Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello Family! - January 18, 2010

So I love getting your email each week and hearing about the family!
So let me just say it has been a great week! Mom I think you are rubbing off on me because so many of the people we are teaching are young women! Haha. So Julie Fe is my favorite investigator! Shhh. She is 14 and supper awesome! She was taught by missionaries before but she never got baptized, we started teaching her and she came to church and she is so active she even sang at a baptism with the youth but when we asked her if she wanted to set a baptismal goal date she would say no. Then one day we were talking to her about it and she said it is because her dad doesn’t want her to be baptized. So we decided to pray and fast for her and she said she would pray too. So a couple weeks went by and then we went to teach her this week and she ran out to us and said Sister! My dad said I can get baptized!!! She was so excited she wanted to be baptized this past Saturday but we told her we had to finish some things first with lessons and everything. So she is getting baptized this Saturday! Yeah!!!! She gave the closing prayer in our lesson that day and thanked Heavenly Father for changing her father’s mind and she started to cry and of course so did I! I love her so much! I'm so excited! We had Luisa's baptism this past Saturday.  She is 12 and we are teaching her and her two sisters. One has a baptismal goal date but is not sure and the other one doesn’t want to set a goal date yet. However they both know it is true especially Lorana. The oldest one, she is 18 and so smart and she knows what we are teaching is true yet she just doesn’t want to change. 

She is hard-core catholic. Which I have a picture of one of the catholic churches here.It is funny because they change the second commandment so that they can have their woodcarvings of Mary and things. It is so sad though because so many just live that way because it is tradition they don’t even know what they believe yet they won’t leave their religion. But I know one day Lorana will be ready. 
I haven’t been able to get a picture with Sister Susa yet soon though. I do have one with Julie Fe and Sister Olivia. I’m wearing purple and so is Julie Fe and there are little kids in the picture and Sister Olivia is pregnant. 

But not anymore! Saturday night she had her baby! Yeah! It is a girl but she doesn’t have a name yet. So she said that she would go to church in two weeks so she can recover. Her husband also wants to go and they would have if she didn’t have the baby. The only problem is they don’t have any money. They didn’t even know how they were going to pay the lady that helped them with the birth. It is so sad and I wish I could do more to help them but I can’t I can only help feed and nourish them spiritually. 
We had the baptism of Aerol and Jonabeth and I will send pictures of that too. One of our families the Satosa family was suppose to come to church but then there dad got called away for work and so they couldn’t come because she is pregnant and he doesn’t want her to go alone with all the kids. She knows it is true and she said she is so happy that she has meet us and she wants all of her girls to be baptized and to be like me! It was so sweet! She said I’m so proud of you! She doesn’t even know me that well. It was so sweet! I just told her that it was the gospel of Jesus Christ and that through it everyone can be happy and find purpose and direction in life! I love the work and I know it is blessing the lives of these people! So we only had two investigators at church on Sunday because it was raining and people don’t want to get sick or their kids to get sick but I know next week will be better!
Our branch president doesn’t have any family here because they moved but he is staying here until he is released I don’t know why. Anywoo, we went over to his house for dinner the other night with the elders and it was so fun! He is a funny guy and he cooked and we cooked and it felt good to get close to our leaders!
So funny story we were walking to an appointment and we walked by a house and a little girl looked at us and she pointed to me and said "mama mama sexy" haha. Everyone uses the word sexy here. I have lost weight from when I first got here and some of the members will say "o, sexy na" which means wow your sexy now. Haha it is weird. It is more like saying oh slimmer now. Haha. They are funny. The little kids are so cute and I have some pictures with them.
We are teaching the Jayme family and Jovelyn went to the baptism of Luisa and she told us that she had a feeling and she thinks it is the answer to her prayers and that she thinks she wants to be baptized. We told her that it was the spirit. Then on Sunday we went to teach her and then she wanted to come with us to our next appointment it was so cute! She is amazing! So one day you will see a picture of her baptism but I might have one of her before that.
Oh funny story so Mary is big here because of the Catholic Church. So before Aerol got baptized we were teaching about the Godhead and we ask him if he knew who they were. He said "Diyos Ama" (Heavenly Father) we were excited then he said "Diyos Anak" (the Son or Jesus Christ) we were thinking yes! He’s got this! Then it came to the third one and you could tell he wasn’t sure but wanted to give us an answer so in a question tone he said "Mama Mary" haha. It was funny. And then we taught him truth about the Godhead and it was great! He works with the elders and wants to go on a mission! The youth here are so strong. Oh I also have a picture of Laiza and Maryann. 

Youth that help us its two of them one is smaller and that is Laiza they should be at the end because were some of the last pictures I got this week. So that is my week so far.
Thank you so much! I love you all!!!! Thank you for the stories about the kids! I still think it is crazy about Bert but that is life :) and I’m excited for him! You should ask him if it is the girl he told me about before I left on my mission. Send my love to everyone tell Paul happy birthday!
The Church is true and it brings the most joy anyone could experience!
Sister Andreasen

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