Monday, June 7, 2010

New Companion - June 7, 2010

So it is crazy to think that school just ended it is just starting up again here. I loved your letter it was really nice to read. I'm so excited to meet the new Sister! That is awesome! Time goes so fast! It is crazy to think that just one year ago I was in her shoes. 
So this week has been crazy! Sister Gepiga wasn’t on the transfer list so we thought all was well and that there were no problems just keep going with the work.
 Sister Gepiga and Sister Andreasen
Then late Wednesday night we got a call from the AP’s and they told us that Sister Gepiga was being transferred so your just as shocked as me, I have a new companion now. She is really sweet her name is Sister Ganaden and I love her. I do miss Sister Gepiga they are both very different but I love them both so much. It was sad to see Sister Gepiga go and the time went so fast that I felt like we were just on exchanges. Sad :( but I will always love her and she taught me so much! Sister Ganaden is the last companion of Sister Smith so that is pretty cool we get to share comps. The work is going, it is still slow and we just dropped about 5 investigators because they weren’t progressing or keeping commitments. So we have a lot of finding to do and we are still being punted. However, I talked to the Sister that reopened this area not to long ago and we talked about the members so I guess we have a lot of less active members, so I think that that will be a lot of my mission here to help bring those who know the truth back! We have some great single adults in the ward who are going to work with us and help us find the less active! I'm excited! Ramil became a member of the Church on Sunday
Ramil's Baptism
and he is still as cute as ever he is going to back to Bicol so I will miss him so much but I know he will continue to grow in the gospel. We do have three young women with baptismal goal dates but two of them didn’t come to church; however one, Rizza is doing great! She had a traumatic experience so we have to teach her slowly but she understands and she has a testimony and has come to Church for the past 4 weeks! She is great! So that is about it for news.
I did download two pictures where we are covered in mud! It was disgusting, we had to carry this wet sand to a members house to help for when the rains come but it was a far place to carry it from and the way was all muddy and dirty and we were walking in black sludge and lets just say they don’t have very good plumbing here so you just figure that one out. Yeah it was gross but the family was so grateful for our help and it was still fun! I love this work and just helping people, anyone and everyone come closer to Christ.
We are reading the Book of Mormon as a mission, we have until December and my goal is to read it in English and Tagalog so that my Tagalog will improve and the spirit will strengthen me too. I just started but I have learned so much and I just see how ever scripture points to truth and it is just a testimony that this is the true Church on the earth today! I love it. 
Sister Clave has a saying it is "your heavenly children are watching over you make them proud" I know that part of the reason I am on a mission is for my future children I see how bad the world is and I know I need to be more prepared to help them be strong and to overcome the challenges here! I know that this is the truth I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve I know that it is a gift from the Lord and even when it gets hard I can have faith. It reminds me of that song and scripture "Ether 12:4, Wherefore who so believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, even a place on the right hand of God which hope cometh of faith maketh an anchor to the soul’s of men" I know we can do anything and over come anything through faith in Him!
I forgot to tell you with this transfer another batch mate of mine is in our zone, Elder Harris, he is also the "kid" of Elder French. So I am excited now we have 4 of us in one district crazy! 
I also got a package from Jolene! How sweet is she! It was so great to get and the AP’s actually brought it over the night of my birthday it was awesome I love her so much! 
I love you all and thank you for your kindness, prayers, and love! I loved the pictures on Walgreens! The kids are getting so big and they are so cute! I love them! I love you all! 
Love, Sister Andreasen

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