Monday, January 4, 2010

Worst P-Day Ever!! January 4, 2010

So last pday I didn’t have an email from you because we had just talked and now I don’t have an email again! I am pretty sure it is because my mailbox is "full" the thing is I delete all my emails so I don’t know what happened! So now it is just depressing I was so excited to get my email from you and now I cant! :( Well I love you all and maybe you can send two emails next week :) the one meant for this day and the one for next week. Well the work is still going great! Ahhh I'm still so frustrated! I just realized that the phone that I was talking to you on stopped working too! So now two things have stopped communication! Ahhh!
Okay I’m over it now haha. Just had to get upset for a second. So lets talk about the work because it is amazing! We have some great investigators! First I will talk about the ones in the school for the evacuees. Two families, the Suares and the Olila. Sister Suarez wants to be baptized but we haven’t taught her all the lessons and she isn’t going to church because she is pregnant and past due and doesn’t want to have the baby in the church so I hope the baby comes soon. We were just able to teach her husband which is really exciting because we have never taught him! The Olila family is the same way we have never met the father the mom says she wants the whole family to be baptized but they can’t be a whole family without the dad so we are trying to find a time to teach him. But Sister Olila has a daughter Julie she is my favorite! She is so strong she goes to church and activities and she reads the Book of Mormon! She is great but she doesn’t want to get baptized because she is worried about what her dad would say. But just the other night Sister Clave didn’t feel good and so we were debating going out again or just stay in because she was sick. So we said a prayer and then decided to go see the families at the school! It was one of the best lessons ever! I know we were suppose to go there and that is when they all said they wanted to be baptized. Sister Suares wanted to be baptized this Saturday because she wanted to do it before the baby. She is excited! Then Sister Olila said the thing about her whole family being baptized and so we are now focusing on the husbands.
That is the same for the Satosa family. We went to their house and taught about the restoration and the spirit was really strong we teach the mom and her kids but the dad is always working. So we talked about Sister Satosa's feelings and she says she knows are message is true and wants her husband to listen and she wants to go to church but she has a hard time because she has many kids and she is also pregnant. Her youngest daughter Jenn who is 7 always tells her dad what we taught and then her mom will correct her or add to what she says. I think he will listen! So we left their house wishing we could have met the dad but excited for our next appointment because she said he would be there. Then we got on a tricycle to go to a baptism at the church. We were talking to the tricycle driver and introduced ourselves and were inviting him to church while we were doing this we found out that it was the Satosa father!!!! Haha! The Lord is truly in this work! I love it! We also have two youth that I think will be setting a baptismal goal date soon!
Then we are teaching the Rodriguez family! They are amazing! They are all so nice but it first started out that we were teaching the 12-year-old girl there and now we are teach her two older sisters too. The oldest one is 17 and she would listen every now and then but one lesson she started to ask questions and now she listens to every lesson! She is very smart and ready to hear the gospel. However she is a devoted catholic and her church is the same time as ours so she hasn’t come. But last night we were sharing about obedience and prayer and the spirit was so strong! Then we talked about the holy ghost and how we can know the truth and I know she felt the Holy Ghost and that she felt it is true she was excited to pray about it and fell the spirit so I hope she will continue to progress and have enough courage and faith to go to church! The gospel is amazing! Our district is great! We had a baptism of the Elders this Saturday but it was one of the girls that Sister Clave and I had been teaching so it was exciting for us! The work is wonderful!
Seeing the split of my area makes me realize that I won’t be here forever, which is sad because I love it but it also makes me see that the Lord’s work will go on! It will be sad to leave Pakil but I hope that that won’t happen for a while! Because it truly is such an amazing area! Everyone says it not just me, because it is my first area but from what I hear it is one of the best! And I won’t argue at all!
I know the Lord loves his children I see it everyday here and I am thankful for his hand and loving help! I am learning so much from everyone I meet! The lord always strengthens and blesses me. I just have to have the faith to know that he can do all things and I can do all things through his power! Even speak in Tagalog!
Well I love you all I know I will be so excited for next week and for your letter!
I hope all is well. I haven’t received grandmas package yet I'm hoping sometime this week I will let you know as soon as I do. Thank you for everything!
If you can in your next package please send pictures of baby Tyler! I'm excited to see him!
I love you all! So very much!
Love sister Andreasen

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