Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Looking Forward to the Christmas Phone Call - December 20, 2010

So that was weird to talk to you! I think it will be really weird when it is an actual conversation. It is funny that even in that short time I had a moment were I almost spoke in Tagalog. To answer your question yes I still love it here! I am finding joy in everyday!
So last week was a little sad as far as numbers go, we are losing some of our investigators and it makes me sad, but this week we recommitted some for baptism and we have some great new progressing investigators! We also have found some new investigators that are just so sweet! I am really excited. Last week we had one investigator come to church and this week we had 8!!!! I know it isn’t about numbers but you just get sad when they are low because it is kind of a reflection of the work you are doing so of course I was sad but this week.  I was so excited that we had investigators come to church and one was Raquel!!!!! She is the daughter of Brother and Sister Pupa and they are all members except Raquel. Missionaries have taught her from the time her mom became a member, then her sisters became members and then her dad.  Her dad just hit his one-year mark and so they went to the temple. I have pictures of them! 

A couple with two teenage daughters, but they were also sad at this happy day because Raquel was not with them. We have been teaching her with her friend Shy and so she is more open now and they both came to church on Sunday and I know that is something that is so exciting for them all! It has been a long time since she has been to church and I am hoping that this is the first step in her progression.  We have a Family Home Evening at their home later tonight so I will take pictures! 
I am a little stressed with some things going on with Sister Andrea, she is having family problems so we are trying to help her through it, but through it all she still came to church!!! :) Sister Remy gave us four new referrals! And they all came to church! Then Brother Joshua gave us a family referral and they are so awesome!!! Brother came to church on Sunday, even though he didn’t make it for sacrament he still came and they really have a desire to know more! I love it! 
Then we taught the mother of Sister Pupa, who has also been taught many times but nothing really happened.  I taught her with Sister Arrieta and I know that we taught about a living prophet but this time we taught it again and she was surprised and excited to know that we have a living prophet she said, I didn’t know that before! So hopefully this will be the start for her too!!!! I am just so excited for all the new people we have met and I am so excited for the progression of Barra, even though I am pretty sure it is true what Remy told you that I will be transferred. But right now I am here and I am loving it! I love the mission!
I won’t lie I do miss you all especially at this time. We went to a members home on Sunday for lunch like we always do, and they had a copy of the Christmas devotional so we got to see part of it while we ate and I missed Christmas at home. I don’t know why but Christmas just doesn’t sink in for me here. The spirit of Christmas does because that is what the mission is all about, our Savior Jesus Christ! But it just seems to not be complete. But I still love it and enjoyed being able to hear the words of the first presidency even though we missed most of President Monson :( but its okay I will watch it next year. 
Well I should get going I will just talk to you all on Saturday-Friday. Hehe. I’m excited!!!! I love you all so much! I know that this is the Lords work and He is here to guide our lives! How I love Him!
Love, Sister Andreasen     

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