Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Phone Call - December 26, 2009

During our Christmas phone call with Bethany she told us that her apartment owner gave a Christmas party for all the tenants and that she and her companion attended.  While at the party she met the owner's brother who was visiting from the states for a wedding.  They got to talking and small world - it turns out that he lived in Victorville a few years back and his two kids graduated from Victor Valley High School.  The same high school that Bethany attended for two years.  How crazy is that?
When he got back to the states he called to tell us how much he had enjoyed meeting Bethany and that he had pictures of her and would send them when he could.  We received the pictures last Saturday.  He said he also had a DVD of her and Sister Clave singing and would send that when he could.  We were so excited to hear from him and thought it was so nice of him to take the time to call and send the pictures.

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