Monday, August 23, 2010

Let's All Endure to the End - August 23, 2010

We found out about transfers and I am transferred so I will go to my new area on Friday so next Monday I will let you know where I am and who my new companion is. I have mixed feelings, I am sad to leave this area because I have really come to love the people but I am getting used to changes and I am excited and scared for what is next :) we shall see. I am also excited to go to a new area and not be in Laguna anymore! he he. Not that I don’t love it but I am ready to see other parts of the mission.
We had a good week this week we did go back to see Tatay Mario and we found out his concern. He told us he was a member of this other church and that he had been a member for a while now, but this last visit he told us that he is concerned what people will say if he starts coming to "our" church because he is the vice president in his church.  So we talked to him about faith and fear and if we fear what others say we can’t have faith that the Lord will provide a way and give us the answers that we need.  We were excited to go back and talk to him about his Book of Mormon reading and his prayers but he is really sick and we are worried about him. So we go back this week and we are hoping he is better!
Then we have a new investigator that we met and I am really excited for her to progress, I feel like she really wants to know truth. She said that her husband likes the "Mormons" so we shared a short message before she went to her job and set a time to come back to talk to her and her husband! 
Then we have Nika and she has a lot of questions because she is also being taught by the born again church. So she tells them what we teach her and then she has questions from what they say. She had a question about prophets because of a scripture in the bible that talks about the church and it says first apostles, second prophets so she thinks that apostles are "higher" in authority than prophets. We talked to her about it and we were also planning on showing the restoration movie so we did and there is a line were Joseph says that every church interpreted the Bible so differently that he couldn’t get sure answers and he knew he needed to pray so that is what we told Nika - that we could fill her with information and scriptures and so could the born agains but she would never know the truth unless she prayed, so we are also excited to go back to talk to her about her prayer.
Then we have Gerald who came to church on Sunday! So we were glad about that because we can only teach him on Saturday and Sunday and they weren’t home on Saturday but then he came to church and he also brought a friend :) they were nervous to come in because they were only in t-shirts and his friend was in flip flops but we told them it was okay so they stayed!
We also had our other investigators come to church, Eunice who is 18 and her sister Red who right now is only 7 but loves the gospel! She even brings her Book of Mormon with her to school! They have a lot of questions and are really excited to know the truth even Red who is only 7 has great questions and always knows the answer to are questions because she reads! She is awesome!
Then Rizza was confirmed a member of the church! Yeah!!!!
And Evelyn was baptized!!!! I love her she is so amazing! She said that she felt happier than she ever has after her baptism and she said that she knows that this is the true church and said through her tears I am going to endure to the end!!! 
It was so great and all this work is worth it for that one moment when she bore her testimony! I love her and am excited for her progression in the church! 
So that was pretty much our week. Hard things, good things, crazy things and yet through it all the most important thing is to preach the gospel because this is the true church of Jesus Christ! I am sending pictures, we went to Los Banos for pday and it was way pretty and we took pictures at the falls. 
I took a lot of pictures with my zone before I leave for another zone. 
The Elder with the glasses is Elder Sales and he is batch with Sister Clave when they came into the mission and we will be batch going out of the mission :)
Then the baptism of Sister Evelyn with her daughter Vhean who is so cute! 
The picture of the girl in tan is Eunice with her sister Red in white and red. 
We always tract along the railroad and before there was no worry because there was no train but now there is and we watched it drive past while Elder Tecson interviewed Sister Evelyn and we put pesos on the track so this is what happened. 
Then we had a service this week we chopped down a lot of branches and cut them in to small pieces for firewood. It was actually really fun! 
Then Sister Evelyn and the Arizapa family. Sister Grace Arizapa would always work with us and now she is on her mission. So she asked us to keep going to her house on Tuesday for dinner and also to teach her mom who was less active. So of course we did! :) Because the food is great and we wanted Sister Arizapa to come back to church, then after the first week she gave us a referral Sister Evelyn :) I love them so much!!!!!!!
I liked hearing about the activity. And about the language it just depends on what I am going to say if it is about the gospel it is usually in Tagalog if it is just normal conversation it depends, but expressions and things are mostly in Tagalog :)
Well I don’t have a lot of time because the internet was acting up so I will write next week. Oh plus I will most likely order the Liahona at transfer day :)
I love you all and I know that this is the best work ever!!!! I love the gospel! Lets all do as Evelyn said and endure to the end!!! :)
Love, Sister Andreasen

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