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I Love This Work! - November 1, 2010

So let me answer your questions so I don’t forget. I didn’t answer you about the weather and I thought about that as we left the computer shop. Sorry! It has been rainy but not too bad the only bad thing was one time we missed working in Ranzohan because we have to cross the water and we got a text that it wasn’t safe. So I hope that doesn’t happen again! But last night the rain and wind was so strong but nothing too bad. We have a little flood in our apartment because the water comes in but it is just in our kitchen so we are okay. Right now Barra is way flooded! I hope that it gets better before we go back because we leave today and head to the training. But the weather hasn’t been too bad for us. What you heard is right though. After a big storm people just help each other get back together and then the next day the go to work and move on with life! Like there are no problems! It is because they are supper amazing! I have Pinoy pride!!! Hehe! I love it!
Then about the pictures. It was really funny about the little boy who peed in my shoe hehe. I laughed too. The shoes I have right now aren’t that great but they will be fine! No complaints. :) Then the picture of us in blue and pink is an activity of the youth; we wore their dresses, they sang Come Come Ye Saints and that was their outfit! 
Cute right! I love the youth they are so amazing! 
Then the picture of me with a letter and sad face is the letter coming from the mission home. They call it the "trunky letter" it is about when you will be going home and what airport and addresses for family and stake president to make sure it is all right and you get it when you only have 6 months left so I took a picture with it and a sad face! Hehe!
The Trunky Letter 
So I do love my area and the branch is like family to me! They are amazing and I love it here so much! Our branch missionaries are so helpful and always work with us! I love the work. We dropped a lot of baptismal goal dates because they weren’t progressing but it is a good thing because we are reviewing about the restoration to help them gain a testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon! I know that if this happens they will gain enough faith to come to church and keep all the commandments no matter how hard it is for them.  Right now all the people in my area are kind of going through a hard time because at this time we they are suppose to have lots of fish but there isn’t any right now so they are just waiting hoping that this month they will come in! I love them all so much. We have a family that I just love they live on Ranzohan. The Teves family, and they are progressing and we just finished teaching about the Book of Mormon and I really believe that even though it is hard for them to change their views because they are Catholic and that is all they know I really feel like they are gaining a testimony of the truth and I love it!
I Love the Barra Branch!
We also met a new family in Talao Talao and they are progressing and want to come to church.  I am excited for the next visit to explain about the restoration and the Book of Mormon! I know that they will feel the truth because every time we teach the spirit is so strong! We have so many progressing investigators and I know that the spirit is guiding us to find the people that need to be taught! We have baptisms coming up on the 13, 20, and 27!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!! Hehe! I love the work! I think that each day of my mission the Lord just blesses me more and more and no matter what trial comes I know that it isn’t a big deal.  I have even gotten better about not worrying if you can believe it or not. I love the work and it is just such a blessing to have these people in my life and to help people come closer to Christ each and every day!
We have a member in the branch who is so sweet! Her name is Remy and I love her, she is the sister in law of one of our investigators! I will send pictures! Oh I have a picture with her at the baptism! She always wants to work with us and she is just great! I love it! Oh speaking of the pictures from the baptism I will be sending them next week! They are so cute! I have a funny story too! Because our branch mission leader fell in the water of the boat!! So funny! Don’t worry he is okay but it was a funny story for next week when I send the pictures. Hehehe the baptism was great the two little girls are awesome and they love the church, they bore their testimony and I love being able to help them practice first because they aren’t as nervous and we get to hear the really whole testimony!!!
So we were able to tell Sister Andrea that she can get baptized!!!!!! I was so excited! Her eyes filled with tears when we told her and she said that this is what she has been praying for! I love the work! I love helping people see what they need to do to be ready to return to our Father in Heaven! I know that it makes me a better person too!
You are so right mom, when you said that I am where I need to be! It is so true I love it here! I am excited for the training and the opportunity to learn and grow! I know that it will really help in the work and also help my companion and me. 
Sister Pascual is amazing! She is working hard even when the work here is tiring because we work early in the morning and walk a lot! She keeps up and just studies her little heart out! I love it!
About the Christmas package. I need hairspray and toothpaste! That would be awesome! Then everyone here wants chocolate hehe. They all ask me to bring chocolate to them that is coming from home. Ha-ha. Then it would be cool if I could get the small Books of Mormon if you can, I don’t know if they have them at the bookstore. Then oh, the song My Mary where John Bytheway sings! And Oh Lord My Redeemer. Then whatever you want just send the love, you know pictures drawings from the kids and cards! I love that! But I am pretty good, don’t need a whole lot. The chocolate though would be great because I know that all the member want some. Hehe.
Hahaha!!! The pictures of Travis were so funny! I miss that stunning guy hahahahahahahaha! The pictures of the kids were so cute! I loved it! They are getting so big I can’t even handle it! When did Lizzy get so big she is still supposed to be the baby! I won’t have any babies to hold when I get home! Don’t let Tyler get big I will have to hold him! Hehe! I love you all I can’t believe it is already close to Christmas! It is exciting but I can’t believe it.  Actually Christmas started in September, you all are the ones that are a little behind hehehe. No but really they started playing Christmas music and putting up Christmas decor in September. Here in the Philippines hehe it is crazy but awesome! When I think about Christmas I think I will get to see the family and that is a great Christmas gift! But still far away it I only November. 1!
Haha about my clothes. It is a good thing that this is the one companion that is about my size. I have given her a skirt and a couple shirts because they don’t fit well they still fit just not well but I don’t really feel like I have lost a lot of weight people say it here when they see my pictures from the MTC but I don’t see it and I don’t feel like it. Oh well maybe I will when I go home and see other people that aren’t so small hehehe.
I was sad to hear about the puppies but I know it just means that they should have kids hehehe. So that I can have a baby to hold when I get home hehehe. Don’t worry Michael it’s just a joke! Haha miss you guys! I still haven’t seen pictures of all the dogs. I still can’t believe that you and dad have two!!!
Well I love the work. I know that the Lord is truly blessing me. I was talking with Sister Clave before she left and I told her that I was nervous to train and she said that you will have greater spiritual promptings and it is true! I know that the Lord is blessing me and helping me to stay positive and see the good. And as my companion would say "you know... be happy" he he she is cute she has a hard time with English so we are working on speaking English at companion study and that is what she said!
Beautiful Faces - Witnesses of Truth!
Well I still love it as always it is so true what you wrote on the blog life in Barra is amazing! I'm happy and healthy no worries! :)
I love you all and I love feeling of your love through your emails! I pray for you every day! And I know you pray for me and I am grateful for all our love and prayers! I will report about the training next week it should be really good!
Oh about Jacob 5 yeah it is pretty much amazing! It is true that if you know the time line of the Lord as far as the church, great apostasy, restoration, and second coming it makes a lot more sense! I am so blessed to be a full time servant in the Lord’s vineyard! And I am grateful for your examples to me because it is not as easy to do the work when you are surrounded by the world everyday and I know that is what you are doing I love you so much! I am excited for you to study PMG! It is amazing and not just for missionaries! Chapter 3 and 6 are my favorites! I love you! Until next week!
Love, Sister Andreasen   

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