Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Spirit Speaks Over The Noise Of The Thunder! - July 12, 2010

So I love you all so much!!!!!
I am downloading the pictures right now so I hope you like them. Haha and just so you know the Elders like to steal my camera and take weird pictures. So about the pictures…

Sister Ganaden and I went to Burger King everyone is jealous that it is in our area.
A bunch of crazy pictures during the bus ride to Manila. 
We got to go to the mall of Asia and we had subway and really good ice cream. 
I pretty much hung out with Sister Smith and Sister Spjute.
Some of the single adults in the ward.
Then we got a new toilet seat so we were excited! :) Haha.
Then when I am in yellow that is zone conference and the missionaries were crazy! Haha. 
Especially Elder Trebes and Elder Holland.
I have a picture with two Sisters, Sister Garcia and Sister Arietta. They are in the batch with my Nanay (Sister Clave) so they are like my mission Titas, tita is aunt. One is in brown and one in blue.
All The Sisters!! :)

With the Berrets! They are great couple missionaries and are leaving this transfer. 
Which is so sad because they truly are amazing!!!
Me and my comp with Sister Warnick, her sister is in Baguio and she was a companion with 
Sister Lapana!!! I love it! We were all in yellow. 
Sister Iverson she is also leaving this transfer! She is super sweet! 
Then Elder French found this really ugly woman’s jacket at an ukay-ukay,
 which is like a swap meet and it is horrible, it was funny. 
Then I have a pic with Elder Etcitty. He had a large growth on his face and in the states they said they wouldn’t remove it and then one day blood started pouring out if it so he went to a hospital in Manila and we had a mission fast and he had a surgery and it was an amazing story because the chances of life were 50/50 so it was very serious and he got a blessing and we all fasted and he prayed of course and it all worked out and he is doing great! The lord really does watch over his missionaries. 

Then some pretty views in our area and a picture at our investigators home. 
We have a picture with Camela and Daisyreen. Daisyreen is pretty much amazing! They have next to nothing and she really wants to go to church but they live so far so she saves money and she still cant go because her mom wont let her go alone. Then we taught about tithing which is hard when people really don’t have a lot of money but her only question was how do I pay! She is so awesome and she is only 13 so we are praying that her mom will continue to listen so that she can support her daughter in the gospel! She is the one in pink. 
One of our investigators sells snack stuff and he gave us a free treat. 
These fried hardboiled quail eggs and gulaman, this really yummy drink! 
We were on are way to a service and we saw some cows and this is the first time Sister Ganaden has seen a black and white cow. Because there aren’t a lot of cows like that here. So we took a picture. 
Then we have some fun zone pictures at the service. 
Then me and Sister Ganaden with Sister Janice she is leaving for the MTC this Saturday! :) 

Then our zone pday to hike Maria Makiling it is a mountain. And they say it is shaped like a woman. I don’t see it but I just go with it. Anyway we went to this mud springs that are extremely hot! 
So this week was a hard one but good at the same time because we always get to share our message, with new people. And when I say new people it means that we have a planner full of people that we will go and teach and back ups for each one and then we end up teach two new families! ahhh! At least we meet some new people. So it just means we have more people to go to if we get punted which happens a lot. But the two new families are great, one we talked to -  this man was just standing on the rails a long our way and so we started talking to him then we went in to teach his family and they live way back behind another house and a store so we would have never had the opportunity to knock on their door. So I know the Lord's hand is always in the work. Then his wife is the one who is really interested; Joyce, she said that she wants to read the Bible but doesn’t have one so we just gave her the Book of Mormon instead haha :)!!!!! It was great! She has good questions so we are just hoping she progresses. Then we met the Aruga family the mother is really old and she says she is a member but we aren’t sure and it is hard to tell because of her age so we teach her daughters and she listens too. She has had 18 kids!!! Ahhh! But the first four past away when they were still really young but 14 is still a lot! But only one seems really interested her name is Marisa. She is so sweet and she reads and asks questions! It's great! We are still teaching Tatay Mario and Tatay Nesto and I feel like they are progressing but they still haven’t been to church and that is partially because of their health so we are just praying that they will be able to gain the physical strength they need to go to church. 
We are trying to work out some of the problems that we are facing with Rizza. She is so close to baptism but had a traumatic experience and has a hard time with being social so we are working on that before she gets baptized. 
I know that the Lord is helping us to find the people we need to teach. We have a less active member she is the mother of Grace who just went on a mission. Grace asked us to keep visiting her mom so that she would go back to church. She feeds us every Tuesday night and the first night we went over to her we planed to teach her and she had brought over a friend who we are now teaching and they both came to church on Sunday!!!! yay! I love it!!! 
Then the bishop asked if I would speak in church and at first I thought I don’t really want to, I think the members should speak. Then I have just seen so many reasons that this is what the Lord wants and it can be a blessing. We need to get the members active in missionary work! To help bring back the less actives and to help find people who are truly ready they know the people here we don’t. It is hard to find but with their help and fellowship I think we can have great success in this area and that is what may talk is on! :) I'm excited! I know that is this area the key is the member! I’m excited we are also hoping to have a one-day mission coming up which will help with member involvement and help with less actives! 
I love this work. This area is a struggle but I know that we are here for a reason to help the area as much as we can. I have been reading in the end of first Nephi and it talks about the great and abominable church and how the wicked are going to be strong but how in the last days the church of Christ will win the battle. Then I read in the Ensign about how in the last days the "members" will be small in numbers but we will win the fight. The work is going to get hard but we still need to find the noble and great ones! Who are ready to put on the armor and help us with this battle that we are sure to win! 
I love the work! I love you all!!!! 
The weather has been crazy, we will have little rainstorms but then it will get hot again. The other day we worked in the rain pretty much all day. My skirt was so wet I could ring it out! Next time I will take a picture. haha. It was flooded in some of the places we walked and I could see Sister Ganaden step lightly on the surface of the water on her tip toes trying not to get her foot wet as she realized that the ground was a lot lower and her whole foot soon became immersed in water. Haha. The work will go on. Even if the thunder is so loud we are almost yelling I know the spirit speaks over the noise of the thunder! 
I love you!!!! Hope all is well. Tell Nathan happy birthday give him a hug and a kiss and tell him I love him. There is a little boy here who looks like the Filipino version of Nathan. I am going to take a picture this week so you can see :) he is the nephew of Janice. 
Oh and I am a little jealous of Abby haha. I remember when I used to do that! I loved it! Tell Aunt Jill and Uncle Tom I love them!!!! 
I love you all!
Love, sister Andreasen   


  1. Bethany, I MISS ya! You look AMAZING!! I bet you are having the best time and learning SOOO much. xoxo

  2. Can she get any cuter? I love you Bethany!