Monday, July 19, 2010

First Typhoon - July 19, 2010

The little light square on my dress is where my bag was so it isn’t wet but the rest is haha. 
The typhoon, it was bad but it wasn’t that bad. I don’t know if that makes any sense. It was my first and it was so loud, it hit at about one in the morning so I didn’t get much sleep at all and I think that is the worst thing that happened. All our investigators were safe and so that was good. We went to sleep that night and woke up to a really loud storm and the wind was so strong that our curtain sounded like it was slapping against the window it was so loud! No water came into our house so that was good.  We woke up and we were supposed to have district meeting so we went to Cabuyao but they said they texted us that there was no district meeting and we were just supposed to do service. So we went back to our area and changed into service clothes. Oh, I don’t have very many pictures but the ones I have are of Halang. 
This is the road we have to take to get anywhere in our area and it was just covered in mud! The whole thing! It was crazy! The dirt from the mountains slide down and so all the streets were just super muddy. We went to a lot of our investigators but didn’t really find service. They all turned out to be fine. Nothing bad happened. Some of our investigators had water come into their homes but unlike us, they are used to things like this so it wasn’t really a problem and they knew what to do. I was so amazed by these people who have to deal with such hard living conditions and it isn’t a problem for them just life! I am so humbled by their good examples to me and what we do have in the states. So I was just so happy that all of our investigators were safe and nothing bad happened. So they sad this is just the first of many so I am sure I will get used to it. Don’t worry everything is fine. You’re right we are in the Lord’s hands! So I'm not worried. I guess the next one is coming tomorrow. That is just what I hear but we aren’t sure. So we will just be prepared. It is just a way of life here. It happens and then they move on the next day clean up and get to work. So that is what we do too! It was so nice Brother KC Reblando came by our house the morning after to make sure that we were okay so I know that we will always have priesthood close by to give us help and make sure everything is all right. I know that the Lord will always watch over us.  I’m glad that you didn’t call president. He will make sure everything is all right and he will always inform the parents he is a wonderful president and very sweet and understanding!
So the investigators. Always good news and crazy news. I love them! Haha :) So we have Daisyreen who came to church on Sunday with her friend Camela. Before it was Camela encouraging Daisy but now it is the other way around but they were still able to come and Daisy was so happy so I hope they can keep coming and build friendships in the ward! Then Rizza keeps coming but we are still trying to work out a problem we have there so it is coming along I wrote to president about it so it should be fixed soon. We also have Sister Evelyn, she didn’t come to church on Sunday because she had things that she had to do and I think it was because of the typhoon but we taught about Joseph Smith last time so we are excited to set a baptismal goal date soon! Yeah plus she has great support, a member who’s daughter just went on a mission and even though Evelyn wasn’t able to go to church Sister Arizapa still came! Then we have an investigator Sister Marisa she wasn’t home when we went by but we saw her mom inside but her mom told us to go away and that no one understood our teachings and that her daughter didn’t want us to come back because she doesn’t understand and doesn’t like it. So she was just crazy and so we were really hurt, sad and confused. Sister Marisa is reading and answering questions she is great so we just didn’t understand. Then we went by again on Sunday hoping that Marisa would be home and not her mom, who by the way says she is a member. When we first went there the mom said that she was baptized in the church but stopped going because of her husband. So I don’t know for sure. Anywoo, Marisa was home and she was happy to see us. She told us that her mom had gotten in a fight with another daughters husband and so was in a bad mood. So we decided to start the lesson and then we ended up meeting another on of her sisters, Sister Jenny. It was great! Then her mom came in and she was making noodles and she gave us some and told us that we need to have a snack? What in the world? I think she is crazy. Haha. But I think it might be because she felt bad for what she said to us last time. But we had a good lesson with Jenny and Marisa and I think that they will progress especially Marisa! She always reads and always has great questions! Then we have an old investigator she is Sister Evelyn too. We thought that she was going to be great and progress but we haven’t got to teach her very much because she never has time anymore so it is really sad. We continue our lessons with Manilyn and are just praying that she continues to progress and that her husband will join in on the lessons. Then Tatay Mario he seems to be progressing and next lesson we are going to give him a baptismal goal date and I am sure he will except but the only thing is he can’t really walk so it will be hard to get him to go to church so we can’t really give a baptismal goal date without him going to church so we are just praying that he will be able to find a way to get to church. 
We still haven’t had the meetings that we should with our ward but this coming Sunday is our ward conference so I think after this things will calm down for our bishop and we will be able to have meetings again. I know that the work will move forward with help from the ward! They have friends that we can teach and they can do so much good for the progression of this area. We are working on building a good relationship so we can get referrals. We might have a referral from one family this week and we are hoping to teach them with the help of another. So the work keeps going forward. I love it!
I truly do love the work. The Lord knows what we need this area is hard but it is just stretching me helping me to be better and I know that the Lord will guide me and help me. I have been given so much strength in this area and I know it is the help of the Lord!
I am so grateful for what you said about those who pray for me! I got all teary eyed when I read about the McAllisters! They are so kind! I am so blessed to have wonderful family and friends! How sweet they are! I am so blessed and so grateful for this great work! I’m glad you all had a good time for Nathan's birthday I can’t believe he is 4! Tell all the grandkids to stop growing up! Haha. 
The Book of Mormon study is amazing! I am a slacker when it comes to Tagalog it is just so long and I like reading the gospel principles book in Tagalog because it isn’t as deep Tagalog so it helps a lot but I am still trying but I just don’t know if I will have it done by the time zone conference comes. But I continue to read in English and sometimes I just get so caught up at night I speed through getting ready for bed so that I can have time to read again before I go to sleep! I love it and I know that it is what is good for me and the mission so we can all grow and see how much the Lord really does do because he loves us and what we need to do to show are love for him. I mark His love in blue and our love in pink. I can just say it is a lot bluer. We are so blessed to have a loving Father in Heaven and Savior who have shown so much love unto us and they just ask that we listen, obey, and if we mess up repent. Come unto him then they give love through more blessings! It is amazing! I love reading the Book of Mormon! I know that it is so true what you said so many wonderful things happen when we feats on its words! I love you all! I’m doing great and I know the church is true more and more everyday!
I love you all!
Love, Sister Andreasen
PS - Some random pictures:
The be healthy eat log is just funny because it is English but itlog is Tagalog for egg and it says eat log. It is funny. I will have to say it to explain it later.
A picture of Lynzie's baptism she is the daughter of one of the bishopric in the ward, with members too :) I love the ward. Brother Obet is the one who gave us the yummy snacks :) he is her dad. 
Then the mountain is Maria Makiling from afar, I don’t know if you can see the shape of a woman but that is her that is were we hiked to the mud springs. 
Sister and I saw these weird veggie things. Different times.  We were asking each other what is this and they fell of the branch they were on. The first time it was the yellow one and it happened to sister right out side of a persons house and they were coming to the door it was really funny. So the next time it happened with the red one we laughed again and took silly pictures for remembrance but it might just be funny to me and her sorry. "Inside joke" 
Finally The Zone!

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