Monday, September 27, 2010

Expanding the Area - September 27, 2010

Thank you for you email it really does make my week! I love hearing from you! I love hearing what is gong on back at home and feeling of your love even though I am far away!
I too am excited for conference! We watch it the week after and so that is the week after transfer day and I will have my new companion. So it should be crazy because I will not be working in my area all next week! I am so sad! They come pick Sister Arrieta up and they will take me to work with other sisters in my zone till transfer day so I will only be there through Friday and I am so sad for my area!!!!! The investigators and the members are great and we will miss a whole week of teaching. We will be able to teach a little Friday night and then Saturday and Sunday will be hard because that is conference! So it will be crazy the first couple days after transfers and I am so sad for my area!!!! I will miss it so much even though it is just a week but it is so important and one week can change so much!!!
Right now that is my big news and I am sad about it, but the work will go on and I know I will be able to learn and grow so I will just look for the good and meet new wonderful people in the stake.
So good news!!!! They made our meeting house bigger!!!!!! Yay for the Barra saints! Bad news we still don’t fit ha-ha. Yay again for the Barra saints because there are so many! The RS doesn’t fit in their room so some have to sit outside the room which is the room for Elders Quorum, so we just call it relief quorum as a joke but it is so sad. They need a chapel. So we are also trying to work on less active and recent converts to help them get excited about paying tithing so that they can get a chapel!
I love the people in this area they are great! I told you that they expanded our area well now it is a lot bigger and we don’t have enough time! We have so many people to teach we find it hard to get to all of them but we are just stretching ourselves so that we can invite them to come unto Christ! So we have been trying to do splits so that we can meet all our investigators and it has been working well. The picture you saw of us in the boat is us going to part of our area called Ranzohan and it is hard for them to go to church because they have to ride the boat but they are awesome! So we keep working to help them. We are hoping to get a lot of investigators there so that they can all come to church together and it will be easier on them.
I met a sister named Sister Maluo and she is amazing! We went to talk to her because her two year old son wanted to talk to me he said I am pretty. Ha-ha he is so cute and their family is awesome; it is her, her husband and her two children. I thought that her husband wasn’t going to be interested in the message but he listens and really wants to know the truth and he has great faith! I am excited for them to progress! We also were trying to find a woman we taught in a different house before and while look for her house we found an old investigator and I saw once again the hand of the Lord in this work! We were able to teach her again and she is older and really stubborn but her daughter was also there and so we were able to teach them and I think he daughter will continue to seek for truth!
We are teaching people in Dalahican which is a little bit farther out of the area of Barra and we have this great investigator her name is Andrea. We taught her "husband" because he is a less active member and the time after we taught him he came to church. Andrea is not a member but she loves our message and is excited every time we go to teach her and she said she doesn’t want to miss a Sunday!!!! She is so amazing!
Another investigator I will tell you about is Cathy she is 16 and she just moved to Barra with her brothers and all her neighbors hate that she is talking with us because they are all born again and the people they live with are too but she wants to be taught so badly that we are teaching her in the house of a near by member! She has such a desire and already loves the Book of Mormon!!!!
We have so many amazing investigators I can’t list them all, I am just praying that they all progress especially in coming to church so that they can be baptized! I love teaching!!!! We are working hard to reach out to all the people here and the members are a great help!
We decided to go see the new part of our area in Talao-Talao. It is so far! We went to go see a member and see if we should start spending time in the area, we realized that it is so far so on the way we were thinking maybe we won’t be able to come here right now because it is pretty far and we have so many investigators but when we got there we were greeted by three less active members and they were so happy we came! They served us lunch and they showed us their small community and brother is the president of the small community and the houses are all close to him so we saw a great teaching opportunity and decided that we will work there once a week and just use the whole day even if it is only once but I am excited! Then the next day was Sunday and even though they are so far they came to church and said that they want to come back and their testimonies are great! Sister cried and also her son who is 29! We all felt they spirit and new that that day that is where we were supposed to be. It worked out really well! The Lord always provides a way!
I know that this church is true I am excited for the progress of Barra and to hear the words of the prophet! I know that this will also help our investigators; I just hope that helping them attend won’t be affected by the transfer and Sister Arrieta leaving.
I am so grateful for your love! I know that I am growing a stretching and I am so grateful for that! Sister Arrieta is amazing! She has taught me so much and I will be so sad to see her go! I don’t even want to think about it! I know that she is a blessing from the Lord to help prepare me for all that is coming next! I love her!
I love the investigators and the members! The members are a great help to our investigators and this is one area where when you have a baptism you don’t have to worry about leaving because you know when that happens they will be strengthened by the members!
I too am working on charity, actually the three faith, hope, charity! I don't know if we will be able to see the RS session so I will be so happy if you will send it!
I love you all so much!!!! I love the church I know it is true and I am so grateful for whatever we did in the pre-existence so that we could come and be together on the earth in this great gospel!!!! I love it! I am over come with joy for the knowledge of truth!!!! I love it! I love that I am a missionary! I love you!!!!!
Love, Sister Andreasen

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