Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello Again - February 14, 2011

Getting Our Planning Done!
So how is everything going? I hope well. I know who uncle Joe is but I didn’t know him that well, mostly just hearing his name. But I am sure it was hard for grandpa. I am glad to hear that he is doing well though! Speaking of family, when I was in Barra one of the member’s Brother Jerome just came home from his mission and he said that he trained an Elder Andreasen. So I wrote him because he is still in the mission. I figure we are some how related because Andreasen isn’t a very common name. He didn’t tell me his name but he said his dad is Bryon and they are from Logan Utah. He said his grandpa is Clifford but goes by "Boose". He also said his great grandfather is Aaron Andreasen. So I don’t know if we are related but I'm sure some how. So yeah, it’s just a small world!  I got a new companion at transfer day; she like my anak is also from Tarlac, Camiling in Tarlac. She didn’t know Sister Pascual before the mission but they met in the MTC because they are batch. All of my last companions are batch, Sister Pascual, Sister Tacbobo and Sister Gabuyo. That is my new companion, Sister Gabuyo! She is amazing! She is very sweet and very humble and I am blessed to have her as, yes, my last companion. I also got the Liahonas at transfer day. So I hope to get the money and send them today so that they will get there, also some other stuff so I don't have to worry about the weight of my luggage when I.... Anyway, I got your package!!!!! Thank you so much! I got it at transfer day :) thank you for all its wonderful goodness hehe. My companion was also excited because I was able to give her a little Book of Mormon! She loved it. And the rest I will just send. 
So I am loving the work. We had a hard week with work this week. First the sisters were getting ready to leave, we had sisters come stay with us, and we were punted so it was a hard week with numbers and everything but I know that next week will be better. We didn’t even get to see Tatay Lino! He wasn’t home!!! Then Sister Marj committed to baptism and they said they were coming to church but then they weren’t there! :( so I am not sure what happened. But I am excited to move the work forward this week and get our investigators to come to church!!! Have I told you about Sister Kawit and Brother Ephraim? They are great members! Sister Kawit is the Relief Society President and Brother Ephraim has lots of callings but he works with us and helped us with the baptism.  Anyway, Brother Kawit is less active. The one that I said I felt I should go visit. Well we went to see him. I think it was affective! Although we cried, both Sister Tacbobo and I cried because he told us that he has to deal with the fact that he won’t be with his family forever and he said that this life is enough :( it was hard to hear that. I think he was offended. He is a way nice guy though. At first he didn’t want to come out and talk to us but I just started talking to him from a window and then I think he felt bad so he came and talked to us. We didn’t have a lesson we just talk so that we could build his trust but we set a return appointment and I am so excited! Hope it goes well and he understands the importance! I love this work! I love inviting people to come closer to Jesus Christ. Brother Kawit is a jeepney driver so he actually ended up taking all us missionaries to the mission home on transfer day :) 
The bishop really wants to help us in getting the ward to give us referrals and to even work with us as couples! I am so excited! I think it will really help the work. Then we set a day for a 1/2-day mission and I think that it will bring in a lot of referrals and help the less actives to come back!!!! I am so excited for the progression of this area and ward! I love them! 
People always say stuff about how close march is. I guess I have come to the realization that that is true soon I will be leaving but it just means I have to work extra hard! I know that I will be leaving but I don’t feel it! I just feel that I need to push myself and do as much good as I can in this area! It is a large area and one thing that it says in preach my gospel is "leave the area better than you found it" I really want to do that! Help member, less active, investigators, and non-members to come closer to Christ! I love this work! I love my Savior and I love that he makes up for all my imperfections. So even if last week wasn’t as good as it should have been I know that we can always do better and that the spirit will guide and direct where we need to go and how we can be more effective as missionaries! Because this is the best work ever! And I get to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord and I just want to do all I can to please him and to help my brothers and sisters! Because this is the true church and we all have to know the way to return home to our loving Heavenly Father. 
I will be sending pictures so hopefully you get them all!  
The Pullos grandkids, they are so cute and always want to wear our name tags!
The baptism of Brother Jerry!!!!! :) Brother Dwayne Salayog baptized him.
A picture with bishop, his father in law, wife and cute little boy! Bryce is the little boy he is so cute. He is supper shy but always wants to "flirt" with us. 
Brother Danny, he is the ward mission leader. His daughter Mau works with us so he was sleeping waiting to pick her up. Haha.
We went to a butterfly garden for pday and saw some cool animals too, along with a lot of butterflies. 

Then we got to see Sister Ganaden, Elder French, and Elder Holland before they went home! 
Elder French
Sister Ganaden
Elder Holland
President came over for the birthday of Sister Tacbobo. He promised her a meal at the mission home but didn’t have time so just brought it to our apartment real quick.  
A picture of Brother and Sister Kawit! :) 
Me and my companions in the "sacred grove" hehe. On the way to our area :)
Then miracle fruit, that little red berry looking thing. It is really sweet and after eating it if you eat something sour it will just be sweet! It is so crazy!!! :) One of our less active members gave them to us.
Sister Trinidad.
Then at Brother Jerry’s house with his mom! :)
The one in orange is Sister Eve! We had dinner with her. She is so sweet she served her mission here in San Pablo mission :)
then a picture with Brother Patty, Sister Jenny, and Sister Marj :) Sister Marj is in pink.
Happy Valentines Day at SM hehe.
Brother Belda took us to have dinner at SM because sister was in Manila. Haha he doesn’t look very happy but he really is. Haha.
President left his glasses at our apartment hehe.
 So I cried at transfer day! It was the last time I would see a lot of missionaries! Almost all my batch going home was at transfer day! :)
With Elder Muller and Sister Tacbobo.
Then a cute random picture of little kids taking a bath on the street. So cute hehe
That’s it I hope they all send! I love you all! And am so grateful to have you as may family!!!!
Love, Sister Andreasen
p.s. Happy Valentines Day. Hehe.

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