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So Let's Get To It! - January 3, 2010

Baliktad. Hahaha! So that is what I have to say about this transfer! I miss Barra like crazy I thought going on a mission I would only have to leave family once :( I was wrong. But the work goes on and I am happy to move forward with it.
So you heard right from Joshua, I am in San Pablo mismo. Wow! Talk about big change. So I don’t walk out to sand every day and we don’t teach by the seashore. I don’t have to ride a little boat to part of my area. I do get to ride in a car on Tuesdays and Fridays because the Messamers, the couple missionaries, work with us and they take us to our appointments. These days are called STS days daw. Which means S
poil the Sisters day. Haha. They treat us to ice cream and they also want to have us over for dinner some night. We were also invited to the mission home for dinner some time. Wow! I go to church in an actually chapel and there are more seats than people, which I’m not used to, and it is freezing cold because there is air conditioner! We even have air conditioning in our apartment. Hehe, which we don’t use because it would be so expensive. Right now I don't even us an electric fan because I’m cold. Hehe. 
So that is my story of how different the areas are!
But I still love it! I know it is what the Lord wants. Oh another thing is my companion speaks English more than I do hehe. Sister Pascual didn’t like it when I spoke English and I think my new companion, Sister Tacbobo, would like it if I always spoke English hehe. She is way fun! I love her! I know I will be learning a lot from her! So sad story, the first full day in San Pablo wasn’t full because we had a curfew the next day as well, but we got to watch fire works from our roof because our apartments are awesome! Haha. The chapel is really far from our apartment maybe 10......... steps. Haha. But back to the story, the second day January 1 I got really sick! Stomach sick, I don’t know what I ate but we weren’t able to go work! Second day and no work! I hate it! But I think my stomach is back to normal, which is good.
So lets go back to me leaving Barra. The last week was really hard because it was Christmas and then it was last appointments. The first of the "last appointments" was the Teves family and I just cried! I couldn’t help myself it hurt so bad to leave them because they still aren’t sure about the church, the know our message is true but don’t want to leave the Catholic Church! Ahh! But then I had to say good-bye and I just lost it! I think that was one of the hardest! Then what made it even hard is Sister Maluo started to cry! I love them so much!!!!
I was able to have a going away lunch and dinner every day before I left, the people in Barra are so sweet but it was also hard because I knew it was the last time I would see them. Monday was at  the Branch President’s house. Then Tuesday was Rago and Joshua’s family, Wednesday was Sister Glo and Sister Remy! I love them so much! Then I was sad to leave and not be able to teach Brother Fernando, he is amazing! And he and his wife Glenda are progressing but we weren’t able to teach because of Christmas and then brother was gone on an interview! :( But we were able to teach the Ibradelzo family and it was so bitter sweet!!!! We set a baptismal goal date and they are excited! And I’m so happy for them!!!! There is the family that I have been looking for and I won’t be there to see their baptism! It was such a good moment though and they are really excited to just do what is right and to come closer to our Savior and Father in Heaven! I love it! I know that Barra will continue to progress and I am happy for it!
I am also happy to be here in San Pablo!!! It is a big change and even though I cried my eyes out!!!!!! I know that it is going to be okay! The Lord gave me that comfort the week before transfer day. I prayed and I just felt this feeling that I need to be in my next area and the Lord has a plan for me and I will really grow and become a better missionary so I am excited for that! I know that the Lord has a plan for me and I am grateful for the comfort! There is a lot of work to do here in San Pablo and I am ready to get to it! The members here are sweet too! We had a lot come up and offer dinner appointments and to work with us so that is good! I am happy that they are supportive. I have also been able to meet families I have heard about from Sisters Smith, Ganaden, and Arrieta because they all served here. So that was a fun connection. We do have one investigator who I am really excited about and that is Jerry. He had a baptismal goal date but then he hasn’t been to church so we set another goal date and he is excited to go to church and really excited for baptism. Then my companion was nervous to teach about the Word of Wisdom because she knows he has problems with this, but I just said better now then later so that is what we taught and he said. Okay. haha! It was so easy! He is awesome. He said it isn’t going to be easy but I am going to do my best because that is what God wants! Amazing!!!! Plus priesthood! Yes!
I love the work and I know that the lord has a plan for his children and he blesses us and gives us opportunities to learn and grow and be better. I hope I can give the same strength to the area and my companion that I know they will give me!
I love the work I am so grateful for your love and the stories you share! You are always in my heart!!!!!
Until next week, which is when, I should be sending pictures!
I love you!!!
Sister Andreasen 

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