Sunday, July 10, 2011

Last Week in the Field - March 21, 2011

This was my last week of service and it was bitter sweet. My last P-day was spent with a bunch of missionaries.

We had extras because we had the companions of some who had to go renew their visas. So I was with a bunch of Pinyos! Haha J
After that we went to the Kawit family for dinner and we were able to talk to Bro. Kawit a little even though he is still trying to resist.
So in the work this week we were able to teach the son of Sis. Tess! That was exciting I feel like each time we go to their home we get to teach more and more of their family! He seems really interested! We had a great lesson with Olive and Jemuel! We taught about Joseph Smith and the Spirit was so strong! Then Tatay Lino!!!! J He is still going strong! I love him so much!!! They all committed to go to church on Sunday so I am really excited!
We had our district meeting on Tuesday and I had to give the lesson. I talked about enduring JOYFULLY to the end! I talked about how important this work is and how sometimes it gets hard but each day is amazing and wonderful!!!! I cried! I know shocker! Haha. I just love the work and I find so much joy in it I never want it to stop!
We had zone interviews on Wednesday and that was great and uplifting. It was funny, President had an interview with me, even though I will be getting another one in a few short days. He said he doesn’t want me to miss out on my last zone interview. He asked me if I was ready and I cried :/ he told me that I have done a great job and he wishes that he could have more missionaries like me. It was really hard to realize that he was saying good-bye a little bit. 
Anywoo, back to the work! We went and a lot of the people that we wanted to see were not home but it was okay because we found some new people so that when I leave there will still be a lot of people to teach here J
On Saturday we were able to have a great spiritual experience and the half day mission of the office elders. We met a lot of members who are less active and they committed to come to church so that was great!
I was able to see Bro. Edwin. I don’t know if you remember him but we taught him and then he was never home but we were able to continue to teach his wife Lian. Then the day we were going to commit her for baptism she told us that her husband doesn’t want us to come anymore, well her son told us because she was too embarrassed to come out. We weren’t able to see her since but we kept going by. Then we found out that their youngest son was in the hospital. We only got to talk with Bro. Edwin for a short time but we were able to tell him how sorry we were and how we want to help if we can in any way, so I hope that it softens his heart, because they are a great family and I feel that one day they will except the gospel as a family!
Saturday I was able to go to a member’s house and I was able to become a true Pinoy! Meaning I road a Carabao!!!! Yay! It was so much fun. A little scary when it started moving around but I loved it and I really did feel like I was becoming more like these wonderful people. Hehe.

I went to church on Sunday and only Michelle came. That was a little hard because I had such high hopes! I had to get up and bear my testimony and it was so hard to look in to the eyes of these wonderful people that I love so much and tell them good-bye! My heart just ached! I love them so much and they will always be a reason that I am a better person! I love them so much! I was doing okay until we got on the jeepney and I had to leave my area!!! I got to the mission home full of tears but happy to see my batch J I finally got it together and then the APs said they were taking my companion back then I had to say good-bye! She is so sweet! I know she is worried but I know she will be amazing!!! I am leaving my last area in good hands.
When I walked in the mission office there was some mail for me and then the office elders said they had something for me, it was flowers from Sis, Tacbobo! She is so sweet! I love her so much and it was so hard not to be able to see her again before I leave. She would always put flowers in my hair and she gave me a bouquet of flowers before I went home.
We had dinner and then just got ready for Monday, our last “P-day”. It is going to be a really good, hard last days!!!
I love the work I love you all and I will see you soon! 
Love, Sister Andreasen 

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