Sunday, September 20, 2009


Hey Everyone!
I love you all!! I hope all is going well! I miss everyone but not too much because the MTC is so amazing. We weren't able to go to the temple last Monday because of the holiday but we went this morning and it was great!

Sister Betts, Sister Andreasen & Sister Lapana at the Provo Temple
 I love my teachers they are great.  Sister Hawkes is pretty strict but she is great and you can really learn and feel the spirit!  Then our other teacher is Brother Murray and he is pretty laid back, it is funny because he is about the same age as me.  So I can tell that he is like all my guy friends at home it's funny.  We are his first class and so he is in less control and sometimes we laugh a little more then we should but is nice after having Sister Hawkes because she is so strict, all of the Elders are scared of her haha.  So I can't wait to get more letters from!  Tell everyone to do it because I can get it like that in the Philippines too.  I love the MTC.  Some of the sisters in our zone are Sister Smith and Sister Tui and they are awesome but they leave next Monday and I am so sad.  But Sister Smith is going to San Pablo so I will most likely be comps with her sometime which is so exciting!  She is from California too so we will be able to meet up after and it will be great!

Sister Smith and Sister Andreasen
The classes and the speakers are amazing!  Everyday just rushes together though sometimes I don't know what happened when so sorry if I mix things up or tell you things twice.  We had President Hinckley's son at a fireside and it was amazing!  We also had the Primary President come and speak to us for Relief Society, it was my first whole Sunday in the MTC and it was nice to have a day of rest.  We still study and go to meetings all day but we don't have class so it is nice.  I don't really know what else to say, I am just loving it here.  We got a new branch president and he met with everyone, his name is President Smith and he is great!  Oh weird, the MTC President  is also President Smith, Smith is a very popular name here at the MTC.  I have grown and it is amazing what you can learn in just a week and a half.  I have learned better study and goal planning habits and that is going to be amazing but more important, I have grown closer to my Father in Heaven and Savior!  I know how much they love me and love everyone!  I am so grateful for the truth and I know and can't wait to share it.  We went to the ta which is a teaching appointment and we were able to talk to a "real" person about the first discussion.  It was nice.  So then we also talked to people as if we were meeting them at the door and it was so hard.  We learned how to say hello, bear testimony, a little!, and say we are missionaries from the Church!  Mga misyoniro sa simbahan ni jesucristo na nga banal sa ang huling araw.  So that is how I say we are missionaries from the church.  So I now know how to bear a short testimony from some poor sentences, pray say numbers, say a little about family, and just do a few other things.  The learning is fast it is really important to focus and just work work work!  I have been trying my hardest but it is still a little hard to say stuff especially because you know me I have so much I want to say and I am not able to say it all :/ but it is coming along well.
Give the kids kisses and hugs for me!  and I guess you can pat kink on the head hahaha!  Well I don't have a lot of time but I love you all!! I can't wait to hear from you all!  I know that the Lord loves us all and I am grateful for his strength in all that I do.  I pray for you all and know the Lord will bless all you do!
Sister Andreasen

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