Friday, August 6, 2010

Answers To Questions - August 5, 2010

My ward is having a Relief Society missionary night and they have asked all the missionaries serving from our ward to answer three questions that their mothers can share with the other sisters in the ward. Here are Bethany's answers to the three questions, I enjoyed them and hope you do too.

1. What is the best food you have eaten on your mission?
I love sinigang!!!!!!! It is an ulam (which is anything that you eat along with your rice) it has a broth and usually pork or chicken and a lot of veggies! It is so good they cook it with a pepper is it is a little spicy and just delicious! Then the famous banana cue. It is made from a type of banana here called Saba and is my favorite, I don’t think we have this type of banana in America but we should. It is probably not healthy at all but they cover it in brown sugar and then fry it. I have a picture. They usually come with two or three on a stick. I also like a type of bread they have here called pandasal. It is small and only one peso and it is warm when you buy it and just yummy. Gulaman is the drink that I sent a picture of and that is a delicious too! I could go on and on they have good food here and we always get fed :)

2. What is the worst food you have eaten on your mission?
The worst food I have eaten is dinuguan. It is also an ulam and it is so gross!!!!! I can’t handle it. It is made partially from blood. And it is not against church standards we asked the mission president, but it should be because it is gross!!!!!! I had to force it down. Luckily for me they always have rice so I just got a little ulam and a lot of rice so that I didn’t really taste it but I had to eat it because it was an investigator who was feeding us! Then a lot of time they have liver in things and I just don’t like the texture. And then balot. It isn’t bad I have eaten it before but the second time I couldn’t handle it and you will understand why in the pictures! Yeah I didn’t eat it! So sad! It was really a baby duck!

3. What is one message you would like to share with the Relief Society Sisters of our Ward?
The message I have for the Relief Society is I love you! We are all daughters of God, He wants us to be happy and I know he has a plan for each one of us. I know that we get busy with life work, school, family, friends, and church. Sometimes it is hard to balance but I know that as we do the simple everyday things that we should we will find more time and a greater desire to serve the Lord and put more important things first, going to church, pray (as individuals and as a family), scripture study, family home evening! They are important. As I read my scriptures I think that the Lord is preparing me each day for the rest of my life for my future family. Right now I don’t have to deal with other things. It is the work 24/7 so it is easy for me to say these things but I do know that we need to be ready. The Lord has prepared us to come to earth at this time and I know if we endure joyfully to the end through the simple things he will bless are lives! Enjoy the gospel! Enjoy the love of our Savior he will be able to support you through all your trials! And he is there to share with you in your joys. He wants you to feel of his love and when you do you can’t help but expressing it by sharing it!
Work with the missionaries. I am in a mission where people are just nice and willing to listen but I am in an area where people are too busy and I imagine that it is somewhat like this at home, people are just to busy. Talk to your friends about the truth, love them enough to have the courage to share your testimony and give a referral to the missionaries. They will be so grateful for you and you will feel the joy and blessings that missionary work brings into our lives!
I love you sisters! I know that we can gain strength from one another; we are truly sisters, daughters of a Heavenly King! I love him and I know he loves us! This church is true and we have the fullness let us always take advantage of it and live the gospel to its fullness. I know as we do we will receive eternal blessings! I love you all so much! I love my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that missionary work is so important and blesses those who serve ten fold! This is the work of God! The church is true! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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