Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kamusta Pamaliya! (How are you Family) October 12, 2009

So I have been doing much better this past week.  It has been really good, I talked to my teacher Sister Hawkes and I also talked to my companions so everything is better.   Sorry to worry you, I was just getting down on myself and lacking faith, which is not good.  I still don’t feel I am at the place I want to be with the language but I don’t know if that will come while I’m at the MTC.  I just know that the Lord will help ne and that I can do anything he needs me to do as I work hard and trust in Him!  Thank you for the scriptures mom I love those ones!

This week has just been fun; Elder Staples has been so out of it and has been saying really weird things.  He said his mom got the pics and liked them a lot that was really estig! (Meaning cool haha).  So you should keep talking to her because that is fun and I won’t know what is going on with him and Elder Taylor in about three weeks!  Ahhhhh can you believe it!  I only have three more weeks at the MTC!  I have so many emotions going on, it is pretty crazy!  I’m excited and scared out of my mind haha.  I’m just staying focused and trying to learn as much as I can because it flies by.

Elder Adams Sister Andreasen and Elder Fox
 I got pics with Elders Weichers, Fox and Adams I should be sending those soon!  I’m excited, they are so cute!  Elder Weichers left last week and Elder Adams left today and Elder Fox leaves next week! Not fair haha!

Elder Weichers and Sister Andreasen
It’s okay because the Philippines will be amazing and I know that is where the Lord needs me.  Because I know he needs me there I know He will help me in all that I do so I don’t need to worry.  Haha, you know me I just worry but I’m just leaning on the Lord for a lot of help!
Oh one thing fun that happened this week is we walk to the temple every Sunday and one of the elders was standing on the railing of a fountain, I was just about to tell him that he should get down (he is in our zone so it wouldn’t have been weird) but right as I was about to say something he started to slip and fell into the fountain.  It was sad but it was funny too and he laughed so it’s okay.  I think everyday is spiritual, you just learn something new all the time, and it’s great.  Oh, we watch movies Sunday nights I watched the Testaments again last night, I cry every time, it is so good.  It’s fun I really like the Joseph Smith movie as well and I have been able to watch Legacy and Mountain of the Lord, it is nice.
Oh, I think I forgot to tell you!  So, the people we teach on Thursdays in the Teaching Appointments are all just people who come in.  Well, last Thursday we got to teach Brother Murray!  Our old teacher!  Yeah!!  It was so fun!  Sister hawkes gave him to us (the sisters) it was awesome.  Elder Taylor and Elder Staples weren’t to happy with us though hahaha!  We all just love him so much!  So we have three districts in our zone and every district got a new district leader so now Elder Goodson is our district leader not Elder Hopkins it is weird but just change, just to keep you posted.  Also some of the other districts had to make companion changes because companions weren’t getting along.  Sad!  No one in our district because we are pinika-the best!  Haha really that is saying the best the best but it is just a taglish phrase used at the MTC.

MTC District
Oh, I took a picture with some of the San Pablo Elders from a different district and so I will send that.

Bethany With
San Pablo Elders

I miss you all so much!  Randomly we will see little kids at the temple or just visitors of MTC workers and I want to go give them hugs because I miss the kids but every time I look at one I think wow, how did I get so lucky to have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world!!!  Talaga! That means really!!! They are kaibig-ibig, adorable!  I was talking about family last week.   So yes, I talked about all of you it was wonderful!
We taught in Tagalog and I was super terrified, but it went well, I will be glad to know that my companion will know a lot more than me, not to say that I won’t talk, just to know that she will help me understand the people we teach.  I just hope she speaks English too!
I was excited to get a letter from Heather and Kristy this week! I have missed them so much and am glad to hear from them, I am going to try and send something out to them.  I also didn’t know that Kristy and Wyatt had the swine flu I just thought they were sick; I am glad that is gone!  (Kristy, I loved the pig comment!  I burst out laughing, it was pretty fun) although I am at the MTC and it seems things that aren’t that funny are always more funny here.  But it was funny.
Tell me what the kids are saying!  I would love to hear cute quotes from them and know what is going on with them.  Especially as Lizzy starts talking more that is so crazy she will be so big when I get home!  Show all the kids pictures of me so they don’t forget!!!
Grandma thank you for always writing me!  I know I haven’t been the best at individual letters but thank you for yours!  I do love them.  I was thinking you could also add just a little bit of your family history on  to the bottom of your letters that would be fun!  Not a lot because I don’t have a lot of time but it would be fun to read that when I get your letters.  I’m glad that you were able to see Fred!  I meant to have you tell him hi and that I love him!  I hope he had a nice trip and I’m glad that you all had a good time with him.
Well, I need to do laundry and get some other stuff done!  I love you all.  Oh, mom would you send me information about the Philippines?  I’m not scared I already know and it would be great to know a little bit more!  It’s so sad!  Oh, Michael how is the house?  Hope all is well!
I love you all and will write more next week, have a great week remember to share the gospel and invite others to come unto Christ!!!
Mahal ko kayo!
Sister Andreasen

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