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Work, Work, Work, That is the Secret - February 21, 2010

Attack of the Butterfly
I love you all!
So you made me a little trunky in that last email when you said that we are going to TOFW in April! I am so excited and John Bytheway will be there! Wow! I am so excited! Haha. I am going to send pouch this Thursday because we have zone conference and then I will send the doll to Sister Remy. I was able to send the package today they said it could take up to 25 days. So it should be there before me. Haha. Wow that is so weird to think. Haha. I sent some shells, ties and clothes too. I didn’t write that great of a note because I didn’t have a lot of time and I am writing you right now. Sorry. Just know that I love you!!!! :)
So first the weather it is hot now. But not too bad but I have a feeling I will die of cold when I go home.
So lets get to the work. I love it! I love all the people I am meeting in this area! But I had a hard week this week. We gave Sister Marj a baptismal goal date and then the last time we taught her she told us that her job in Manila called and she is going back to work in Manila, so she left this Sunday :( I was so sad! But at least she still wants to be baptized and so we gave a referral to the missionaries in Manila. So I hope we get good news.  Her best friend is a member so I think it will all be okay.
Then we weren’t able to see Tatay Lino this whole week... again! I was so sad! Then we went to see Sister Lain and her kids just came out and said that there dad doesn’t like it and tried to give back the Book of Mormon :( it was so sad! I love that family so much and we were hoping to give a baptismal goal date to sister and I really think she is ready and knows the truth! So I hope that one day they will come to the church! Sister is ready and it just breaks my heart that she can’t even come and talk to us face to face. Sister Lian’s kids said that she was too embarrassed to come and talk to us. So we are going to go back and try to talk to her again. So after that I was feeling a little sad and I just felt like it is may last area and my last transfer and what do I have to show for it! How can I leave the mission and this is how I leave the area and these people! It just broke my heart!
So Saturday night I went home feeling as though I was lacking in the work and so I just wanted to find out what the Lord needs me to do. As I was reading my scriptures I read in 3 Nephi and it talked about how people won’t accept the gospel even when it is right in front of them and it just made me realize that these are the last days and so they aren’t all going to accept the message but that they need to be given the opportunity. Then Sunday was an amazing day! We met new people and we were able to give baptismal goal dates! Then that night I looked over the work that we had done and we met 23 new people and they are amazing! I think the Lord was just helping me see the positive and to remind me that we need to be finding those who will progress and to focus efforts on those who are truly going to accept the gospel! I am excited for the new people that we are meeting and I am excited for our investigators who have baptismal goal dates. I know that I won’t be able to see the fruits of our labors because they need to come to church four times but at least the Lord gave me reassurance that I am making a difference in this work and in this area and that I am doing his will. I hope that I can help people come closer to Christ. We just set a half-day mission and I know that it will give so much help to the ward and to missionary work! I love this work! I know that the Lord has a purpose for me and that he needs me to find the elect and it is hard to see some not accepting the message and I just think about our Father in Heaven and Savior. What must they feel when we don’t accept them or when we go against their will!
I was so grateful for your testimony in the last email it really gave me strength and helped me realize how important this work is and that I just need to keep doing what the Lord wants me to do, continue to read my scriptures, say my prayers, and just work work work. That is my mission "slogan", "work, work, work that is the secret" and it truly is to be happy in the work and to know you are doing the Lord’s will just work! I love it!
I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ! And I am grateful for this knowledge and for the opportunity to be one of the Lord's missionaries!
Please tell Abby happy birthday and that I love her! Travis too sorry I didn’t say it last week, oh and Aunt Jill!!!!! I love you all!
Sorry if this email is a little crazy we have a member that is here and she doesn’t know how to use a computer so she keeps asking for help and then so does my companion for spelling on English. Hehe. She is writing to president. Haha. Sorry if this is a little crazy! I will write more next week!
I love you all!!!!!!!!
Love, Sister Andreasen 

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