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Barra Will Forever Be Part Of My Life - December 26, 2010

Hello again I feel like I just talked to you but last time was better because I got to see you! Hehe. I am still so excited that Heather is going to have a baby! Yeah!!!! I keep telling people but for some weird reason they just aren’t as excited as I am hehe. 
So I don’t know what to say because I feel like I just talked about everything. But I am sending pictures and I hope you like them. There are pictures of the branch Christmas party and the Ibardeloza family, mom and a dad and two little girls. They are so awesome!
 We are going to commit them to baptism tomorrow and I am so excited!!!!! I love it! I really love the work and I am excited for the progression of Barra and we have some great new investigators. I am not scared to leave the area because I know it will continue to bloom and grow it just breaks my heart to leave because I love them so much. I knew I was transferred so I didn’t cry when I saw the email but I did cry when you said you would keep me in your heart on Thursday because it will be a hard day. But I know it is going to be okay and I feel that I have more to learn and I need to grow so I know it is right it is just hard. But that in and of it’s self is a lesson, sometimes what is right isn’t always easy and sometimes it hurts but if we just trust in the Lord he will bless us and he will send us comfort and teach us how to be more like Him! I know that this is a blessing and I love my new area but I hate to leave all the wonderful people in Barra. They will forever be a part of my life and I will always have a place for them in my heart!
The view of Barra from Ranzohan.

Then I have pictures with the babies of Emily and Evelyn
our investigators that are a referral from Remy.
Then a Family Home Evening at the Pupa family! With Raquel, Biah, and Shayra who all have baptismal goal dates in January and I am so excited! Especially for Raquel because it will make the family whole!!! :)

Raquel is in black and white strips, then Shayra is in white and Biah is in green.

A picture of Brother and Sister Pupa hehe.

Pictures with the Teves family!!!!
I love them so much, Sister Malou, Brother Elhood and Christian and Christine!

Christian has pictures of ngoso ng baboy (the snout of a pig)
And gandang mata (beautiful eys) but I think he looks scared hehe.
Then the service at Remy’s house! That was fun with all the priesthood! Hehe. Yeah we helped a lot. Ha-ha at least they let us put in some nails.

Note:  The rest of the pictures didn't come through - maybe next week...
Then Christmas party :)
Then at the family reunion. It was a little weird to go but it was fun and they made sure we were stuffed full of food! They are amazing! The young women stole my camera mostly Lovely she always takes my camera and likes to take lots of pictures she is wear the blue headband, she is the younger sister of Joshua.
Then me and my anak, Sister Pascual, made s'mores because that is what I made with Sister Clave and just like Sister Clave she loved them :)
Then I have pictures next to the candle that was sent to me and we didn’t have a Christmas tree so I sang oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree about our Christmas tree scented candle. It was fun! :) Hehe   
Then the branch acted out different stories from the Bible and it was so great the young single adults were so funny! There is a picture of the Relief Society and they are wearing the yellow helping hands they are lions ha-ha and they are eating the servants of the king ha-ha.
Then Sister Malen and her son Jayjay who is super cute and says that he is in love with me :) hehe
The Ibardeloza family!!!! They are amazing I am so excited to give them a baptismal goal date!!!!!
Then our pday. We went to the pier to watch the sunrise it was fun, cold and amazing. Even though the clouds hide the sunrise ha-ha.
So I don’t think they will all send right now but if they do that is good if not I will try again next week.
But for now that is pretty much all the news. Oh Sister Remy said that the pictures of Sarina at Jelis' baptism aren’t on facebook and they want to see the pictures I have with them in them if you can add them to facebook.
Thank you for your love and support I am so grateful to have a family that loves me and wants me to be the best missionary I can! I have grown so much from you and I know that your all are the reason that I am here! I love you!!!!
Love, Sister Andreasen 

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