Monday, October 5, 2009

Faith to Meet Challenges - October 5, 2009

Okay so this has been a crazy week!  I only have about a month left at the MTC and I don't think it is even close to enough time to learn everything I would like to know.
I'm not going to lie, I am having a hard time with the language and it is a little frustrating!  But don't worry I am staying positive and know that the Lord will bless me.  Elder Holland has a quote in PMG that says everyone speaks one language and that is the language of the spirit so as long as I keep studying and putting my faith in the Lord I will be able to do whatever He needs me to do!
I am having a hard time with my cops this week.  Not that I don't love them and think they are amazing but they like to talk about Polynesian things a lot and I don't really know anything.  Sister Betts learns the language really fast because her family would speak around her so even though she doesn't know it she has heard it and so I can't really study with them and it has just been a challenge.  But I'm working through it. I love them all!  It's like having three companions because Sister Tui is still here because of  her passport problems so it's a little weird but I am doing okay, just pushing through.  We are Tagalog only now!!!!!  Ahhhhh.  That is what we are teaching in this week and I will just say it is going to be a very short lesson.  I'm nervous about only Tagalog but excited because even though it will be hard it will be helpful and I will learn more.
So the Philippines is doing pretty bad right now!  I'm so worried for them!  It is mostly Manila and Quezon City, but I think San Pablo was hit a little bit too.  I know everything will be okay though!  The Church is already helping we heard that in conference and we are all praying everyday at the MTC!
Speaking of Conference, it was amazing, it focused so much on listening to the spirit and that is so important!  Because we can't do anything alone but with the spirit we have a power with us!  It's amazing!  Elder Holland's talk was so good! So Powerful!  I also liked the member of the seventy after him Elder Nielson I think, he talked about missionary work and it was amazing!  The Church is so true and this life is not going to be easy, it will be hard but it will be worth it and we can have so much joy through the hard time if we stay close to the Lord and the truth of the Gospel.  They also talked a lot about every day things we have to live the gospel every day, pray, study the scriptures, just remain close to the spirit and everything will be okay and we can endure joyfully to the end!  So President Eyring is also one of my favorites because he is so emotional just like me and he shares his feelings and he loves the sisters, he is so full of humility too!  He is Amazing!  I love him!  Sister Beck, wow, she had a lot she wanted to share, I think she was glad to talk to the women and tell them to keep priorities in line!  I love it!  The gospel is so important and sharing the gospel and giving that service and love!  Oh, I think one of my favorite lines was "she was a relief society woman"!  That is awesome and I love it!  Okay so I got over the young women to relief society transition but I always felt like they never talked about it and I know that some young girl was listening to that talk and was so happy!
Kevin...I mean Elder Fox is so cute!  I have seen him and  it has been so hard not to give him a big hug!

Bethany With Elder Fox and His Companion
With the food I think I'm okay, maybe I could get some fiber or something I don't know.  I have been sick the last couple days not a big deal just a nasty cold, it's been going around.  I think it is because they made me get a flu shot haha!  Anywhoo, I wasn't taking my vitamins  because when I first got here I was taking the sleeping pill and I think the combo of that and the vitamins in the morning was not good, but I have started again.
Well, I have to go clean my clothes and the computer  is going to kick me off soon!
Mahal ko kayo!!!! (I love you all)
I can't wait to see pics from home and get letters from everyone.  If you write a letter (this is to anyone) I will write back! :) it might take a little bit.  Sorry Jill and Michael I haven't written to you yet.  Tell grandma (both) that they should be getting a letter soon!  I love you all!  Next time I will write some more Tagalog  All my love,
Sister Andreasen

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