Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday To Bethany on the 27th - May 24, 2010

So it is good to hear about the family and how everyone is doing! That is so exciting that Heather and Paul got the house!
Thank you for the birthday wishes it will be a different birthday this year. I think it will just come and go but we have a lot of birthdays in my zone this month and 3 of us have a birthday on May 27th so we are going to the amusement park here called Enchanted next p-day that should be fun. Ha-ha. So I will send pictures.
This week has been great! Sister Gepiga and I are really close and I have had a lot of help from Heavenly Father to know how to handle this change.  She is different from other Filipinas and so I just needed to know how to show her my love and I think we have worked it all out and so I think she is really going to be one of my favorite companions here on the mission and I think we need each other in this area. Because it is tuff and we just need to stay positive and she helps me do that and I hope that I am helping her too.
So we have a baptism this Saturday and I am so excited, his name is Ramil and he is 11 years old and supper cute! I'm really excited.
Pakil  zone.

Pakil District

I have a picture of a little girl named Harvey.
She would just randomly walk into our apartment sometimes and just start talking to 
us it was really weird and cute so I took a picture with her. 
I am trying to have more hope in this area because it is hard and in Pakil I had hope everyday, we lived on pag-asa which means hope :) ha-ha. 
I have a picture of Sister Annabel’s baptism:
I just heard that her daughter in the picture got baptized too :) yay! So that was great! 
Then a picture of their family! I love them so much! Tatay is still struggling with some things but I hope that they will all progress more and more in the gospel! They are great!
There are pictures from transfer day, it is fun to get to see people you don’t see all the time,
I have one with two Filipinas and two Filipinos and they are my batch missing two and then the Americans.
With Sister Clave it was so good to see her again! 
Then we have the baptism of Tintin my first baptism here in Calamba. She is a sweet girl! 
Then rice. random but I just thought that you would like to know that they first bake the rice 
in the sun in the middle of the road and that is what we cook and eat ha-ha. 
I have a picture with Sister Gepiga at an investigators house and it was just a really cool view. 
Then we have pictures of my new zone at service. 
Then on the way to our investigator Tatay Filipe there are these 
really ugly camels and Sister Gepiga wanted a picture with them. 
We met this guy who had a sheep and took a picture with it and a lesson one pamphlet because there is a sheep on it. It isn’t very good and my camera died so we couldn’t get another one. 
We have pictures with Jerome and Ivan two investigators. They pushed us on this railroad cart thing it was way cute! The girl with us is a YSA named Jessica, she works with us a lot and is really helpful! 
Me and Sister Gepiga at a school service.
They gather up all the trash and then burn it. No matter what it is they just burn it all, 
which I do think is good but I don’t know for sure so I just go with it. 
Then my apartment. 
Then my new zone. fun fun! 
Then at zone conference which was supper fun as always. 
Elder Park is an AP and he is supper nice and the caterers made him a cake and he didn’t know why but it is because he is leaving, he goes home this Saturday, it is sad to see nice missionaries leave the mission. 
Then the four elders "preaching" are our APs in the mission they are awesome!
Sister Iverson, the blonde, she wrote me my first pouch 
in the mission and is just a super sweet girl. 
Then me and a bunch of Elders. 
Me and Elder French
Then me and Sister Smith and Elder Laudato and me
 Elder Laudato is the new companion of Elder French
Sister missionaries! So much fun! 
Then I have pictures with Elder Trebes.
I tell Elders that they should give me ties and then I am going to make a tie skirt when I get home, so Elder Trebes wanted to get some dramatic pictures of him giving me a tie ha-ha he is funny. We might be going home at the same time and he is from California. Too. :)
Sister Macabenta and her new companion Sister Capate
The area is doing good just working hard and trying to do are best.
This week was hard because we had zone conference and then we were punted so we had a lot less opportunities to teach but we just help each other stay positive. It was hard but we have come up with a plan to find new investigators who won’t hate us and we are going to try and give out 50 pamphlets this week so I am excited.
Ramil is progressing for baptism and we have another youth her name is Rizza and I think she will progress to baptism so that is cool. We weren’t able to talk to Tatay June this week which is really sad because he is awesome! And we weren’t able to talk to Tatay Filipe so we will have to wait for this coming week. It should be a better week.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes I love you all so much. I also received my birthday package and it was great thank you so much! I love you and you know what I like and are so willing just to make me happy! I love you all so very much! I truly do thank you for your love and support it keeps me going and I know that our family can be together forever and I get to share that with people here.  I love the people and I am excited for this area to progress more.
I love the cd player! it makes the days so much better having good songs stuck in my head all day and being able to sing! Thank you so much!  I love you and am so grateful for your willingness to me! I love you all! have a great week!
Love, Sister Andreasen

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