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Moving Forward With The Work - June 28, 2010

Thank you so much for your love!
I care about you all so much and I am so glad to get emails from you and know that you are happy and doing well! I hope you are loving the family reunion. I am excited to hear about the missionaries from temple square next week!
So this week has been good. I feel like we are really moving forward with the work in this area! We still get rejected daily and are punted all the time but we keep finding new people and the Lord is truly blessing our efforts! I think that we should have a baptism in about two weeks, Rizza! She is a young girl and so sweet and just wants to keep progressing.  She is a little hard to teach because she is super shy and doesn’t want to answer our questions but she knows the answers and knows it is true so I guess even if it is hard for her to express herself it is the spirit that matters. We also have Evelyn who we were only able to teach once this week but she still loves it when we come over. We have four girls with baptismal goal dates but I think that we will have to drop the baptismal goal dates because they aren’t really progressing and don’t come to church. So it is hard when they know it is true and yet still don’t understand its importance. We just keep trying and keep finding. My companion Sister Gepiga would always sing a song "its fun to find" and it is true! Just stay positive and keep finding. We are teaching a new older man Tatay Mario and he is a nice man. We have only just started but we are hoping to see his progression.
I have been reading the book of Mormon lately and it is so great to see all the blessings of the lord and how much he loves us. And all he asks of us is to keep his commandments. We are teaching a new young women Liz and she seems really interested so we are excited!!! she understands our lessons and is excited for us to come back we are just hoping that we will be able to teach her husband in the future but he is never home and if he is he is shy to talk to us, but I know the lord can provide away. So the lord really does watch out for us!
so we had been punted a lot the other day and we didn’t reach our goal of lessons taught, which the number isn’t important but we weren’t able to share as much, so it just seemed like a long walk home. However right before we got into the area where our apartment is a lady stopped us. She said she had been wanting to talk to us. She is a less active member and her nieces live with her and they aren’t members but she wants us to teach them. So we followed them back to their house and we were able to share a message with them. I know that the lord puts us in the places we need to be. It was so simple but I know that the timing wasn’t luck! It was the hand of the lord. I know that this family needs the power of the gospel in their home and I am so thankful for the guidance of the lord!
The work is hard but I know that the Lord has a purpose for me and that he wants me to be happy! I love this work with all my heart! Day after day I see the blessings of the Lord and my testimony grows daily that this church truly is the true church of the Lord on the earth! How grateful I am for this truth and the blessing that the Lord has given me to share this message.
Sometimes I think about the fact that I am a sister missionary and that sisters are not commanded to go on missions but I feel that this was a command for me. I know that the Lord needs me here! I don’t know why I was chosen but I know that this is what he wants for me and the people here. I am so thankful for the blessing of the Lord. This is not a time to give back to the Lord or "repay him" because each and every day he gives me more and more and I get to see the blessing of the gospel in other people’s lives!
The lord gives us commandments and asks that we obey, if we don’t we just forfeit the blessings he has in store for us. I know that the Lord loves us and he provides tender mercies everyday and gives giant blessings such as a mission, we may not at first appreciate the grandeur of his blessings at the start but as time goes on and we look back on how far we have come we see the great work of the Lord in our lives and most important in our hearts, influencing us to change and to become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. How grateful I am for Him. I am so blessed to share this wonderful message with the people here. And even if they don’t except right away everyday we bear our testimony and we let people know this is the truth, the Lord is here calling out to them.
I think about it sometimes when we are punted that this is the Lord, He calls out to us and we choose to listen and hear His word for us or to reject Him. Every one of us has that choice member, nonmember, missionary.
I know that this is the best work in the world - missionary work. We can always do missionary work if we just invite people to come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ.
I love you all so much! I love this work even when it is hard some days. I do know that he believes in me and what I am doing. It is funny mom I changed the words of that song to and sang it to my last companion Sister Gepiga when she was having a hard day. It came on and I changed the words real quick, I like your version better. Ha-ha. But I love that song! Thank you so much for the music! It is amazing! It helps me to stay positive on the hard days and remember who I am and why I am here!
I talked to Brother Arman and he said he only sent one package! He wanted to make sure that it would get to you and then he would send the next one so I hope it gets to you soon. I think there should be a Liahona for the grandparents too. Grandma and grandpa and then one for grandma. I love you all so much!!!!! You are my inspiration. I have the family picture above my bed and I want families to be like ours forever! And happy even though it’s not perfect and we have trials too! We know the truth and we strive to live worthy of our covenants! All my companions have had broken families or nonmember families. Then members ask if my all my family are members. I love saying yes! Then I think about the fact that we have all been through the temple and I am so thankful for everyone’s good example to me and to know that I have a group of people who will be with me forever to love me support me and make me laugh! I love you all!
I will write more about our investigators progression next week! And I will tell you about zone conference! I love you!
So I forgot to tell you about the weather. It is still supper hot. Calamba is pretty much one of the hottest areas in the mission but we had a day when I was cold because it was raining like crazy and my dress got all wet. Ha-ha. This is the first time I have experienced tracting even if it is pouring! It is fun but it was only for a little while and then it stopped and was supper hot again. However the rain should start getting more frequent and they say that they always having flooding here in this area! Always. Every Sunday they talk about 72 hour kits because there will be a flood. So yay! Ha-ha fun here. I will write more when events transpire. Ha-ha :) love ya!
Love sister Andreasen

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