Monday, October 19, 2009

Following the Spirit October 19, 2009

  How is everything? It is so good to get letters from everyone I love it! It really does make my day! So things here have been so great! The Lord truly does know what we need and helps us to grow and lifts us back up when we fall. I was struggling with the language and with my companions but everything is much better now! I just said a lot of prayers and I talked with them and the Lord will help you do anything! He helped me know what to say and everything is wonderful it will be sad to leave them! Yeah that is coming so soon! It is crazy! It doesn’t seem like in two weeks I will be leaving! It is crazy! I get my flight plans on Thursday so I will tell you what the plan is next Monday!
So we hosted and it was so funny! We get to help all the new missionaries! I didn’t get any pics though :( but good news! We get to do it again this wed! Yay! So we have 6 new sisters in our zone! Yay! And some of the new elders are going to San Pablo! One is really nice his name is Elder Davis.
So I loved what you put in from Kennedy's mom! That is great! What is her last name again? Oh and I know Sister Adams she is in the other zone but we still see each other a lot because it is all Tagalog. She told me her mom wrote her about me before I got your letter she really liked my quote.
That is exciting to hear about Jose! I wish that I was able to write him I didn’t know his mom worked at the school or I would have asked for his address. Well I can see him when I get home. haha. anywoo, let me know how he is doing and tell him I say hi.
So the T.A. this week was good! It was the first lesson and the guy, Tyler was really nice, he had been home from his mission for 10 years so he was older and really helpful! I am doing better with the language I still struggle but I know that the Lord will help me!
So I got to go to the R.C. the call center on Sat. and Sun., and I have to people that I am going to call back on, Marva on Sat. and Jinny on Sun.! I am so excited! They are way nice I sent Marva a Book of Mormon and was trying to get on to jinny but she didn’t have time to talk because she was going to work.
So I love the end notes of my letter about things that the kids did! I love it!!!!!! Keep sending those! Plus I loved their letters! Thank you so much for the packages you have sent! They have all been really helpful and I love them!
Don’t worry about the skirt. If you don’t finish it its okay! You don’t need to send anything else but if you see a nice dress that might work that would be good. Because I only have one and I love the dress! But if not no worries! Really! If you do end up sending something will you send Aussie hairspray it is the scrunching spray and I realized it works great from doing my hair quickly! But it might be expensive to send because of weight so don’t worry about it if it is too much!
I love you all! Last weeks package was great! Pictures, letters, and stuff I needed! Amazing!
Dad thank you so much for you letter and the wonderful things you taught me! I love you so much! Thank you for always being the best dad in the world! I really do appreciate it! You are the closest thing I have to Heavenly Father in this life and I am so blessed to have my Dad! Be you!!!!! I love you so much and am thankful for you every day of my life! I will always be your baby! My dads little girl! Thank you for the song too!!!!
Mom, thank you for always inspiring me to do and be better! Thank you for always being the great example of a daughter of God and showing me how I should live my life! I look up to you so much and hope that one day I might be as wonderful as you, know as much as you, and have the spirit that you have! Thank you for teaching me and letting me feel of that spirit! You have always helped me to understand more and to be there to answer my questions! Thank you! I love you so much I am blessed to have the most wonderful parents a girl could ask for! You have done so much for me and I hope that all I do makes you proud!
I love you!
Thank you grandma Beverly for your letters! I didn’t know you were in dc! I love you and sorry but I just got the post card so I haven’t been able to read it yet. But I love you and am so blessed to have your love! Thank you so much!
Grandma Andreasen sent me another package full of goodies! I’ll lose all the weight I have gained when I get to the Philippines! But they look really good and it is a huge package so my district will love it too! haha! I love you all!
So I don’t have a lot of time but if sent Jolene a letter and a Book of Mormon and I hope that it touches her I just got a letter today but haven’t read it so I will let you know next week! Tell Jill (if you have a hair party) haha that I love her and love their family! I think it is time for them all to come back to church! I hope! So we will see!
I love you all so much! I know that the Lord needs me here and I am so blessed to have that honor! alam ko na totoo ang ebanghelo ni jesucritso! Alam ko na totoo ang aklat ni mormon! Alam ko na pamilya walang hanggang! I love you all so much, the church is true! Sorry that testimony is so simple! But it is true I will write more later I am running out of time! I love you all so much give the kids kisses and hugs!

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  1. Ay Naku! anggaling-galing mo na! Kumusta na ba ang wika? Sino ba ang guro mo dyan sa MTC? Dito lang ako sa BYUI matratransfer ako sa susunod na semester sa BYU. Angsaya ng ward ko ngayon, Nako sobrang popular ako!... haha biro lang.
    Sige sister Andreasen pagsipagan mo ang work mo dyan at huwag kang magsawa sa comp mo!

    Love, Seth