Monday, May 3, 2010

Working Hard and Staying Positive - May 3, 2010

So it was great to talk to you this morning a little weird too but I loved it! I miss you all very much! So the area here is hard we have a lot of walking to do and our area is pretty big, but the work still moves forward. :) I am starting to love it more and more each day. Last week’s email was probably not as uplifting as it should have been. I love my companion! So I thought she didn’t like me but it turns out that she is just quiet. I love her she has taught me so much in this short time and I am so grateful for her help especially in this area. We have one investigator and we went to teach him and I felt I should ask him if he believed the Book of Mormon to be true and that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and he said yes then I asked him if he would be baptized and he said yes. He doesn’t want to set a date because he wants to know more first so we are just getting him prepared to know that he needs to act in faith and he hasn’t been to church lately because he is partly paralyzed from a stroke. But we are going to try and help him. I am so excited for him, I think he really does have a testimony we just need to get him to act on it. He reads the scriptures all the time though so that is good! We do a lot of talking to new people because a lot of our investigators aren’t progressing or keeping commitments. So we are just working on finding those who are prepared. I know that the Lord is preparing them; we just need to find them. It is a way different area and I know that it will be a challenge but I know that I need to be here and that the Lord is directing our work! Again I love Sister Gepiga she is such a blessing in my life! I know that we were meant to be companions. Sister Clayton wrote to me and told me that sometimes she gets discouraged with the area and to be honest I can see why. She also said that she misses her first area and I totally understand that. So I know what I would want to here when I miss Pakil or get discouraged about the area so I try to stay positive for the both of us. We work hard. That is kind of the report. I think we will commit a young woman to be baptized the next time we go back so I'm pretty excited. She thinks it is true but she doesn’t know it yet so we asked her to pray about it and so I think she will be ready after she gains a witness from the Holy Ghost.
I loved the story about the miracle. It was very cute. Well we have a lot to do today and I know this email is short but I will be sure to fill you in on more next week when we talk and you can get all the answers to your questions. It goes by so fast I hate it! But I know that that is why we just keep working hard and stay happy and positive there really isn’t time to be sad or focus on myself, so I try to always focus on the work. I know that I am not perfect and lately I have seen that even more and I have realized many imperfections. but Sister Gepiga shared a great scripture with me in D & C I think 29 about how the Lord has trust in us because he has chosen us and so I just need to be faithful; and trust that the spirit will guide me and help me and not worry about the fact that I am not perfect especially in the language. If I am obedient and do my best he will do the rest. I love this work even when it is hard! I love you all so much! And pray for you daily! I know our Heavenly Father and Savior love you! I hope you see it in your lives everyday! I love you!

Love, Sister Andreasen

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