Monday, May 31, 2010

Life of a Missionary in Calamba City - May 31,2010

From California! Sometimes it just seems so far away and then sometimes it doesn’t. So things ended up happening and we didn’t go to the amusement park but I did buy a curling iron instead to see if I could do anything different with my hair. Random. Haha
Then we went to our appointments and one we were punted. What is new haha? Sister Gepiga and I talked about the fact that we get punted all the time in this area and that it is hard, because after getting punted we tract or just do some contacting and even if people are nice to us they usually don’t have time so we set a return appointment and then go back and are punted again. So now a billion (that is an exaggeration haha) people have restoration pamphlets but they don’t fully understand what they hold in their hand. So our plan was to give out 50 pamphlets and we got close but we didn’t get them all out but we were able to finish today. Sister Gepiga went to the eye doctor and we talked to two people there even though they don’t live in our area we were able to give the Elders a referral! So that is great. This area really is hard and the people aren’t very receptive but I know that even if all the people here hated us if just one listens it is worth it. 

Happy Birthday Sister Andreasen!

So my birthday was kind of sad. We did weekly planning and we went teaching. We were teaching this lay minister and he would be such a great strength to Tatay (Father) Filipie, so we went back on my birthday and he pretty much told us to leave if we still say that the Sabbath Day is Sunday. Then he tried to fight us with scripture, we calmly showed him a scripture in Acts and he said that we don’t need to follow that? I don’t know I think they really do have brain washing in his church he really won’t listen to the spirit! It is so sad! He could know the truth and it was right in front of him. He tried showing us this book and said if we won’t believe the book he won’t believe the Book of Mormon. He tried to give it back. So he end up just wanting to fight so we left sadly. That was the first appointment of the day. Great start! Then we were punted twice in a row. We were able to teach one family and I think that one of the daughters will progress her name is Liezel and she has a friend that we teach too but we want to split them up because her friend is a boy who wants to be a girl So we need to teach him about that. But the lesson for them went well. Then we taught Ramil! So cute and we had a pre-interview for his baptism which was on Saturday and went great! He is so awesome and it was really neat because his family was excited, it is his aunt and cousins and one of his cousins is the one who baptized him. I am sending pictures of the baptism this week I hope.
Last week I wrote that I was sending pictures and then I couldn’t get them all downloaded it was the Internet or computer I don’t know but it wasn’t working. Anywoo, Daryl is the cousin who baptized Ramil. Then we have a picture with Ramil and we are doing the "muscle pose" because we asked him what the word of wisdom was and we said it was the law of "muscle pose" then he said the law of strength? haha.
The Muscle Pose
We laughed and said the law of health. He is super fun and super sweet and I love his cute little dimples!
So we keep tracting and working hard to help this people know the truth. It reminded me of Lehi even though the people wanted to kill him he still told them the word of God! I know that the Lord will lead us to those people that are searching for the gospel even though it might be a long search. We keep studying and we keep teaching. We were teaching Tatay June but now he is in Singapore and we weren’t even able to teach him all of lesson one :( but his granddaughter said he is planning to come back so I hope that we will be able to finish soon! We had two girls with a baptismal date and they fell through because they haven’t been coming to church and when we go to teach them they aren’t home so I hope they will be there soon so that we can continue to teach them and their families. So we just keep trying and working hard and have faith and hope! 
Your letters give me such strength! Thank you and I know that you are a big help to the youth in seminary! I miss seminary! It is so crazy that people are home from their missions! Time goes so fast and I feel like I should still be going to high school. I always wanted to grow up and be like my sisters. Of course I still want to be like my sisters but I don’t want to grow up! I want to stay young I want to be able to do so much more before life comes! Ahhh 22 I don’t think I should feel this old haha. Maybe it is the sun that is killing my face in this area. Wow! Sorry this letter is really random. I do feel old though. By this time Kristy and Heather were married with, what, at least one baby! Ahh I cant even imagine! I guess I'm not as strong as they are I still have a lot to learn and a lot of it is here on the mission! 
I know that even though this area is hard it is a great learning experience for me, to grow and to have faith, and to keep going! Diligence! I like studying the Christ like attributes in Preach My Gospel and reading the scriptures they have for them. We have been talking about charity right now in the mission and it is so helpful to work on developing Christ-like attributes it gives you more drive to get up and do the work, to share the love and truth with people! 
I love you all, thank you for your birthday wishes! Packages! Money! Everything! You are all so good to me and I don’t deserve a family as good as you but you are a great blessing from the Lord to me!!!! I thank him for you everyday! I love you all so much!
So I hope these pictures download. 
So the pictures are downloading and I hope you get them all. I think I told you about zone conference. Then the baptism, if you have any questions about the pictures just ask. :)
I love you all and thank you so much for your help, strength, love, and prayers!
I know that this is the best work ever and that no matter what the Lord wants all of his children to come back to Him so we need to work hard to prepare ourselves and work hard to help others understand their purpose here on earth. I love you all! I know that the gospel is true and I am grateful for my testimony and the strength that my Heavenly Father gives me each and every day! I know he loves you too! I love you so much!!!!
Love, Sister Andreasen! 

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