Monday, November 22, 2010

It's About Finding Joy In The Journey - November 22, 2010

Hello to all,
I love you all so very much! So I was planning on sending pictures but I don’t have an adapter so not this week! I am so sad because I have some great pictures!
I know I'm not really trunky because I love this work and I never want to stop. I guess it is just a word we us whenever you think about home, family, school, or marriage. Hehe we call president trunky all the time because anytime he speaks to us he always talks about his family and then about temple marriage! Ahhhh! Hehe. I love President!
 So the progression in Talao Talao isn’t going as I hoped it would so I am just thinking about what I am going to do so that I can help them but if they don’t progress in the next couple of weeks we may need to drop the area which will make me so sad! But it is all for the good of the work and finding souls that are ready! We are excited for the progress of the other areas!
We are so excited that Sister Andrea will be baptized this Saturday! She is so ready and so excited for the baptism and so are we!!!! I love it! I love her! We are just working with Brother Roland because he is a member, it is just a sticky situation but it will all work out if we go to the Lord with a humble heart!
We are also supposed to have the baptism of Sister Lay-Ann but I don’t think it will go through because of her dad but we are going to work pray and fast!!!! I know that we can do it! I know that we will be able to help her overcome the trials that are keeping her from being a member of the church.
We also have another investigator who wasn’t progressing she wasn’t taking the lessons seriously and I though we would have to drop her but she is now really wanting to learn and is coming to church, it is great! I love it! Even though she is nervous about baptism we set a baptismal goal date and I am so excited for her!
Speaking of baptismal goal dates we set them with the Teves family and I am so excited! They to are nervous but I really think as they keep doing what they should they will gain a solid and firm testimony that the church is true, enough to do whatever it takes to come to church! and be baptized!
We are also working with a young woman whose whole family is members except her and she is really hard-headed but I know that she knows the church is true. We taught her before but she was really not interested and so we started teaching her again and she actually seems interested and I feel she will progress and I am excited for her and her family!
We started making goals with Tatay Emilliano and he is doing so much better! We started a new thing where he will write down his progress and also write down blessings he receives each day to help him feel the spirit in his life and I think it will really help him! I’m so excited and I hope that this opens the door for him to move forward and progress to the waters of baptism!
We also started teaching a 14 year old girl who is what they call a “tomboy”. Her cousins are members and she said she wants to be Mormon. Hehe. But she doesn’t want to wear a skirt to church. Ever since I met her when she was talking with her cousin I knew we needed to teach her and this Sunday we had the chance! I was so excited and she is really receptive! I know that Heavenly Father just wants her to know that she is loved and to really understand life. I am excited for her and I am excited for her progression! plus her cousin said that he would come with us to teach her which will be really good for him, he is 15 and he wants to serve a mission but has a cigarette problem so we are going to help him with that!
I love the work!!! I love the people here! Life just makes me happy each day even if there are trials or hardships we can overcome and find joy in every day!
So we had a cottage meeting this Sunday and the lesson was on love in the home. The person who gave the lesson gave out slips of paper that said thank you and I love you. Then asked when the last time we said this to our parents was. I had I love you and I couldn’t stop myself from crying! It was the first time since the very beginning of my mission that I have been home sick! Hehehe. I just thought that every Monday I say I love you but that it has been a over a year since I was able to give you and dad a hug and tell you face to face I love you and how grateful I am for you and all that you do for me!!!!! I love you so much and am so grateful that you are my parents!
I know that this church is about finding joy in the journey! I am so blessed and s grateful fro life! So grateful to be a missionary and learn and grow! Next week I will send pictures and it will be three baptisms!!! Crazy! I love it!
I love you all so so much! Until next week!
Love, Sister Andreasen

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