Monday, February 7, 2011

So Now Let's Get To The Good Stuff - February 7, 2011

The baptism of brother Jerry!!!!!!!!!! It went so well! I am so happy for him. We were so scared because as I said last week he didn’t come to church and we weren’t able to contact him but he was sick, had and emergency, and his cell phone is broken so it has been pretty crazy but he was so excited and really anxious and ready to be baptized! His testimony is amazing! He knows that this is the true church and I know he will never depart from it|! His baptism went really well. 
The Elder's Quorum President baptized him he bore and firm strong testimony and the spirit was just really strong.  Then we went and taught him and it was about the priesthood, which was perfect because the bishop had actually talked with him about the getting the priesthood after church. He is really excite and he knows how great an opportunity and responsibility it is! I just can’t help but picture him as a strong active member. One day going through the temple and raising a family in righteousness! I love it!  So we had a little bit of a crazy week! We weren’t able to see as many investigators as we had planned to but the work was still being guided by the Lord! We met this man Jason and were able to start teaching his wife and they are awesome. When we went to teach them about the restoration they had a girl name Dina at their home who will now be living with them. We taught her and she is so interested to know more and really excited to read the Book of Mormon!!!! I am so excited for her!  So we had a crazy thing happen they broke up our threesome for a couple hours! Sister Batan had to go back to Pakil and get her things because they are now leaving that area to Elders!!!! No sisters in Pakil! I was heart broken! But she had to go get all her stuff and so Sister Tacbobo and I worked in the area. But that day I talked with president and he told me that Sister Batan will be going to Barra at transfer day and that Sister Tacbobo is being transferred so before today I already knew that I will be losing my great companions! I am so sad I love them so much and have learned so much from them but I know it is just another change that will help me grow, although I am nervous for this transfer. But I know the Lord will continue to guide me if I put my trust in him and stay worthy of the spirit!
So after Sister Batan came back on Friday night I had one of the greatest experiences of my whole mission!  Well I have told you about Tatay Lino the one who wanted to sing "How Great Thou Art". Well the last thing we taught him was about the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it was true. Then when we came back he didn’t read but wanted to talk to us. So he told us that he has been praying for the past four days and the answer he got is he cant serve to churches, which is true. But he just said he wished that we were first and everything. So we left a spiritual thought, bore testimony, and committed him to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if is true. Well we tried and tried to come back and he was never home! I was so sad each time we went to see him and he wasn’t home. Then on Friday we got close to his house and I saw him! I was so happy! We asked if he read and he did. It was in 3 Nephi 11 and so we taught about Jesus Christ and baptism. We asked him what he felt when he prayed and he said that it is true and that the book is about Christ and he knows it is and true book, but he said he just needs some time, because he is so supper active in his church. So we just told him we understand and we want to give him that time and help him to learn and grow in the church but that we wanted him to start preparing himself now so that he can be baptized! And he said yes!!!! I am so so so happy! I love him! I just feel like I am supposed to be here for him! I know he will make a strong ember especially when he grows in the gospel and learns more truths and sees through the scriptures, prayer, and coming to church that this is the true church of Jesus Christ! I left that appointment feeling so good! 
I love the work and I am so excited to keep moving it forward. We talked to the bishop about having a half day mission and I think it will be a really good thing for the members, the less active (because there are a lot), and it will help us get referrals all around it will be such a great missionary tool! I am excited! 
The members in this area are so great! The have a dinner calendar for the missionaries hehe.  But its not just good because of food but it really helps you to grow close to them and to gain their trust so I'm hoping that we can get some good referrals. I know that it will really help them if our investigator has a friend to give them strength and courage to attend church and to help them with questions! Like Sister Jenny and her friend, our investigator, Marj!
I love the work I am so grateful for your love and strength to help me through! I especially need it right now to help me! I love you all! 
Love, Sister Andreasen

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