Monday, January 17, 2011

The Lord Puts People In Our Path - January 17, 2011

Hello :)

I feel like you didn’t have a lot of time with your last email. Hehe but I loved the stories and I love the kids so much! I just know that they are getting so big! 
Thank you so much for the package!!!!! You’re amazing!
Oh and before I forget for like the fiftieth time HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wow each time I know a birthday is close I always think about you! And then when I start writing the email I never say it. Then after we leave the computer shop I remember I forgot to say happy birthday. So happy birthday mom! Michael! Grandma! And Paul! I love you all!!!!!!!
Thanks again for the package I don’t need the stuff it is just stuff I want so thank you! Thank you so so much!!!! About the Liahona I don’t think you ordered one for Jill so I think I will have to order another one. I hope it is done by transfer day because I need to send it! Which could be a lot for six! 
So about this week it has been great! The Sunday attendance was a little sad and we got punted a lot but that is because it was fiesta in San Pablo so every one was celebrating in the main part of town and no one was home, even the kids didn’t have school. 
But we were able to teach Brother Jerry, the sisters didn’t officially teach the restoration so we decided to review and watch the movie and it was amazing!!!! The spirit was so strong and after he bore his testimony that he knows the church is true and that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and I love it! I cried, as I’m sure you could guess.  It is just that the spirit was so strong and I was so grateful for the truth and the opportunity to be a missionary and share the message because each time my testimony is strengthened! 
We were also able to recommit some investigators for baptism so I am excited for them! They say that they really want to be baptized but they are having a hard time keeping commitments so we will see in the coming weeks if they will use the lesson we taught about faith! 
We had to drop an investigator and it was really hard but right after we met another lady and we were able to teach her and she is very open and willing to keep the commitments. I just felt like she was the person we needed to find and I think she really needs the comfort that will come from living the gospel! We tracted into a new sister, Sister Lian and she was nice and we were able to teach her and she was fine with it but there was something missing. The next time we went back we asked he if her husband was always gone because we want to teach them as a whole family and she said that he goes to work early and comes home late so we probably won’t be able to teach him. We asked about his day off and she said he has one day off on Tuesday and we asked if we could come on Tuesday and she said that he probably won’t be home, she seemed like she was trying to avoid it so we gave up for the moment and just decided to teach. After we sang a hymn a tricycle pulled up! It was her husband!!!! Yes!!!!!! We got to teach him and he asked questions and wants to know more! And he said that Tuesday is his day off and we could come anytime he will be there! He seems really excited to know more and I know that he is what was missing! I am so excited for them. He asked questions about church and we invited him to go on Sunday, he didn’t end up coming, but I think they will progress! I know that he came home for a break at that exact moment so that we could teach him! I know the lord puts people in our path and I am so grateful for his hand in this work! We taught the Sacueze family again and brother read what we left him but he said he isn’t looking to get baptized. So we explained that we just want to invite people to come unto Christ. I think it could have been a rather disappointing experience but I didn’t feel it at all! I just felt a hope that it will be okay just keep teaching and they will accept the truth! I know that we are suppose to teach them and every time I have been to their home I just get a strong feeling that I am supposed to be there! 
We weren’t really able to teach the youth because of the fiesta! Which I was so sad about but next week they will be home and we are going to talk about the restoration! I am so excited! Especially for Geno, his grandma is a member and his mom is open to listen as well and she is very happy that Geno wants to know more and she even helps us find times when we can teach him! :)
I just love the work!!!!!!!
The Lord blessed us last night. We were out looking for new people to teach and we went to a member’s home to ask for a referral and we got a phone call from president. He told me that we needed to be in our apartment at 6 so that we could greet our new companion! Yep that is right we are now a threesome! Sister Batan is our new temporary companion. She was serving in Pakil!!! Awe! My first area! But her companion had to go home and it was very unexpected, we don’t know what happened just that she needed to go home. So Sister Batan is coming to work with us in our area until transfer day. So we are now three and I am happy! I know that this is just help from the Lord and he is giving me an opportunity to learn and grow. I love my companions so much! They are sweet sisters and I have a lot to learn from them. I am just working on serving them and giving them the love they need! The Lord truly has blessed my life in more ways than I can ever imagine and I am so grateful for his merciful hand that touches my life! 
I am grateful for your love and I love you all so much!!!!!!
Love, Sister Andreasen

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