Sunday, July 10, 2011

Leaving the Philippines and Homecoming - March 23, 2011

So it is the final days up till I got home. This is how I felt…
We had a career workshop I went to my old area because it was at my old building, which was weird. It was fun and weird haha. You feel like this isn’t a very good P-day and how you should be getting ready for the work they rest of the week. Then you remember that you won’t be doing in more work like you did. The workshop was fun and we got to say good-bye to the sweet senior sisters! We also got to go to Ramzi one last time. Haha.
They give hats to all the missionaries who are leaving. I do love that I was able to serve in San Pablo so it means something to me. J

Then we went back to the mission home and had dinner and an FHE that was wonderful and then we all bore testimony and I was first which means I just ended up crying the whole time from the beautiful words of missionaries who love the work and are having a hard time dealing with good-bye. It was a wonderful experience! How I love my fellow missionaries and especially my beloved mission president and his wife!!!

Then President did some farewell interviews, I was supposed to get mine but didn’t that night. He asked me if we could do it in the morning. So that night we had nice warm! Showers. Wow! Haha. And of course we couldn’t sleep so I had a good talk with all the sisters. The next day we were off to the temple so we had to get some sleep. I decided to wake up early and do my interview early before I put on any make-up because I knew I would be crying. I was interviewed by president and he just told me what a great job I had done and how much he loves me.
He gave me my certificate of honorable release and had me read it. I was already crying but as I read that certificate I couldn’t help but sob just after the first line, “You are honorably released from your sacred calling…” it was so hard to hear! President smiled, laughed, and cried at my tears and I will never forget his sweet uplifting words to me! How blessed I truly am to have meet and been inspired by all the wonderful people I know from San Pablo Mission!
Then we traveled to the temple. It was a good trip with the other missionaries. Then when we got there I was able to see Sis. Arrieta and her fiancé and Sis. Clave!! It was a great reunion!

We all had lunch and then went to the temple! What a blessing! Going through the temple again! I love it so much the spirit that come from do work for the living and the dead is so astonishing! The temple was beautiful and it will always be one of my favorites!

I traveled to the hotel with Sisters Tuifua and Gepiga, it was fun! We had a good night trying to make sure that we could get everything to fit the weight limits haha. Then we had a morning of good-byes and I met up with Sis. Adams and another sister I met in the MTC and we had the same flights so we were able to talk in the airport. The flights were long and no sleep could be found. I was heart broken and excited! I talked to some guys, who to be honest looked a little scary, they were older and in a big band group. It just goes to show once again that you can’t judge by looks because they were very nice. I sat by one and we talk about the church, he has a lot of friends who are members and has even read the Book of Mormon but doesn’t want to change. He was very nice though!
Then I finally got off the plane and it was a long process to go through customs and I’m sure seemed even longer knowing that my family was waiting right around the corner.

I came out and there they all were with signs and smiles! I started running up the slop with my big cart of luggage it was so good to be able to embrace the wonderful family who has made me who I am! They all have made me better and so in a why they have all lift a little mark in the Philippines! I loved my mission! It changed my life in so many ways and made me into a much better person! I will forever have the Philippines and all the people I love from PSPM in my heart!

So now I have been home for a while and I miss the mission, I think I always will but I strive each and everyday to be an example for all the people that I have taught, met, and who have influenced my life! The mission will forever be a part of who I am!!!!        

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