song "we are the hands of heaven on earth".  I love that story I think someone told it in conference before but I love it and it takes on a new meaning when you are on a mission. I also thought of dad and that one song "I am the greatest" the one about the kid playing baseball. It is amazing to think how much you and dad have taught me through your actions and through righteous living I think a lot of times I wouldn’t really think about it but I’m grateful for your example to me. I am also grateful for the times when we used to go to "school" together and I would wait for you and I would go to your room to see if you were ready and I would find you praying! What a great example to me! I never have thanked you for that. I love you! I love my family and am so grateful for the good examples of you all.  I know I never have to fear the future because I always have a great family right behind me!
So about the work! It is great! We had 8 investigators go to church even though it was conference and really far for them to travel! It was great and I think they felt the spirit really strong even though it was in English :( but they will be able to read it in the Liahona in Tagalog! One of the investigators that came we have only taught once and his wife came too and we haven’t even taught her yet! It was great! Then we had a less active, part member family come and that was great! Sister Annabel has a baptismal goal date she loves the Church and is really excited and wants her husband to go back to church so hopefully this was a good step for him to come back. We haven’t been able to teach the guy that asked us for something to read he wasn’t home. We go back this week. But while we were outside of his house when he wasn’t there a lady came up to us and said I want you to come teach me! She was so excited and she said do you have time now? Come to my house! So we did and we gave a lesson to her, her husband, and her son. She said that missionaries taught her husband before and he was going to be baptized but she didn’t want him to but now she wants to be baptized. I don’t know what brought on the change but we are excited to keep teaching them! The lord truly does direct the work! The area is doing amazing and growing growing growing! The people of Pakil are truly ready for the message of the gospel!
We have one family that I think we have to drop I have a picture with them. 
They are the Satosa family and it is a lady and she is holding a baby, her name is heart because she was born on Valentines Day. I am so sad to have to stop teaching them because she really loves the message but she doesn’t act, we have been teaching them since December and she hasn’t been to church :( I love them and it breaks my heart but I know that sometimes we plant the seeds and others will harvest the field. So she will go in our area book and I hope some kind missionaries will find her again some day!
Then I have a picture with Maryann, Andrew, and Robby. 
Yes Maryann! She went to Manila and I didn’t think I would see her again but she is back and she is going to be able to be baptized! I’m wearing purple, Maryann white, Robby blue and Andrew blue and red. Then another boy who we are teaching is in the picture his name is Jerick.  The picture with Ann Satosa I am wearing my red dress. 
Then we have pictures at the Cadapan family’s home for dinner there! They are so sweet. Sister Cadapan always feeds us! And the food is really good. She is going to teach us how to cook later today! I’m so excited! And their daughter Bajeck is going on a mission and her call should come any day now! I’m so excited for her. 
Then silly pictures of Elder French and John Mark. There wasn’t enough buco "coconut" for everyone so they joked that it was cute that Elder French and John Mark could share. 
John Mark didn’t like the idea ha-ha. Then there are some other pictures of John Mark because he has teeth. Some of the people here lose their teeth but you have to get replacements to go on a mission and so he got new teeth and it was really exciting but he doesn’t like them so he didn’t want to take a picture. I’m so excited we have about five or more people in the ward getting ready to serve missions!  Yeah for the work! 
Then I have pictures with Kim the cute little girl giving me a kiss.  
Every time she sees me she holds open her arms to give me a hug and for me to hold her. She is so sweet. She is the sister of Jovelyn who I have pictures of her baptism! I’m so excited that she is a member now and she is so happy I know she will be strong. We were talking to their family and her mom said that the dad, who is in Korea, said well I might just have to become a member now.  I hope he does his sister is and one of his daughters and his other daughter has a baptismal goal date and Kim the little girl has been to church ever since she was a baby! So I think that one day they will be a whole family in the church it will just take time.  
Then I have pictures at the church with the cute kids who like to play with me! 
Then pictures again of John Mark willingly showing his pre-mission smile :) 
Then zone conference pictures! It was sister Clayton’s last zone conference :( 
There is a picture with me and a sister in a pink button up shirt and a gray sweater. Her name is Sister Warnick and she has a twin serving in Baguio and she is a companion with Sister Lapana! Awesome! I love it! 
There is also I picture of me having a soda, or soft drink, that is what they call it here in plastic :).  
Then they youth didn’t feel very close to Sister Macabenta so they threw her a birthday party even though her birthday is on Nov.1, they put up signs in our apartment it was really sweet!
Before conference we were able to go to a baptism of the Elders in our zone in Siniloan it was a young boy and he and his friends had a crush on me. They all wanted to take pictures with me it was funny. And then they wanted more on Sunday because we went back to Siniloan for conference, then they also gave me little notes. It was cute. I think the oldest is 12.  
I have a picture with Aubrey. I taught her once a long time ago. She lives in Paete. She plays the drums and is amazing. We went over to their house a couple times for pday and she and her mom tried to teach us how to play guitar and drums. I say try because I’m not very good. But Aubrey is amazing she is going to Manila this week because she is going to be on TV. She is only 9!
That’s all the pictures I hope you like them. I love them because I love the people here and the work. I know that I might have to transfer soon and I will be sad to leave the people here, but I will be excited to meet knew people and help new people. I love the work I am being blessed more than I even thought was possible!
I don’t know how the baptism was I wasn’t able to go or see her I will ask at transfers if I’m transferred and let you know.
Well I think that is it. I love you so much and hope that you are all doing well!
Love, Sister Andreasen

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