Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello Again - August 9, 2010

President Anderson, Sister Ganaden, 
Sister Andreasen, Sister Anderson
The "Famous Banana Cue"

I was so excited to get the pictures of the family. Why are there never any pictures of Michael and Kori? Sad. And I haven’t gotten to see a picture of Pepper. That’s the dogs name right? But anywoo, the pictures were great!!!! It made me miss you all. I couldn’t believe when I saw the pictures of Savannah! With short hair! She does look way cute though, she is right. Then what happened to Wyatt? I can’t believe Savannah is already in school. Wyatt must miss her like crazy.
So my talk went well. I was really nervous because I felt like it was something that this ward needed! And then I wanted to make sure my Tagalog was right. Sister Ganaden said I did a great job and a lot of the members said that it was really good and said they were impressed with my Tagalog so that made me feel much better! It was funny though because after my talk two things happened we had people talk to us about referrals! Awesome! I am so excited we actually had one family bring a referral to church. She was in our gospel principles class and she had so many questions her name is Nika and I just know that she is going to be a member one day!!!! She wants to know the truth and with her desire and her humble heart she will be able to feel the spirit! We set up an appointment and I can’t wait to go see her! So I am excited, I hope the ward will continue to give referrals! Then the next thing that happened was everyone asked if I was being transferred. Then they said that they would call president and tell him to keep me here in this area. Haha. I was a little surprised because I didn’t know I was that well liked among the members. But I love them and I it made me think about when I first transferred. I was so sad and it was so different, I missed Pakil and I wanted to go back. But after being here, I love it here too. You make every new area your home and just love the people and each area is amazing!!!! I love it here. And I am pretty sure I will be transferred this upcoming transfer and I am sad but I have also experienced the change so I am just working hard and loving the area and the people. Almost everyday we find new people to teach which is good because almost every day we get rejected too. So this week was hard yet good too!
Tatay Mario is doing great we taught about the word of wisdom and he doesn’t have any problems! I love him! The only problem is he has bad knees so he doesn’t really go anywhere so it is hard for him to go to church! We were scared when we went to him last week and he said that members from his old church came by he had some questions but we were able to help him understand. He says he hasn’t gotten an answer yet about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon but I think it is because he already knows that it is true and just doesn’t realize that he is feeling the spirit in his life.  So we are working on helping him understand the feelings of the spirit. Then we have an investigator, Sister Bing. She was the investigator of Sister Clayton and her first companion. So she has been an investigator for a while! But we started to re-teach the lessons and really gain a great relationship with her and I think that she was starting to understand but being pregnant and with one small baby it was hard for her to walk the long way to church. So she never came. But she committed to come to church this Sunday and she was so excited when we gave her a baptismal goal date. However, we went to her house on Saturday to teach her and got the news from her neighbor that she had her baby 2 months premature and that the baby past away the day before! We were heart broken she is so sweet and I know that this is going to be hard on her. But I think once she is well enough for us to visit her again she will be more interested about the plan of salvation and be able to progress more. I am so thankful for the church and to know that little babies are saved if the die! I know that it is hard but I know the Lord has a plan for Sister Bing and this might just help her to truly understand the importance of our message. Then Evelyn and Rizza both came to church and are still progressing really well! We went to go teach one investigator Manilyn and she wasn’t home so went to a house just a little ways away so that we could teach some other investigators and they weren’t there so we started talking to this lady that didn’t want to listen or talk to us at all but we still gave her a pamphlet and as we were walking a way Sister Manilyn comes walking towards us holding her Book of Mormon ready from us to teach her! She seemed to have changed over night she was really excited about our lesson and to learn more! So we are grateful for her progress and hope that she continues to gain a testimony! We have a new investigator that I told you about Sister Kathy! Amazing. She really understand our lessons and is really anxious to learn, she hasn’t been to church yet but this is only her third lesson so we are hoping she comes next week :) we meet two new investigators this week and were excited to go back and teach them but one wasn’t there just a bunch of guys and they were going to start drinking. Then we were really excited for the next lesson because this sister had so many questions about the Kingdom of God and how to be a family forever! So we excitedly went back and found a bunch of guys again, all drinking. We were so sad but we hope to go back this week and find no drinking men and be able to teach these sisters about the gospel!
I love this work I love the area and I am so grateful for my calling as a missionary. I love you and I am so grateful for your testimony building letters. I know what you mean about being grateful for the priesthood. I am so grateful for it as companion after companion doesn’t have a father who holds the priesthood or can’t at this time give blessings. So I am grateful for dad his good example and always being worthy of the priesthood he holds! I am so excited to have that in my own home some day! We also read our missionary handbook each time we have companionship study and we are also reading the back about all the priesthood ordinances and blessings and it is so amazing to know that we have this great power on the earth today! I love the church and I know it is true!
We have zone conference this week and it is the last one until December so we are excited for it! Plus I will get to see Sister Clave again before she leaves :( :) sad face because she is leaving and a smile because I get to see her again. So that is pretty much all that is going on in mission life right now :) so I will write next week.
I am so grateful for your love and to have the true church in my life and share it with others right now :)
I love you all
Love, Sister Andreasen

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