Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello From The Philippines - August 2, 2010

I love it here. I still remember when I was first transferred here to Calamba and the change was so hard and so was the work. Well it hasn’t stopped being hard but I know that the Lord has given me strength as I have strived to be better and he has stretched me. Our ward is Calamba 1st Ward in the Cabuyao Stake. We are working on making the ward stronger and hope to do that as we bring the message to new people everyday.
So the Velasquez family didn’t go to church, which was really sad, and we haven’t been back yet to find out why. But last week we were just talking with Brother Rolando and then we brought up smoking because he is a smoker and he said that he wants to stop and knows that he can do it with are help! I have so much hope for their family. Then Evelyn came to church again and I was so happy! Her dad said that he doesn’t have a problem with her being baptized that she can make her own choices and he even asked questions so we are going to hopefully start teaching him soon. He said he isn’t ready right now but does want to learn more. And Sister Evelyn is such a good example she said that almost every night she is so tired but wants to read the Book of Mormon and usually falls asleep holding the book. She is great. And I think that this will be really good for her daughter too. Then we have Rizza and we were able to talk to president and he was really concerned for her and he is actually going to be the one to interview her. Her baptism will be on the 15! I'm so excited! Then Tatay Mario, he didn’t come to church either but he had something that happened with someone from his police batch and went to go help him. So hopefully next Sunday. I will hopefully be taking more pictures with investigators so that I can show you the people we are teaching I love them all so much!
So we met a new family, well first we met José. He yelled to us while we were walking and said, "I've been to Salt Lake" so then we started to talk to him. We went to visit him and his family and he actually always leaves but his "wife" and his cousin listen and I think that they will progress. They are excited about the message and love it every time we come over. So I am excited. It is just going to be hard with Sister Rhoda because she and José aren’t married and José has another wife in America so I’m not really sure how that will work. But it is crazy because he is 55 and she is 25! Wow that is a huge gap. So we will just have to work on it. 
Then we went to another appointment and the husband and his friends were all drinking. So the kids told us to go to another house. We weren’t sure about it but we followed them. Their mom wasn’t there but another girl was her name is Kathy she is 19 and awesome. We started to teach her and she really liked the lesson and wants us to come back. She told us that other religions have come by and that she always sends them away but she "felt something different" with us! Sometimes in this area I wonder if I have the spirit with me because we are always rejected! What she said confirmed and added to my testimony of what President Anderson said to us. We had zone interviews and he shared a scripture in 2 Nephi 33:1 he said we carry the message and the spirit unto the hearts of people, they are the ones who choose to accept it or not. Kathy built my testimony and gave me assurance that the spirit is with us and that those who are open to it will be open to us as well. I am so thankful that our companionship is three not two! Me, Sister Ganaden, and the spirit! I love it.
We still struggle with the area but we stay positive and rejoice in the good times that we have and the spirit that we are able to share with those who have an open heart. 
I know that changes are coming to our mission and I don’t know about all of them yet but I will fill you in when I do know. I know that zone conference is not going to be every transfer it is now only going to be every quarter. So after this zone conference I have only two :( it is sad but I know it is a change for the better. 
I know that this work is the greatest work on earth how blessed we are to have the truth and to be here on the earth in these latter-days. Your right mom we do have a great responsibility because of all the blessings that we have! 
I am grateful to be a part of this great work and know that one day even those who don’t want to listen to us will hear the gospel. I always think that we cannot be saved in ignorance and so we need to know as much as we can about this gospel the more we know the better! And that is why I am so sad when others choose not to listen, it will be so much easier now then after this life! I am so grateful for our investigators and those who seek for the truth! They are the elect they are the ones we are searching for and it is exciting when we find them!!!! 
I am sorry my last letter was speedy we were late because we had a district pday. We are a lot closer to our district now and they are a great help to us! Our district leader is Elder Tecson. He was in my last zone so that is cool and my zone leader Elder Banawan who was my last zone leader in Pakil. Haha. I am pretty sure that next transfer I will be transferred so I am trying to work extra hard hoping that the next missionary will have lots of investigators that are progressing :)
To answer your questions there are only two sets of missionaries in Calamba, Calamba First Ward, us and Calamba Second Branch Elders Tecson and De Leon. 
I am excited to see the pictures I cant believe Lizzy is so big!!! Tell her to stop growing! Haha I love those kids I cant believe they are back in school

Well I love you all very much!!!!! I love hearing from you and knowing what is going on in your lives!!!!! 
I am doing wonderful as always. Some days are better than others but they are all great when you start and end with a prayer! I know that the Lord is watching over us and that he loves his missionaries.

I think at zone conference or at transfer day all the sets of sisters will be getting cell phones so that they can contact the district leaders, zone leaders, or president so that he know we are always safe. So don’t worry :) but they do have your email :) 
I love you all!!!!!
Love, Sister Andreasen

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