Monday, August 16, 2010

Kumusta!!!! - August 16, 2010

This week was a great week! First we had a district activity on pday and we went to this water thing in the Elder's zone. 
Oh before I forget random note, the girl in the pictures is Janet she is the one who was baptized, and we just found out her family was sealed in the temple too, but when she was young they split up and they stopped going to church so she didn’t really know anything about the Church so we have been teaching her. Then sister Fajella! 
So back to this week haha. We started teaching Nika this week and she is really interested to know more!!! She asks questions, marks scriptures, and is just so excited to learn the truth. She says she has a lot more questions but feels what we are telling her is true and that if (when) she knows that it is true she will be baptized! Manyleen, our investigator who had a change of heart is doing well and we gave her a baptismal goal date and are really excited for her to progress, she just needs to go to church like Tatay Mario! Then we are teaching Gerald and he is awesome he has such a sincere heart. We taught him about the apostasy and told him that after Christ and the apostles died that people changed the covenants and he stopped us and said sisters what is a covenant!!!! I am so glad that we can help people understand that we need to make covenants and what they are and how important they are in our life! I know that it is true that some people are kept from the truth because they know not where to find it and I am so glad that we get to go to them and help them understand and know the truth and come unto Christ! Then we had the baptism of Rizza on Sunday! It was amazing! I am so glad that she is now a member of the church and I know that this will really help her in her life. 
President & Sister Anderson at Rizza's Baptism
Group Picture At Rizza's Baptism
When President came to interview me he asked about Rizza and offered to interview her. So we asked Rizza what she wanted to do and she said she wanted president to interview her. So he came to interview her and because he is an older American she was so nervous and scared! She started crying but then she finally went to the interview and it went really well and then he gave us all doughnuts haha. 
I’m so grateful for president he really cares about all his missionaries and each one of their/our investigators! He brought us Krispy Kreams and said we have to take a picture with the silly hats.

Rizza was so happy after the interview! I think it was partly relief for being done with the interview and she knew that now it was just the easy part. Then president came to her baptism it all went really well and I know that she will learn so much more with the Holy Ghost in her life and she will progress in young women and really come to understand her divine nature and individual worth! I’m so grateful for the church.  We are all children of a Heavenly Father! He loves us and we have been bought with a price and that is the life of our Savior! If we understand His Atonement we will come to understand more fully our own worth! Because we know how much He loves us! I am so grateful to share this message with people especially with those who don’t fully understand like Rizza! So we were hoping we would have more investigators at church because we have been inviting and inviting stressing the importance! Nika text her cousin to tell us that she couldn’t make it and we still aren’t sure why but we hope there is a good reason; it is a good sign that she texted :) then of course Rizza and Evelyn! Who will be baptized next week! Then to our shock as we were sitting taking the sacrament in walks Tatay Mario!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were so excited!!!! He is so awesome. He was late, obviously it was during the sacrament but he didn’t know it was the sacrament and so he just started talking to us asking us questions and telling us about his coming to church. He is so cute! I will send a picture with him next week! He is awesome! So it was a great day on Sunday and a great week. Plus zone conference.  So we had zone conference and there is new curriculum for missionaries coming from the First Presidency and so we are excited and there are a lot of changes coming. We will have fewer zone conferences and interviews so that is the down side but I know that it is for the good of the work. It will take full effect in June when the new president comes in. Right now we are focusing on helping people feel and understand the spirit more and inviting them to be baptized sooner in our teaching! So I think it will be really great! Then the night before we went to sleep over closer to San Pablo. And Sister Clave was also there! So we got to see each other again before she goes home next transfer! I am so grateful for her and I know that the Lord really knows what we need to be the best missionaries we can be. Companions, areas! Everything!  

We are so blessed to have the gospel in are lives and know the truth. I am so glad that I get to share it with these wonderful people. I am sad that I will probably be leaving this area soon but the work will just keep moving forward. Usually we don’t stay longer than two transfers with a companion and I am next to go. So we will see I will let you know next week! I love you all!!!  I love you all so much! I love this work! I know our Father in Heaven has a plan for us and all His children! I am so happy to be able to share it! Until next week! I love you all! 
Love, Sister Andreasen  
Pictures for this Week...
We went up to the college and there is a statue of oblation and it is a famous thing in the Philippines.
At the Botanical Gardens

Me and Sister Clave

Then the jeepney we would always use to go to and from Pakil :)
I forgot to take a picture of it when I was there so here it is now. 

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