Saturday, September 12, 2009

The First Letter...

We receive the first email from Bethany last Monday.  I just happen to be on the computer and thought I would check my email.  I wasn't really expecting to hear from her since we understood that it could take up to two weeks for her to set up her missionary email.  What a surprise and joy it was to find I had just receive a letter.  Here is what Bethany had to say....

So I love the MTC it is amazing! I have two companions Sisters Betts and Lapana. They are amazing. Sis. Betts is part Filipino but she does not speak tagalog. so i was being proper with writing and spelling but i dont have a lot of time so i am just going to write. okay so back to the comps. sis. lapana is from new zeland and she is samoan.

so i love the mtc greatest place ever! the spirit is so strong and everyone here is so sweet and so nice. it was awesome i saw elder heywood. bryce's brother it was so fun. i am loving my classes my teachers are brother murrey and sister hawkes. they are great teachers. tagalog is pretty hard but i am enjoying it and just trying to work as hard as i can. we have had a fireside and group meetings and they just strengthen you so that you want to be better! i love it! the food is okay. so we have a gym period evey day except today pday and sunday. we were supose to go to the temple to day but it is labor day so we didnt get to go. it was sad i have taken some pics but not a lot so i think it will be about a week before i send pics. there are only the three of us sisters in our district but there are 9 girls in our zone. we had one ward as a zone but this sunday, my first one here they split the ward. the zone leaders are great and the sisters that are in are ward and zone are awesome.

so senoir comp isnt really a big deal in the mtc but i am the senoir comp so i am trying to do the best i can to just make sure i take better care of the other two sisters. it is a little different in the mtc though because we are already around the leaders all day. are district leader elder hopkins is so awesome! he has been such a good example to our whole district. i love my district!!!
i am going to buy a mtc sweatshirt! and i am going to buy a shirt with the philippines on it.
well just to end i want to say thank you for everything! for your example and love and for suporting me in all that i do! your amazing and i love you so much! thank you for raising me to love the Lord and the true gospel of Jesus Christ! I know it is true and I am grateful for the mtc. tell everyone i love them. please ask kristy and heather to send a letter and have stuff from the kids! i would love to hear from them! i do miss everyone but i love being here and am glad that i am on a mission for the lord! i love you all!
Mahal kita! that means i love you in tagalog!
love, your little girl sister andreasen!

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