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So...The MTC is Still Amazing! - September 21, 2009

So the MTC is amazing.  Just to let you know, in Relief Society the Primary President spoke about teaching the children when you go out on the mission and teaching everyone in the family, not just the parents.  Elder Hinckley spoke about mission facts and advice.
The temple was awesome, I get to go every Monday on p-day.  Today was even better than last week!  The spirit is just amazing!

At the Provo Temple
 The temple was great!  I'm still loving the Los Angeles Temple for the moving but that's ok.  I feel bad because it is early in the morning and right after breakfast so when they turn the lights off it is so hard for me to stay awake but I do my best and I know that I get strength from the Lord!  The missionaries in my district were there as well as people that aren't missionaries too.  We have such a big zone that it is some from our district and from others just who every gets there at that time.  We just walk up after breakfast.
Elder Holland came this week!  His talk was so amazing it was about opening your mouth and having the spirit with you when you teach!  Talk to everyone and make every minute of your mission count!  Don't come home with regrets.  It was so powerful, everyone was crying, it was great!
It is so crazy how many people leave today, I am going to miss them all so much!  It is crazy.  My companion Sister Betts is now the coordinating sister and two Elders in our zone are the zone leaders.  Elder Taylor and Staples!  They are amazing!  Oh my goodness!!!!  I love the Elders in our district, we are just a fun little family.  Most of the Elders in our district are going to Manila or Bagio.  They are awesome though!
I saw TJ (Elder Wickers)  He is a lot older and taller than I remember hahaha!
Michael was helpful with the language suggestions but it is just kinda doing the work, no easy way.
Everyday there is something funny,  so all the Elders were way scared of our sister teacher because she is really strict even though us sisters think she is great and fun, anywoo, she was really funny one day laughing and smiling.  Then we were talking about listening to our investigators and one of the Elders started talking about  wolfs for some weird reason saying that if you talk to a wolf you will know if he is hungry or needs a cave to sleep in.  It was so funny and weird!  Then Sister Hawkes is like how do you talk to a wolf  and she howls.  It was so funny!  Everyone was laughing so hard.  Then she got back on track and she said when you are talking to someone preferable a human not a wolf.  Hahaha!!  It was so funny, all the Elders were so surprised to see her  smiling and laughing.  They said I think she got  a kiss last night!  The district is so fun!  They are all amazing Elders we have a great time together.
The most spiritual thing would have to be Elder Holland coming, it was amazing!  I can't even explain how amazing it was, the spirit was so strong!  Although the temple beat it today but  is  the temple.
We haven't had any classes about the  culture, I mean it comes up in talking to the teachers but it's not very detailed but  its okay we will  learn.  Oh, I went to the rc, the  phone place.  But  I haven't talked to  anyone because our time is  Saturday afternoon it is just answering machines.
I love you all, I love the MTC!
Alam ko na totoo ang ebanghelo ni  jesucristo!
Mahal kita!
Sister Andreasen

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