Monday, February 8, 2010

Thank You For The Love! - February 8, 2010

I am always excited to get your emails! They really help lift me up! The mission is great it is getting easier with Sister Macabenta and I do love her. And I am so happy to be teaching these wonderful people.  So about the Revadulla family. They are progressing and I am excited for their baptism, they came to church and they read and pray and are keeping the Word of Wisdom with no problems! I love it!
We are teaching a lady named Susan and she is progressing but hasn’t been to church yet. We went to teach her the other day and she wasn’t home. So then we ended up talking to her neighbor and we shared the first lesson with her and her family! So I hope we can continue to teach them. I know that the Lord’s hand is truly in this work when we are "punted" meaning we aren’t able to teach the person we planned to teach but the Lord has something else we need to do and we just need to stay positive and find out what that is and keep working. I love it! He has a plan for everyone!
We are also teaching a young boy and girl who want to be baptized! They are so cute! Maryann and Andrew!
The Jayme family is doing well. They are preparing for baptism and excited about it.  We taught about lesson 2, which is the plan of salvation, and I think it gave them a lot of comfort and answered a lot of questions and I know that Jovelyn is ready for baptism. Sister Macabenta wants to teach their mom and it is a great idea but she already told me and Sister Clave that she isn’t ready for it and that she is fine with her family joining the Church but she isn’t ready herself so we will see what happens with that.  We taught her the plan of salvation too and so I think she liked it but I still think she is just caught up in the Catholic tradition. Like the sisters of our recent convert Luisa Rodriguez.
So thing are great! Sister Olivia Suarez went to church and it was great! I think she really wants to be a member she just has a hard life and doesn’t yet see that if she puts things like reading the Book of Mormon and going to church first everything else will be better! But she came this Sunday and I am so excited! We had three babies blessed this Sunday! It was so cute! I love it! I will be sending pictures of cute babies soon!
So everyone here thinks that white skin is so pretty, if you have white skin your pretty and I love the dark skin they have. I just thought that was a funny note. So Kristy and Heather, even though I get darker than you everyone here would say you are more beautiful! That is true by the way :) I love you!
So I'm glad you were able to go to the temple. Sometimes when I study the scriptures I think about the temple and just wish I could study all day and go to the temple and then I remember that I get to share what I know and help others to feel the feelings that I have and I am excited every day to share!
Elder French asked me if after teaching with Sister Macabenta I felt like my Tagalog had improved and I thought about it and I did feel like that. Then he said it is normal. That when you get your follow up trainer you don’t rely on them like you did your trainer and you realize things that you can do! It is true I am realizing that I can do a lot more things and say a lot more things than I thought I could. Tagalog is still hard everyday and I struggle everyday but it is coming and it is slowly yet surely! It was funny. The other night we were walking down the street and there was a group of guys which every time I see I think what are they going to say because they almost always say something to me even if it is just what’s your name. Or hey. But this time one of the guys said "do you like this?" and held up this food. But I didn’t understand his English and as I was trying to figure out what he said in Tagalog. I said ano. Meaning what? Then they all laughed because I was speaking in Tagalog and didn’t understand the English. Haha. It was funny.
So I got the packages you sent me!!!!! I shared some of the candy hearts with the kids in our apartments and they loved them! Then they came to the door and said "Happy Valentines Sister!" they are so cute! I love the kids here! Our investigator Maryann! I just want to take her home with me when I leave she is so cute! So I'm so thankful for your love and all that you give to me I love you all!
I hope everyone has a great birthday! Jill, Travis (today right?) and I'm excited to hear about Abby's baptism!!!! I wish I could be there but I know I am in the right place and I just smile because another baptism! You have to send pictures!!!!!! :) I'm just a little excited haha!
Well that is about it. I love you all. Things are going well and I'm doing great! The Lord is always helping me because I can’t do it on my own! But he always gives me the help and strength I need! I love the gospel more each day and I know that it is true! I love you again!!!
Love, Sister Andreasen

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