Monday, August 30, 2010

Transferred - August 30, 2010

Hello to all!
The transfer! So this transfer was actually really easy! Just so you know I don’t know if I will have a lot of time because the internet here is horrible and we have an appointment. I am here in Barra, Lucena Zone! And it is such a blessing, this is where I wanted to be transferred to and we were talking about it at our zone activity and then at transfers Elder Davis said that he thinks that I am cheating the system because I am in the area I wanted to be in.  There are a lot of reasons I wanted to be here and I love it! First is, I really wanted to be companions with Sister Arrieta! 
She is the batch of Sister Clave.  She was also a companion with Sister Ganaden so that is neat. Then this was also Sister Ganaden's first area and it was Sister Claves first area. The next thing is that I know that Sister Arrieta and I will only be together for one transfer because they go home, she and Sister Clave, in October and that is next transfer and I am sad that it is only one transfer but I might be able to see Sister Clave again and I will be able to see Sister Osborne because I will be at their first transfer day! And because I will be needing a new companion and since there are 6 new sisters coming in I will most likely be training. So I am so grateful that Sister Arrieta is my companion to help me get prepared! I love her so much! She is such a beautiful person inside and out and I know that I have so much that I need to learn from her! Also this area is not in Laguna!!!!! Yeah!!!! I love Laguna but I am excited to see another part of the Philippines. So I went to my area on the first day and we have to ride a boat to my area!!! 
Awesome! The area is only one barangay or city and it is an island. We don’t ride jeepneys unless to district meeting and tricycles only when going to a further part because they just added another city! There is no dirt it is all sand! 
And sometimes we teach right by the waterside!!!!! Ahhh!!!! I love it and the best part is I already feel close to the members! They are so sweet! It is a branch and they only have a meeting house right now there are plans for a building but it hasn’t been started yet and it is so sad because there is such little room for the members but they are all amazing! We have correlation meeting and the ward missionaries worked with us on Sunday and they are so fun!!!! 
In the zone we have three districts and there are 20 in the zone! Crazy! We went to Pagbilao beach and it was so beautiful!!!!!! It is a white sand beach and I am going to try and send pictures but the computer is slow as I said.
So needless to say I love the area and I know that the Lord is blessing me here!!! So I have a funny story so Sister Clave sent a letter to the Barra Branch when we were companions and the picture she sent was of me and her, little did we all know I would be going there too!!! Hehe I love it! Tender mercies! After a trail!
So about the pictures I hope they all send. First a picture of sister with an "I’m ready for love shirt" it is a joke because she is going home soon and so yeah I'm sure you get it haha. 
Then our branch mission president he road the boat with us to the beach and he lost his flip-flop haha. Sad! Hehe. Then Elder De Leon, he got splashed with a lot of water as we road back it was so sad but so funny (by the way he was in my last district and he is also my batch :)) Then when we went to Pagbilao Beach!!!! So pretty! Then we have a jumping picture and us on the floor, we got the perfect cute jumping picture and then fell haha and landed on each other so the falling laughing picture is the aftermath of the cute jumping picture. Plus are many failed attempts. Then fun posses on the beach and in the cave with the zone!!!
 And my companion! Awesome first pday! I also took a cool picture under water with my camera. But we have to go now so I will finish downloading next week and explaining! I love you all!!!!
Love, Sister Andreasen

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