Monday, November 15, 2010

Some Days It Rains, Some Days the Sun Is Shining - November 15, 2010

I love you all! I love hearing about all the fun times you have but it seems like since I have been on the mission you do more family things and it makes me miss you all so much! So while we are being trunky I will be going home March 23rd! I hate to think about it and I never want to leave I love it here! I am excited for one thing and that is that I get to go to the temple the day before I go home. So to be honest I have known for a while I just haven’t wanted to say anything because it makes me sad. Mom will you let me know when I can register for school! Ahhh! Trunky eww! I hate it! But I know that I need to get started with school right away. Oh, and can you please not make a big deal about me coming home? Just have family and close friends but besides that I just want it to be a simple thing. Lets just not talk about it. Hehe. I love you all so much!
It is another transfer and I am so happy that I am not transferred! Because of course you know I love Barra!!!!!!!!! 
Yes we did have a baptism! It was amazing! Sister Sarina!!!! She is so cute and her testimony is so strong I love it! It was she and the daughter of Sister Remy! Cute! So Sarin has been an investigator forever!!!!!! 

And finally she is a member now! The baptism was great and I will send pictures as soon as I can!  

I had some sad things happen this week. In one day I had two investigator families tell us that they didn’t want to continue in the lessons and it broke my heart!!!! I love them so much and I can’t stand to lose them! I just pray that the Lord will soften their hearts. Also we went to teach Tatay Emiliano and he was drinking! AHH! I don’t know what to do to help him! So I am fasting and praying for guidance! I know that he can do it he just needs to have faith, but now we are trying to teach his daughter in law so that he will have help in his word of wisdom problems.
Then we had some great experiences! First the best, we went to teach Malou and Elhood and they have been putting off praying about Joseph Smith. So we asked them if they did it and Sister said she did, then she said, "I felt happy, I know its true!!" ahh!!!!! I love it. They are still a little hesitant about baptism so I know they have other concerns but I'm so excited because we set a baptismal goal date and they are moving closer!!! Then we met a new lady and she is awesome! We asked her if she would read the pamphlet we left and she said that she would because she liked the feeling that she got when we taught and she knows it is true. I love the work!
So to go back to trunky, they do have primary programs and it was this Sunday and it was so cute! I loved it! It just made me think of the kids! I love them so much!
I am still loving the work and just working hard to be a good missionary and be diligent in all things! How grateful I am for the truth and that I get to share it everyday. Some days are really good, some days are sad, some days it rains, some days the sun is shining, sometimes I get stressed and sometimes I just feel the peace of truth but at the end of ever day I am happy if I know I did all I could to invite people to come closer to Christ! I love the work!
I hope that you are all still doing well! I hope that I can send pictures next week because they are pretty much amazing!!!!
Oh, I also got a haircut! ahh! Don’t worry it is just a trim and I got bangs hehe. Sister Remy cut my hair so I have pictures of that too. 
New Hair Cut
And then pictures of me playing with her cute kids! I love it! It reminds me of the babies!
Well, it is late now so I should go sorry this was a short one. I will have more next week. I love you all so much!!!!
Love, Sister Andreasen

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